Payday 3. 99


We're going to need a refrigerated truck to get the components out of here; they'll start degrading and losing value as soon as they're at room temperature. Find a truck and then search the warehouse find a truck and then search the warehouse for crates of liquid nitrogen to cool them for transport, hey liquid nitrogen to cool it for.

It Box them in and go; we can't search the whole Godamn Dockyard for the right containers. It's in the west yard. Head over there and find a way. Inside, excellent grab the zipline bag and head for the west yard. You need to find a high position to deploy. Them The container usually opens with a digital key, but clearly, that's not going to happen.

I'm sending you something that'll help keep an eye out; they're coming in 30 seconds. The helicopter is inbound and will drop you some thermite to burn through the locks. This is B, and we have Zappers incoming. Keeping here comes the drop, apply the thermite to the door, and you're not getting out of the line you [__] are.

Finished, f for head shot, we need to end this now that cops are clearing out, let you know they'll be back, station them in it's complete need to be gentle with that inner gate or we'll risk damage to the loot. The locks are CED to only open at specific coordinates, but I can set up the system if you are around the area and get me a satellite.

Signal all right; you're in. As soon as you have the components in the open, you're on the clock. You need to get him to the truck as fast as you can. Push up behind the shield, take him out, and take him. Truck, we got enough, yet we have what we came for.

If you want to check out the other containers, now's the time to do it; otherwise, secure the refrigerated truck and get the hell out of it. There, awesome we did it.

Yeah, we made it. Awesome we did it. Yeah, we made it. We did it.

Get out of there as fast as you can and attack until you're dead. We made it. That's how you pull. Heist people are awesome; we did it fantastically, and 15 minutes later, Heist

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