Payday 3 99 Boxes Stealth Normal Solo Guide: How To Do 99 Boxes Stealth With Xp Glitch

99 boxes solo

Okay, get inside the warehouse. I'm going to show you how to do 99 boxes on stealth. The only thing I would really recommend for this is to have a silenced weapon. When you come in, you can mask up straight away because you're going to need to climb stuff, and you can't really climb without a mask.

So first off, there's an easy way to get into the warehouse. That's just one of these semis that's going to be open. You can climb through it, and sometimes this part's closed. Open it up. So you're going to need to find the refrigerated truck first; it's just going to be over here and Doc one usually, and then you need to find liquid nitrogen for it, and the liquid nitrogen's going to be in one of these crates.

I'll try not to do too much camera destroying or anything just so you can follow this along on any difficulty you place the liquid nitrogen in the truck once you're done with, it computer and us in the right At this point, we're going to go upstairs. Take out the guard if he notices you. Like I said, he can cause problems later by taking them out.

99 boxes stealth

Now it's going to make getting all of the loot easier. Did you know that when you're done hacking, that's not It's going to tell you which yard, whether it's the east or west yard, you need to find the containers that you're looting in, so I got the west yard. The west yard's going to be, from where you start facing in the map, on the left side, and the east yard is going to be on the right side, so you're facing north when you start.

Match, and at this point, instead of going straight to where I need to go. I'm actually going to go down to the ground floor, and we're going to need QR codes from two specific guards so we can go out the way you came in. Going to throw his body over here since that worker's gone there shouldn't be anyone that finds them now we're going to go in the west yard so we'll just go back through the warehouse and there will be an opening to the west.

Yard through here can go into the west yard, and I would recommend taking the guard on the side of the warehouse that you are going to need to loot to take him out of what's going on over, so I guess I must have. I don't know; he re-hacked his phone again. All sticky Now, can you still hear me on normal difficulty?


At least this is the only guard over here, so you can take out the cameras. Taking out these cameras is going to make your life easier. If you don't take them out, it's just going to take longer. This particular camera doesn't change much, and we're going to need it. We're going to do this with two containers, and since we already have two QR codes, we won't have to worry about the fact that once you go in, you're going to interact with that terminal in there, and then you're going to have to stand at these points, and it will show you at the top left how close you are to bypassing the internal.

Security This is part of the reason why taking out that guard can be really useful. If you're on Overkill or something, it might be a lead guard. I'm not sure that would just make this whole process a lot slower, and you would probably want to get the ones up on top instead of the ones on the ground.


Most of the time, the one back here will just spawn between three of these points that are all pretty close to each other. The timer starts as soon as you remove the components from the casing. Once you pick this up, how quickly you get it to the truck determines how much money you're going to get for it, so we're just going to run it this way and open this container.

We wait for this guard. We have an unlucky guard pattern here. We could also take him out and answer his phone, since we still have one left. Okay, so we use this zip line. This guard's usually out here too; that's why we got bad, RNG. Now we just need to look at the other white containers and see which one is the right one, so I got this one up here.

There's stuff that you can climb on to get around up here; you can also climb this to get to the third story if you need to, and you can walk through here, and then there's some like walkways if you get one that spawns up. Going for the ones up top can be a little safer, but it can also take a little more time.


I actually think that having the level of grifter that makes it to where, if you have Rush, the cameras won't detect you in private areas would be really useful for getting these to the storage container. Fast, so we're going to pick this up; try to get it up quick. A guard heard the sound of us running, so he's going to try to go.

payday guide

Just like before, we're going to climb here, climb over this, and run through. Here unfortunately we're just going to get bgrade this time kind of got stuck try trying to climb over that thing but yeah if I had grifter level two I could just run past those, cameras that's it what we okay once you get the second one in you're able to be done as soon as you close these, doors okay people let's roll at this point you could go get more money bags if you wanted to they're just going to be in the other white containers that I showed you over there of course if you get East Side they're going to be on this side so now we have the Escape, point and if you're watching this to do the XP glitch you can just walk in and out of this Escape Point like this over and over you're in stealth mode you can just do this.

Forever I'm sure this will be patched soon and no longer relevant, but as of now, this is going to give you a ton of XP—way more XP than anything else you can do. It might give you even faster on higher difficulties, but honestly, I don't think it matters because you're going to max out all of your skills and weapons in like minutes.

This is also the reason this works is just because for some reason, they put it where going into the escape point gives you XP. It's like one of the markers; there are different markers and different matches; for example, on dirty ice, if you open the vault, then that's going to give you experience, and for some reason for this one, they made going into the Escape Point give you experience, but they didn't make it to where it only works once they just have like this as a flag for giving you XP, and you can just use it; infinitely, that's how you do 99 boxes on Ste.

This video is a payday 3 99 boxes stealth guide solo to show you how to do the 99 boxes mission. Other Payday 3 videos.
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