Party Crasher - Complete Rock The Cradle Without Having The Vip Invitation Stealth - Payday 3


You have every possible scenario that could take place. Right as we got it, I was thinking, We can't; we didn't get this one; we should go do this one. I was thinking, We should do this one next, and then we got it. Yes, that's what we were still using for some reason. I thought we were using the VIP pass, but we're using the college boss, yeah.

Now there we go. Okay, now they don't want to light up red. You can use all that footage. You can be like a nespret if you do this, but if you don't do it, this happens too much in RNG. We'll definitely say this might take you a couple of times at the RNG this year. Yeah, you got it. yeah, should I hit the button back?

Yep, yep i don't get why you waited to hit the button. You have to turn the speakers off. The speakers have been off for like twenties. That's well; I didn't say it either. There you go—to the point. Know on the loop, yep, let's go. Yeah, start this camera, little mate. You guys, you're going to grab the venture.

Got the vent, mate. Just grab the painting—not this fan down here, all right. Okay, yeah, at the end of the turn, right? Well, yeah, no, I told you the first camera you used. Yeah, wait, how the hell was I going to get well? I guess I could just drop off one of the bags. yep, what what? So I heard for girls or some as if I'd been captured.

how to get

First of all, I heard nothing say, Look at what she deserves. Watch this; yep, I'm going to do this anyway. Wait, you already carry a bag. Egg, yep, drop the bag, yep, you're a dope mate, you're an adult. Yeah, how's the staircase looking? Can you see? Yeah, okay just punch and punch him. Are you in a bag, a clunk robber to the Popstar?

I'll grab your back this way. Yeah, otherwise, we spend like 10 minutes trying to dodge these three walking around in circles. I've got you back cool, okay, so now this way I'm yep, close the door, yeah, Fair Point. It's hard i just got one more walk around. Yeah, I'll be what you'll need, too.

I'll sort that out. I'll go and do what he's got to do. It's hard to repent. You're flashing at this guard. He would sleep all night around here. He'll have to take a camera. Where's the room for the code again on the top right? I said computer, mate; it's by you, right? What are you all about the code to give retro to the episode?

party crasher achievement

Yep, it's the computer, mate. You know you go straight over. No, yeah, so you go straight over the balcony. See that balcony on the other side? It's that room right across the room. yeah, he heard me. Yeah, you know he heard you. He's walking i don't need him. Yeah, that's right now. Are you good?

So in this room right here, there's going to be three numbers, and then I'm going to show you where Retro is going, and that's who's going to be entering the code that you give them. So the code is up there in that room, and we're going to be entering the code over here. Yeah, right, the accident yesterday left where we would come in.

Now, seeing at the bottom is terrible. Okay, you have a bag there, and we already got the achievement; that's just why it didn't pop, but that is how you get the achievement for not using the VIP pass, and shout out to Retro and I, and since reverse7 is helping out, if you liked the article, leave a like, comment, and share it; it helps others find the article.

I hope this helped.

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