Offensive Payday: Payday 3

first impressions

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Payday 3. The game we all know and love just got a massive upgrade. Besides the new gay looking beautiful in general, we've got a boatload of new mechanics. We're talking lockpicking, and I hit I [__] up glass cutting ooh, safe cracking piece of [__] of [__] drill New movement mechanics, including the vault he flies Wicked [__] Low in this game, yeah, he does power sliding, okay, well, you can do this now, no one follows us, or I kill myself and then hurt new music, maps, and new controls.

Nope, that is not the mask off, Buton. New enemies, well, new enemies The nater who Chucks tear gas in flashbangs we have, Snipers The taser has been rebranded as the zapper, where let me go only, up Jesus. It took you long enough. I had to go up so many stairs. The Dozer is wearing less armor, but he hits just as hard and somehow harder to kill, I'm at no, in Charming in.

Charming, I'm do[__]. Dozers don't [__] around. Shields are definitely the worst. What do you understand? No, you don't understand these shields. Shields are going to be ass in this game. Yeah. HRT now stands out from the regular spot since they have a white uniform to move in for. Kill What Flavor, and I guess we also have the sabotage unit, also uniquely colored and just here to break your mission equipment, and yeah, the cloaker is back and more terrifying than ever there are.


Hostages here, bag here, death clo there, CL with eight playable missions, we've got to wait eight missions. This game was 40 bucks, hold on a sec, only 30 guns, 36 masks, 25 outfits, 34 gloves, no melee weapons, only six playable characters, and they didn't get my boy. Houston, what hawk's here, but Houston's not.

I want to play generic white. God damn it, now I have to play as a wolf. Yo, hold up, does this game stink? new account registration through nebula You'll sometimes get stuck in a login loop because Nebula can't pull your credentials online; only play requires you and your friends to queue to get into a game.

Even when we got into a game, we had to deal with high ping because Beezy had to do a rotation in Japan while we and our allies planned a retaliatory strike. The previous joke was not true. Don't add me, CIA, but did we have fun playing it? I traded you. No, no damn. Straight, I like the Parkour in this.


Yeah, this is pretty smooth too. Yeah, we're booking it. Watch where you're going. Keep bumping them, boys. Pay attention to where you're going. Posted a meme that's you're being on 10323, and then someone goes, but there isn't the 13th month, and then Jesus, you're getting, and that's why you're getting Yeah, the date's backwards.

No, you're a detective. He's investigating the camera moves. I wasn't expecting it. We're all right. There is no friendly fireguard over there. Watch where you're going; hey, watch it will. I hate that alarm. Would you stop using people? This is a new mechanic. I'm going to use it all day, right?

I have a computer interface going on here. I'm hacking into the main frame. We go using the DNS server on the net scope, Netscape. I have no idea what the You just said you were pretty sure it was all true, though. Pay attention to where you're going; there's a guard, so stop playing with the hostage.


I've killed several, by the way, using this grenade launcher. Yeah, not surprising given who you are as a person. I took a look. Man, I got to get a head start from behind schedule right now. Well, the cloakers knew who you were the second week you hit play, so I am not getting 800k because you killed so many [__] cives—15 of them to be exact.

Christ Andrew, how much does that cost? I don't know, but I lost $500k in cleaning costs, okay? another Yeah, yes, okay, good, no Austin. I've decided that now I'm going to return the game guard piece of [__]. Watching it will follow where you're going; there should be something down here. I would argue that they're not even real people, so you should be allowed to talk about it, but I thought I saw something good.

I was wondering how we'd end up calling this an offensive payday. I like how we've been in this game for, like, maybe an hour or two. D has his stupid [__] red mask. That thing I bought—he's going to have two missions. He's going to have it for the rest of the game. He's never going to wear another mask.


Watch the guard. Hey, watch where you're going, Drill piece of [__] drill piece of [__] drill drill, follow you're going [__] I hear death. Yeah, I heard it. I don't like it. I do, but it's not my team. There are no letters in the cloaker dictionary that spell out the word for. No, God damn it, get the [__] up here right now.

I'm [__] coming, Z, where he let me go only up, Jesus. [__] It took you long enough; I had to go up so many stairs. The Bu in the basement Help me; you're dipping and shooting him. There are so many people over there who beat him down. Why is this game so hard? This game is so hard. Watch where you sh*t, pay attention to where you're going, and follow me, hey.

Boys, come, buddy, don't worry, I have the thermite, for I swear to God, you out-grab the B; you didn't shoot a single person. I swear to God, death Death, my bad; it's okay. I left the trail of bodies on the street; they were all going to be found eventually. You know how hard it is to learn to read when you don't know how to read.

offensive payday

They're probably upgrading servers as they As we speak, there's just a guy in Detroit somewhere plugging more boxes into the party. How is this fair? Our caster is a warlock. It's not fair that you have no rights and he's not a caster. Keep him around because he's fun. Look at him. Go ha eld blast i got the guard.

We're all fine. Should I hit it? Should I hit it? Pay attention to where you're going. There's a Chili's in Japan. Yeah, it's on base. Yeah, of course, it is the embassy. You can also just break the glass; that's [laughter]. Concerning nitrogen, hello, yeah, has escaped; he goes by the name [__].

You see him. Where's that ammo bag? Dallas just dropped it off by the desk. Yeah, here we go; that's better, incoming. Thank you he sensed my weakness and punished me. He's going for ammo. Him up, it's fall [__]. It is fall [__]. There are hostages left in this room. Yes, there are a lot of them.


Okay, I'm like, I could find out real quick. Oh, Death, no, the [__]. That, go; I'm all the way at Christ. Yeah, you're dead. Please hold on. Not even a little bit of Dallas is coming, but so is me. He's making it so personal that he's making fun of my family. How does he know that this is just a regular university?

Yup, its here. Payday 3 in all its janky glory. Filmed week one. Edited week two.
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