Payday 2's Comically Large Spoon Weapon Is Something Else


I'm sorry what the [__] is: Payday 2 has a comically large spoon, which, and I quote, hits harder than the second shot of the This article is going to be a serious discussion with facts and logic, or at least Payday 2's version of facts and logic. Cor Ambulance. I'll be going over the origins of the spoon's addition to the game and how it became the best melee weapon in all of Payday 2.

I hope you enjoy my absolute insanity. You might think that the creator of the comically large spoon is this guy, the Russian Badger. After all, he made an entire article on how he bullied Overkill into adding it to the game, but Badger was only the messenger; it was actually Mario and a top hat. A Payday [__] poster on YouTube that brought up the idea of a very large spoon melee when playing with Badger a couple of years ago.

The idea of a ky large spoon itself comes from an old vine; there's a boomer around here in which a guy pulls out an insanely large spoon in response to only being able to have a spoonful of ice cream. Badger liked the idea of the spoon so much that he literally bullied the developers into adding it, and by God did they deliver.


The comically large spoon was officially added to Payday 2 on April 1st, 2021, as part of Update 205. I don't know what you were expecting, but it's literally just a big, spoon-headed monster dealing mediocre damage. Dage, and knockdown and having a pretty impressive range of 2.75, making it good for achievements like caution wet floors.

I hate this achievement so goddamn much, burning the trash can where you belong. [__] Anyway, what was I saying?

Overkill also released the challenge that if heers killed five million cops with the spoon, they would also add a special Golden Spoon to the game, and being the amazing community that it is, we unlocked it in less than two goddamn days. You don't find that, suspicious, you don't find that suspicious.

The comically large spoon of gold has almost double the damage and knockdown of its silver counterpart, and it also somehow has one more concealment of how the [__] does that work. I don't know, but that's not all you little goofballs The spoon also has a 20% chance of setting cops on fire. I'm [ __ ].


Invincible. I mean, the only real drawback is the fact that it has 27 concealments, so it might not work for Dodger crit builds, but other than that, you better [__] Take it plus; I don't know if I mentioned this already, but it is literally a Golden Spoon as a melee weapon. All right, for this build, we're going to use the hacker perk deck because it is one of the best perk decks in the entire game and is useful in both loudness and stealth.

You are an idiot. For your primary weapon, we're going with a Kimbo Goliath 12 gauge shotgun because the two shotguns The more you [__] around, the more you're going to find out. For skills, skip straight past any possibility of self-preservation and head for the controller tree. Take Joker Basic as well as confident partners in crime and hostage taker so you can have the cops join in fun as well.

Moving on to the enforcer tree, we're going to take a lot of shotgun skills here, acing shotgun CQB shotgun impact and close by and getting Overkill Basic to turn your akimbo goli lives into portable anti-aircraft guns, man. Shut, I also chose to take Transporter Die Hard Bullseye and Scavenger Basic, but these skills are optional on the technician tree.


The only skills we're taking here are Hardware Expert Basic and Drill-Sent Ace because, God damn, these drills take way too long to do their jobs. All right in the ghost tree is where we get to the meat and potatoes of the build, acing Duck and Cover Parkour, inner pockets, and sneaky bastard for maximum Dodge, and taking Second Wind optical illusions and a low blow for that extra crit chance to make the Akimo goliaths even more powerful.

Take the ace to the Kimbo skill in The Fugitive Tree to spend your final points. Obviously, bring the Golden Spoon as your melee. I'm being completely honest when I say that this build absolutely slaps, even on the highest difficulties anyway. That's it for me. Add the Russian Badger and the spoon to Payday 3

Being one of the goofiest and stupidly overpowered weapons in Payday 2, the Comically Large Spoon And the Comically Large Spoon Of Gold melees are seriously something else. TheRussianBadger would be proud. Music used in the video. I Will Give You My All - Simon Viklund.
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