One Step Forward. Payday 3 Operation Medic Bag



Happy Easter, everyone. On Wednesday. March 27th. Star Breze released their next part of Operation Medic Bag, bringing with it the much anticipated adaptive armor that can regenerate up to full without the use of an armor bag. Along with this, they also brought in much-needed buffs for the zip Commando the Ryanfield, 900s, Medic bags hostage trading, an increase in skill points, and a new skill line fortitude.

And I'm happy to say that for once, a Payday 3-up date has happily lived up to my expectations without any more meddling. Let's get into it,.

Adaptive armor

Let's get the big thing out of the way first. How is the adaptive armor? Well, after being teased for nearly 3 months, I have to say it has lived up to the hype; it feels great to use and opens up a lot more build variety for a very stagnant armor meta.

It pairs great with the new adrenaline SL overheal feature from the new skill line. It works well with armor bags, and it really feels like you're playing classic payday when you have it. I was open to the idea of needing to restore armor when Payday 3 first came out, but with this and the pubs I played in for footage, it seems that everyone prefers this over the default armor system.

While payday at default settings is a game with regenerating armor and finite health, this game messed up by making it both. If it were me behind the wheel, I would start looking for ways to keep adaptive armor unique and start making the armor system as a whole back to Payday the highest in Payday 2 with regeneration.

Maybe the armor bag can be changed to an overheal boost like the new medic bags, giving increased protection, but unlike adrenaline, which wouldn't decay over time, maybe even a quick full armor regen if you're never given the chance to in combat, overall adaptive armor is going to be my new go-to when I play simply because it makes armor one less resource I have to worry about, not to mention it makes cook-off a lot easier, and with this update I finally got my cook-off charm now.



Yay now on to the weapons. Buffs do not mention the overall gun kick and stability increase, and you have yourself a very fast and very efficient weapon when it comes to ammo and damage. It's an SMG at the end of the day, so if you like that play style. I've got good news for you, but if you're like me and prefer rifles.

I encourage you to go ahead and try it out on a Close Quarters map. You may be surprised by how good it can really be. Next up is the Reinfield 900s, which had a few minor yet welcome changes. First off, you no longer need to UNS scope after firing a shot, allowing you to keep your sight picture and not having to re-aim after every shot.

Shot, and a buff that I did not see coming, but I am very happy that it is here is the buff to Precision Shot; it still does increased damage based on your scope's magnification, but now it no longer consumes Edge to do so, and it has bullet penetration for an additional target. These buffs are great and really play into the sniper fantasy when using them, and I still have my fingers crossed that Gray from Payday 2 will make its way in here, too.

Medic bags and skills

Medic bags and skills

Now on to what was before, in my opinion, the worst deployable in the game: medic bags. This update has given them just a bit more power along with restoring one without skills from the last update medic bags along with first aid kits now give adrenaline SL overheal when your health is full this on its own isn't that impressive seeing that without the fortitude skills that it's not a lot of Health, now I do very much appreciate the love that medic bags got and healing got during this update but speaking as a player who was the team doctor in the past two games I have two little things that I would change one make the medic bags back to a full heal and full reset of down at default like the past two games and two change the default model slightly so that there's a bit more distinction between the contents of the medic bag and a first aid.

Kit, along with medic bags hostage taking, got a little love in this update too, with traded items now coming in neat little stacks and having more value now thanks to Adrenaline and CleanSlate, not to mention soft assets from the last update. Now on to the skills, and yeah, they're pretty awesome.

The increased 28 skill points really helps with sort of build variety with this game where it's very much needed and the First new skill down the line is the Clean Slate skill which allows a free armor heal with a repair kit if you're out of armor, it's useful and a must have at this point in the game and it makes light armor take care of itself but it also makes me wonder again how many abilities we have that are locked behind skills when we could just have them there by default anyway I don't mind it and it's good to have there's a few other changes that I did play with because to be honest I don't use those skills like Scrambler being able to get an ECM back for shooting a taser mine or misdirect having a 10% Dodge but only for marked enemies for some reason, but on to the main.

The fortitude skill line

The fortitude skill line

Event, the fortitude skill line, and, yeah, this skill line is him. The base skill increases health and lets you gain or refresh grit if you heal to full or over. Ace just lets you have more downs and bleed-out time, which is nice to see when before it was only tied to what armor you were wearing.

adaptive armor

Health siphon lets you get health if a crewmate uses your medic bag; you get 40%. Health: unyielding gives you 15 more HP per down you have; super physiological gives you 10% more adrenaline based on how many downs you have. Walking tall gives you a 25% slower overheal. Decay based on your downs and the decay can be paused for 15 seconds with first aid kits, and lastly pain asymbolia doubling the effects of edge rush or grit if active and overheal takes 15% less damage, this skill line is a little busted and I half expect it to be nerfed later on even though using it is the most fun I've ever had in this game since launch, build wise I tried going in half and half with this to see the results and I'd say it works best when you lean all the way into it and go full health with medic bags and adaptive armor, overall this update was great and brought some much needed changes to the game to where I'm having fun playing it again but it also reminded me of the biggest problem for the game today and that's the matchmaking.

System the number of times that I wanted to collect footage on syntax errors, under the surface, or even 99 boxes and just couldn't find a game; it's just a thorn in my side, and for the side of payday 3, while queuing. I have no idea how many people have no idea what heists are being played or what the ultimate and even most popular heists are.

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