Our Biggest Maskless Heist So Far - Gold & Sharke / Duo / No Mask / Overkill / Payday 3


Frosty The plans we stole say the vault is between the ground and upper floors. You'll need to find a way up there to get to the upper floor. You'll need a high-security key card. Someone here is sure to have one of those. code There's a guard. Check out the control box. Those lasers are powered through a number of electrical boxes.

Look around, find them, and turn off the switches. Just make sure you get the right switches. I was observed, and it looks like the wiring is on some sort of rotating logic. You need to check back and make sure you get the right one. That's bad God, don't take another step, pal. All right now, switch off the lasers.

What was that noise? Nicely done on to the next. Next, we need a blue key card, but the vault will only unlock if it also receives an activation signal from the manager's computer. Up Merry Christmas, all right? We're after two things: the server and the cache. The server should have the information we need about this conspiracy, and I'm betting on all of Miss Shark's dirty little secrets as well.

no mask

Bollocks This is the run, I believe. I'm refraining from saying it because every time we've said it so far, it's gone tripping up. I have full confidence in this one. Well, that's awful. I just threw a bag at a guard, all right? Well, did there's a guard get away from me? I called the National Guard.

Yeah, there's a civilian somewhere who's freaking out for no reason. Guard over there. There's a guard. Watch the guard. It's a guard. Watch the guard. There's a guard. There's a guard. Who is it? Watch the guard. Over there, there's a guard. Watch the guard over there m the guard Watch the guard.

There's a guard and balls. What is he doing in there? He's found some bags again. Well, there are two bags here if you want to just grab one of them. Get this shlock, the safe's empty money. What can it mean he's going to the roof? Yeah, he's permanently marked. I stuck with another. I get two trackers, so I've stuck one to him and the guy downstairs.

So fun! I'm getting the last bag out of the vault.

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