Overkill Ashton Jewelry 100% Stealth Heist. Payday 3 Ep. 3


We're getting paid today; it's payday. We need good stuff. I'm trying to get paid. No, I'm down. You went the wrong way, since I'm going to use that time to get out. no, I'm leaving you. No, don't leave me. I'm on my way. I'm on my way. I'm on my way. Yep, there you go. I got it. I got it down.

Shout out to the camera lockpicking with big balls in front of everybody. Yo, wasn't it last time? Wasn't it like something written on a wall in the break room or something? Yeah, like the chalkboard there. This is really the game of the year. Relax, relax there's another phone in here to search.

baby I messed it up. are you ready to you ready to restart how you feel about this? no Not yet. I'm getting these good reps. Yeah, get them good reps, because I'm messing up these reps. You know that I'm messing up these reps, but I'm clutching with it. I don't have a boss because I don't do that, but listen, I'm doing it right now.

You know how to do it. We know you're trash, so it's all good. No Dion bacon right now; we're just looking for an employee of the month. But, we got, why did I make that noise when I got caught? I just thought that was like the sound of death. I just thought, Okay, employee of the month, what about her?

god first god bless

If you like her, we'll be doing better. I'm dead i don't even know where you see the plug in the boat stuff. You have to keep going through it. This ninja's about to come this way. Um, escort me out. I don't give a [__]. I don't even want to be in here. I've got to escort it out as we speak; that's me.

You got to score the two. Yeah, there's another who comes, I guess, through the break room. Mizzou abandoned me on the payday streets. He did, and they did, I believe. Kermit I wish we could. I wish we could ask you for tips, but when you do the inferior difficulties, they like to change it completely.

Yeah, the employee is three, four, three, four, three, five, three, four, three, five, all right. That's clutch yeah, choose the manager. We can go back, Loki. What do you mean? Just all the way around, no, what's that about no sightseeing? It's me come on, okay, I'll start getting the code then.


Don't take another all-right turn; restart. We have to restart. You'll go to work for a bit. I was for a little bit, man. Ah, we gotta get that guard. What did he see? He saw her. Yeah, I don't know if we could use this page's advice. I don't know if I would have done it already. This is our last guard we could kill.

Yeah, can you carry him because I already have a bag? Just move to that safe corner away from the toilets and out of the basement. I'll get her to go here too. Don't do anything until you hear back from me. I'll keep you posted, all right? What's this skull underneath? I guess for me, I think it's like some perk all right now.

I think we need to try to pick all the locks in there, and they display cases that are in the main lobby. How the fluff are we going to do that? Yeah, we'll see. I got well. I'll try to get this out first. Maybe this—I doubt this—is all we need, but let's see. Let's see i'm trying to make my way out.

imaveriq gameplay

I have a silence weapon, but I think this VIP room had a whole bunch of things we could lockpick too. Okay, let's do it. Yeah, that's only 30 of them, right? That was a good run, so I need to get that red key card, though I gotta reward the stealthers, man. That should be rewarding in more locations.

That's crazy you're just going to catch me lockpicking in here. Yeah, it's too late. Yeah, this is locked. Well, I'm not used to that being locked, but I could go through this window. I think I can open that for you. I just got kaido, so you could open it quickly. We got a life if we can't we for love, so just know that there's no pressure in your hands.

No pressure; the whole mission is in your hands, my boy. Yeah, please DM, please Dion. You can come get the lady in here. You want to keep trying to do this? Nope, it's over now, so are we moving on to the next one until we get it from the manager? Yeah, I'm dropping off more bags for you. The big drill is worth $30 too.


Did you catch them? MIB is capable, right? He's just got to come back one more time. Yeah you got a bag on you go get a bag so when we all right because then what we should have enough we getting paid today it's payday true that true that Buffy we getting stuff out the front door, what's the good stuff give me the good stuff you're gonna Smash and grab lose cash, give me the good stuff.

Let's get out; that's the bathroom. Do we get greedy again? Nope, you went the wrong way, so somebody used that time to get more Dion. no, I'm leaving you. No, don't leave me. I'm on my way. I'm on my way. I'm on my way. There's a sniper to your left and a baby sniper to your left. Throw it in.

Throw it in. Yep, there you go. Just jumping through it. I got it. I got it. It's heavy lifting. There you go. That was my fault. I choked because I forgot I had the mask. I could have told her to get down. This is the run. This is the run. Sometimes you can just fill it. Is this one of the times you actually feel it when you feel it out there, where you feel it?


Damn, because I don't feel anything right now. It's like that shot of your gut—yeah, stomach pain—ready for that unlock. Whatever you are, I'll be clapping at the door. Yeah, I'm clapping right now. I'm just about to make a clapping noise with my two hands. Mustang and Sally are off the camera.

Smooth Criminal to Rob this place down, come on man, lock picking right behind them, the guards making my job harder, like I can't do my job right now because we got a bad roll of the dice right now. Do I try to do it anyway? I can't do it. Yeah, you're right. Just nah, just wait a little bit. Come on now.

Yeah, I'm used to cameras being off right now. Yeah, they got me. How long are you able to wait? Dion I'm good. I'm a pro. It's time to go to work now. I mean, have you heard her say that, dear? Just mentioning it? Yeah, that's my first time hearing it. Yeah, that's fire. That's fire all the right cameras are off, cracking the case.


Are they safe? Yeah, heading up for me to make this call. Yeah, the guard is okay now that he's giving me a chance too. Guard, Then you get that button for me, and you start bagging up the things and putting them in that machine. Yeah, we're out of here. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy I could be unlocking this door.

As soon as we get back, yeah, you get in position for the button. Are you able to see what's safe to cross? Not yet, but from here, I can try. I can now. Yeah, you're a good civilian, all right. I'm ready let's go come on now. The guard with the pager came in here. It's good to remove the people from this room and clutch his stuff.

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