Payday 3 99 Boxes Stealth Solo Guide (normal)

99 boxes

After you can go to the other guards; he is on the left side of the warehouse, so the west side, but to be honest, he's often also in the back, so the easiest way to get to him, in my opinion, is just going from the right and then to the back because on the right you just have less, maybe cameras, and also just more obstacles.

99 boxes normal stealh

It's just much easier to go to the back from the right side, so over here, um, he's hanging around in this area. Look for him and then when it's convenient just also gets the QR code you, can do the same you can just get caught by him as well and then he will escort you out it's gonna take much longer for him to escort you out so it's going to be very easy to get the QR code but of course if you do it stealth you will save some time the, next thing will be to get in the warehouse so a couple of options for this either the door in the back which I'm headed to right now you, have to lock pick this door but to be honest of course that's easy then on the left side there is a garage door which is open so you can just enter it there, are some more cameras over there so you have to be careful and, then in the front there is just a truck which is kind of connected to the warehouse and you can jump into this and this is also a way to get into warehouse but for this you will have to equip your mask so if you want to do it without your mask it's in the back or on the left side.

So when we're inside the warehouse, the first thing that we have to do is prepare the truck, which we will use to put the equipment in, this is a refrigerated truck so we will also need some nitrogen coolant to, keep the truck cool and this nitrogen you can find it in one of these crates so before you go to the truck you can already search for the nitrogen and then when you get to the truck you can just put it inside already and, this will save you some time so a crate on the left over here as well and then this one over here as well so all these crates are possibly the location for the nitrogen I think on the other side, there's also one or two crates as well.

99 boxes solo

Then after this, you can go to the refrigerated truck; it will be pointed out, so it's very easy to find, and there are also not that many trucks. Then you can just put the nitrogen in it, and that's the first step. If you didn't find the nitrogen, you can just go to the truck, and then the game will also point out where you can find the nitrogen, so don't worry about that.

The next step is to discover or find out which containers we have to look for, the equipment, and, for this, you can go upstairs and upstairs. The reason for this is that on the east side, you have fewer civilians, and after this moment, we will mask up. If you have fewer civilians, it's just easier because it's harder to get spotted, so on the west side, you will have to be more careful.

Now, in order to access the game phase, we have to use a zip line, so we have to set it up in a high location. It will be over here on the east side. For the west side, it will be at the top of some stairs that are just next to the building. It will be pointed out as well, so it's pretty easy to find it.

99 boxes solo stealth

In the back somewhere, there will be a bag with equipment. Go ahead and do this and just bring it to the square, throw it in there, and this will set up the zip line. By the way, if you want to use the zipline, you will have to mask up, so if you somehow did it without masking up, if you could not use the zip line, that's why you have to mask up, and then you can use it.

So when you're inside, you will see on the floor that there are some numbers, so these are the numbers of the rows. We have a84; it's in a decreasing order, so on the right here it's a88, and then a little bit further it was 86, so we just have to go in that direction, and then when you're in the correct row, you have to find a white container.

In my case over here, it was very easy to find, but it will always be a white container, so just go to the correct row, which you can read on the floor or on the ground, and then just find the white container. It might seem hard to access it sometimes, but the places where you can climb up are always indicated with something yellow, so this might help you as well.

99 boxes stealth solo

After you get into the container, you have to kind of disable it. The security system, so this is again the system with these circles, which we saw in the museum robbery as well. I forgot the name for a second, but you just have to complete five of these circles, so just stand in them, wait for them to be entirely green, and that's pretty much it.

After you do one, a new one will spawn as well, so always go for the easier locations. Some of them will be tricky; they will be in the middle where the guard can see you, so don't go for those. Just go for those that are in the back and that are more safe. In fact, while you're finished with these circles, you can go back to the container and grab the equipment, and then it's very important to know that you have to move fast, so the game will also tell you that the longer that the equipment stays uncooled, the more value it will lose.

99 boxes stealth solo guide

So, the faster that you are, the better, but of course, be careful as well because you don't want to be spotted and you don't want to trigger the alarm, so maybe a good thing is to First, plan out how you will run away before you grab the equipment. In my case, it was really a very easy location. I was there pretty fast, and then you can choose whether you go from the back; if you're on the west side, you probably want to enter the building from the west side.

I would say don't rush it too much, so of course you have to be fast, but also keep in mind that you're still in stealth. You have your mask on, so no one can see you. Just run in the areas between. The yards and the warehouse don't have many cameras over there, but when you're inside the warehouse, of course, stay crouched and make sure that no one sees you.

It's not really worth it to get caught; I don't know $50,000 more. So when you drop off the first bag, you can go back to the yard, so the east yard. In my case, if it's the west yard, you have to go back to the west yard because there is another container with the same equipment, so it's two pieces of equipment that we have to steal.

hey guys, here is a guide for payday 3 99 boxes solo stealth with mask. In this mission we have to steal electronic equipment from the harbor by first preparing a refrigerated truck with nitrogen, then hacking a pc for the containers, then we use a zipline to get in the yard and we steal the equipment out of the containers.
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