Payday 3, 1 Month On - I'm Done

Opening thoughts & quitting for now

Opening thoughts & quitting for now

So at the time of recording this on Friday, the 20th of October, which is when I'm hoping this article will go up, tomorrow will mark a month since Payday 3 was released globally to everybody, and it's been just over a month already since people got early access to it like I did on the 18th of September last month, and we haven't had a single game update, and since my last couple of articles, we've had absolutely no clarification on what's going on there, so I'm making this article a final one for the time being because I'll be honest with you all.


I'm done I've had enough, that that's just that's just on bottom of it I've had a few conversations recently with people saying that all the articles I've made recently have been very negative and they've not really said much that's kind of positive about the game and you know what you're right because I haven't had anything good to say about the game I've made this clear on record quite a few times, so what I'm going doing in this article is I'm going to do one last big message to Star breeze on the hopes that something sticks because at this point I'm throwing things at the wall and hoping something sticks and nothing seems to have done so far at least from what we've heard back from them cuz it's not been much, but I want to highlight some very clear key things I'm not just going to ramble I want to make some very specific points.

And then that's it until we get a proper update as to where the patch is. I'm not bothering because, honestly, I'm not even playing the game at the moment. I don't care enough to payday 3, as I've said a million times before, is a very good game that has been sullied by a botch launch and a month with terrible communication.


That hasn't improved despite people begging them to actually just share some inside information, but what makes it worse for me is that this is the game I've been waiting for seven years, not just as a fan of Payday or someone who loves Payday 2, but as someone who was so keen to have a new era of Payday 3 articles where I talk about all the good things and all the features.

Do loads of stealth builds and all sorts of stuff. I have zero motivation to make any stealth tutorials. I put one out under the surface, and that was half ass; it was just recording on the stream. I mean, getting off the stream is fine, but I kind of have an in-my-head thought. I guess I'll put that up because I've got nothing better to put up.

That was where my head was, and I just have no motivation to make anything other than these news articles for people saying you should go back to Payday 2. I don't want to, and I shouldn't have to because, as far as I'm concerned, I was ready to leave Payday 2 behind for Payday 3. If Payday 3 isn't doing it for me, I'm just going to give Payday a break.

I'm not going back to an old game because the new one can't suffice. That's not what games are for. I'm going to move on to something else that I enjoy more, and we'll talk about more, like Sonic Frontiers' final update, which I have played. Extensively i've talked extensively about it, and I'm sorry to any of my friends who have had to deal with me hyper-fixating over it for the last few weeks, but there's Spider-Man: The Sonic Superstars that came out this week, and I'd much rather talk about the things I actually enjoy.

I am sick of being negative about it. I'm not a negative person, so I'm giving it a break until I have a reason to say something good about the game, and I am desperately begging and clutching. At that opportunity. But it hasn't shown yet, so I'm going to wait until it does, and, of course, as always.

Have you had enough? Are you still playing it? Where is your head?

A month of exploits

A month of exploits

Let's get into it. So obviously, with it being a month with no updates, the one thing I need to stress right from the beginning is the community's opinion, and as I've said just about you guys leaving comments, you're seeing consistently more people playing Payday 2 than Payday 3. Now, that is kind of to be expected in a lot of ways, because Payday 2 is a 10-year-old game with far more support and all that stuff, but it's been consistently, notably, more in the last few weeks.


People just aren't bothering with Payday 3 nearly as much, and the amount of times I've seen people pop in my Discord server and go look at the numbers, they're so much better on Payday 2, but it's not really very surprising when you realize that there have been tons of game exploits. Notably, the 99 boxes one, which I've mentioned a couple of times in a article, and I haven't spoiled it because I was hoping some people would leave it alone, but I think at this point anyone who wants to know how to glitch their levels will have looked up that glitch about 3 weeks ago and done it, and it's still not been patched, so the weapon leveling system is completely screwed now for anyone who's played the game in the first month, because you can just cheat all your weapon levels, honestly.

I'm getting to the point where I'm half considering using it. I'm not going to, but I'm like, everyone else is doing it. Everyone else is leveling their guns up, and I'm sitting here trying to play fair. Why hasn't this been patched? There should have been a patch by now. We've said this a million times about the fact that an always online, which is still a phrase I don't like.

I've been through that a million times: a game with no offline mode, a game with a week plus of server issues. Has not even had a day-one patch, let alone a patch within a month. Is disgraceful it's the simple, bluntest word for it, and I've not got much more to say on that CU. I've said it a million times, but I want to reinforce it because it needs saying.

I cannot believe that this game has not had a single patch. I don't care what the circumstances are behind the scenes. I can't even agree that hasn't happened. I can't even agree. I'm sure that is the most disgraceful thing this game could have done in the last month, and I'm extremely disappointed with it.

Inconsistent & lacking communication

Inconsistent & lacking communication

But the thing that I really need to talk about in more detail and that I've been kind of touching on and hinting at for weeks now is this issue with communication.

Now I've just kind of been Ram Ling and putting random thoughts out there until now, but what I want to do for this article is sit down and really give some proper examples of how they could make this better, because clearly me saying taught to us more was not enough; it's fallen on deaf ears, or they're not bothered to listen to me say.

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