Payday 3. 10 More Stealth Tips & Tricks You May Not Know

We are back (intro)

We are back (intro)

We are back with 10 more tips and tricks for stealth gameplay in the wonderful, wacky buggy game of Payday 3. Grab your masks and slap me, because I'm coming at you hot and ready with this first.

Tip #1 - how to make motion sensor much better!

Tip : Motion sensors are not very good, at least if you take them at face value. They only highlight guards within a 5-meter radius.

Now they do this constantly, which is good, but they are stationary, so it's not really useful except for certain doorways. However, you can put motion sensors on guards to know where a guard is at all times, as well as every person around them. Just slap that sensor on the glutitis maximus of any guard, and they will unknowingly be marked.

Always be aware that this is a bit buggy at the moment, and the motion sensors will disappear after a while. Sometimes they disappear nearly instantly.

Tip #2 - searches can make things easy!

Tip #2 - searches can make things easy!

Hopefully they get that fixed, , Tip number two When a search has been activated, guards do a lot of different things. What they don't do, though, is that after they've seen something, such as bags, destroyed cameras, sabotaged equipment doors, or even broken glass, they will not call it in and start the alarm; they will just simply look at it.

So being in a search can be somewhat beneficial, but like I said before, the guards will be much more aware of their surroundings and will basically go everywhere except certain rooms like.

Tip #3 - shooting vents doesn't spook guards

Bathrooms, tip number three: this is pretty easy to figure out, just like doors, but vents take a while to open, so what do you do?

You shoot Vin open for quicker access. This doesn't spook guards; however, this doesn't work for doors. If you breach doors and a guard patrols and sees this, they will notice and start a search.

Tip #4 - doors can affect guards

Tip number four Doors can be a lifesaver and a stealth, not just as cover but as a stumbler. Opening a door when a guard is beside it or going through it will cause the guard to stumble, giving you a few extra seconds to get past them. This is especially useful on Nightclub 2.0 and Rock the.

Tip #5 - run-sliding/jump-sliding

Tip #5 - run-sliding/jump-sliding

Sky, remember Crouch jumping? Well, now do run sliding, quick tap shift, and crouch, and you will slide. This does create noise when in a secure area, but if you do it extremely quickly, a guard somewhat close to you will not notice.

If you do it right beside a guard, though, they will hear and come over and see what's happening. Usually, this range is somewhere near 5 m. There is also jump sliding, which can be much faster and is similar to Crouch jumping in Payday 2. I don't really do this much, but it is fun to pull off. Here is a article going into more detail about jump sliding and sliding in general in stealth.

Tip #6 - civis/guards will go to thing that alerted them!

Bloes, tip , number six. If an illegal item or event has been spotted by a guard or civilian, even if they become alert, they will first come all the way to the thing that made them suspicious, not alerting guards or anything until they have reached the area or suspicious object that alerted them.

Just wait for them to get to you or whatever the thing is that you're beside, and then well take care of it.

Tip #7 - bodies have a different visual hit-box

Tip #7 - bodies have a different visual hit-box

Them , tip number seven: bodies I've realized can be noticed much easier now in Payday 2 as long as the head of the corpse is hidden; nobody can see the body, but in Payday 3, the guards and cameras can see the legs as well. False information has been detected, but this is not true after some more extensive testing.

It seems that bodies are seen only based on Center Mass, or more specifically, if they can see the belt of a guard or Civic, they can see the whole body on that note.

Bonus tip - bodies can be more precisely orientated

Remember when I talked about corpses being oriented last time? Well, I just wanted to clarify that it also depends on where you look. For instance, if I look down and drop the body, it will be standing and falling, but if I look forward and drop, it'll be parallel to the floor, so be sure to hide your bodies with a bit more precision, or just throw them in like a bathroom stall or or something.

Tip #8 - infrasonic mines can be used in stealth!

Tip #8 - infrasonic mines can be used in stealth!

Tip number eight is infrared.

Mindes are, as they say, infrasonic, so you can only use this trick when masked on, but infer mines are nearly silent, so if you ever are in a hairy situation or Solo or need to help friends with multiple guards, you could use infer mindes to cause the guards to be stunned for a short while, pair this with the increased stun duration perk, and you basically give yourself an extra bit of time to do whatever.

Another thing is that infam mines do not cause guards to sound the alarm but will start a search, so once again another cool idea and can even help with that pesky lead guard. Just know that these mines do cause people to become very unhappy, and they will sound the alarm, but only if they hear or are affected by the mines.

Tip #9 - overkill weapons in stealth (only on certain heists (99 boxes))

Tip number nine: The next thing is a bit weird. This really isn't a tip, as it doesn't really necessarily help you in stealth but can be a great way to start loud. This is also probably a bug, but by completing objectives, you do in fact fill the overkill bar, meaning you can fill it and call in the overkill weapon.

I'm going to go on a tangent, but I actually would love to see perhaps stealthy Overkill weapons or even gear or items that can be called in to help with stealth, like, for instance, being able to call in a tool kit that can refill your tools if you use them all, or perhaps something similar to Payday 2's ECM Jammer but a full-size version like an EMP.

It would be extremely cool to see this play stealth.

Tip #10 - ammo boxes in stealth can be useful!

Tip #10 - ammo boxes in stealth can be useful!

Anyway, tip number 10, the final tip that could be helpful for anyone that wants to bring knives but also doesn't have or want to bring the nonbreaking knives perk, perhaps for long-distance noise-making. I suggest bringing an ammo bag as your deployable as ammo bags replenish your knives. It actually says this in the description, but for those who cannot read There you go, and , which is 10 more tips and tricks for stealth in Payday 3.

Closing remarks + rant about payday 3

I hope you guys have enjoyed it, but I'd also like to take a quick moment. I say quick, but this isn't really quick; it's just a sort of rant about the whole situation regarding payday 3. It is not looking very good. Yes. I am excited for the new content, such as the Transporter and Jack of All Trade skill lines, coming later in the month, as well as the other free content coming before the first DLC in the winter.

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