One Of The Worst Games 2023. Payday 3

That's hand-harvested sea salt. Okay, accept why. Why accept file yeah, your dad sells, dear. I know he's mine. Quon offline V, after selecting loadout zero, it just says active load out. I don't really know why nothing changes when you select the different other options; they all load out. Yeah, yes, yeah, I have no idea what this is going to be like—no rest for the wicked, right?

I didn't even get a chance to read that that's a load of [__]. Banking it's GTA, where are you wearing what's that I don't know I can't see hang on I've press him here, o what the done here My stupid hello, it's friendly fire on [__]. some of this some of this oops killing everyone nice This is going well.

You know, just kill pedestrians. It's like C. This is good. What do I do here? I don't really know. Know the B I thought they were other players. What are you looking at? wack [__] Whack my sh, I shot you, yeah, my, there's a lot of them here [__]. There is my, it's all I fix getting wrecked, my he's got fuing.

Shield him now, man him like this like this like this like this like fuing made out of [__] titanium. This kid, die twice dipped titanium you, I'll smash your [__] head clean in [__]. Why is he freezing my screen? What's he doing? I fell off. Fell off you. What's this where am I going to interact?

Hey, what the [__] There's a sniper up there whose car's nice. It's a cab; never mind, I can't aim this gun refill ammo. Bob's fun [__] Bob Smithing gives you 30 seconds. What are you saying, 30 seconds? Why is my I'm like, I'm like, leaning here? I don't know why I'm leaning to one side. I can't say, You got a bag.

What's that bag you've got on? It's you we need it. I think we have to put it there. What's all this [__] in here? What button do you press to actually input? Pin what you are doing and stealing all the time. It's just one thing, okay? Thief you ni time you have to do that see it's him like this it's [ __ ] him man man.

Somehow, I don't know some sort of electric. He's coming with Shield, and I've closed the door on him. Well, I'm [__] hacked into here. What's this here? Pick up the money, think, and thank you very much here. Jack here, my sh*t, that door is now weird. My character's like leaning to one side; it's right annoying.

I know, have you picked up thermite picked up some thermite? Yeah, maybe we should; we don't need that [__]. Are you sure about that? What are you doing? Are you putting oops? I didn't mean to do that. How do I? I'll, so what do we do here? I have no idea; [__] is saying place thermite. We have to place thermite, but it didn't tell us how to place thermite.

I know, probably because we didn't read the instructions. Get off trying to close the door. He's blocking the door. This is M. What's this i got my phone out. Yeah, I got that, but I don't know what that is. Goo, that's what I did want to do that for. For sake, put that [__] thing away now. That's a grenade.

That's a grenade. I'm trying to figure out what to do since they've all come up in the lift again. What're they doing? Sorry, can I help have you just P down if you just P[__]? You like electrocuted me or something? I know that's what they did to me before. That's what I was saying. Hey, stupid I can't aim in this game.

The aim is really odd, because there's stuff to get out of. We need some sort of tutorial here, affirmative; oops, we need to place thermite on this block. I don't know but I can't figure it, out find the right set up the thermite place the thermite yeah [ __ ] Have it? I don't care. Place the thermoelectric equipment bag on top of the vault.

Right comes confusion about the highest order. I think we'll just should we just restart this quit to see if you say we try that one again. All right, you press look. Yeah, so you just press RB. No, I tried that, but it didn't work well. I had the same square thing here on this game in this mode, even though I just went up to it with a bag and pressed RB, and it worked.

Let's just do it. Let's just try again. Maybe it was glitched. Maybe that's why this game's, maybe that's why everyone's pissed off with this game. It works properly. Probably yeah; they seem to like the color green in this bank. Don't they hang on if I distract them? If I push you in front of Q, here, get out of the way.

[__] Order some coins or something. I'm not taking this watch out. There's a security camera. What have you just done? They got a bit intense. I don't know if they got a bit intense then. [ __ ] What's he doing, reporting some of it? You just pushed him out of the way, no, because he's reporting He's got a red symbol.

What's he reporting here? What's that i [__] H, what's that, police? Someone's coming to arrest; you know that in a bit lad in a bit right no, What well [__] Die stupid [__] idiot, you stupid idiot I am carrying something I don't know. Is it that that's quite a drop, and I think I just died? What's this briefcase symbol here?

Wait, what's this? I've not been Hell, this is an interesting look. I put it there. Ignite, what have you done? Yeah, we were supposed to just press RB. Does it let you do it this time? It's letting me do it, but it's not therite; it's something else. I don't understand what this thing's doing.

I don't know. You just have to launch the thermite at it. It's burning through the floor, I think, but why is it taking about 3 hours in a bit in a bit I'm jumping past them all, and I'm going downstairs. I've put him in care. I've married me. I beg your pardon. Ah, pardon ah, quick quick, come in, man.

Why did that take 5 hours? What do we do? What do we do here? Disarm your paycheck or something. I don't know what that says: you have to disarm, all, blow up lower the ballards, right, and how does he want me to do that? I'm off i'm just running off. I don't know; I'm running off. Sure, don't wait for me.

Bloody help, bloody help Bloody, help hold out until getaway drivers arrive. Yo, are you mad? Hold out have you seen anyone stay at this lot? They're coming in with pure speed. Why are we having to wait for getaway drivers like they're flipping Uber drivers? They should be there, ready and waiting.

Can we not just Nick one of these? Have you seen the number of cars just lying around, and we can't even go anywhere? The vehicle's here, but I can't get in. There's a leaning juggernaut. [__] No, I'm going to [__]. I'm going to die here; I can't move. What's going on? How do I get Juernaut?

How do I get into it? I can't get it. That's what I mean. revive I'm getting shot. yeah, I'm here. I'm here good, good get off it now. I'm dead I'm dead, right? I don't know because there's a stupid van here that I can't get. I'm supposed to throw the bleeding money into the back. I think that's what you're supposed to do.

We play Payday 3 for the first time and it wasn't a great experience lmao. Thank you for taking the time to watch my video.
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