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hello there, today we are going to be going over No Rest for the Wicked, and this guy will be doing Overkill solo, but the things we do here will still be applicable to lower difficulties, and of course if you're doing it as a team, it will still make that easier knowing how the heist works, and we'll also be going over those perks you need at the end, both required and optional, for these, so first things first, depending on where you spawn your extract vehicle, it will either be on the street or in a parking lot to the left side of the bank.

If it's in a street, we might want to lower the blinds, but it's not really necessary; it just makes ex-dragging a little bit easier, but honestly, it's not.

Magnetic door power

Important After that, we'll be heading to our first objective, which is basically to turn off the power for the magnetic lock. The switch for this is always in the same place behind the door; lock through the door to the left of them; flick the breaker; and make sure that no guard sees you, as it is a secure area. Next up, we're going to want to make our way into the back of the bank, where we're going to be looking for two things: a guard with a key card and a phone to get a QR code from.

Floor 1 keycard and qr code

Floor 1 keycard and qr code

The phone can spawn in four different locations here: the IT2 support room, the manager's office, the meeting room, or in the back of a locker in a room facing the parking.

Lot, after we get our hands on both of these things, it is time to head to the second floor, and here we will use a set QR code to get in, and after that, we now have three new objectives.

Second floor keycard, power and camera

We're going to be looking for a guard here who's patrolling a circle to take his key card. We want to locate the power room, which can sometimes be on the roof.

This is important for finding out which fuse to flick to open the magnetic door into the safe, and the power room can sometimes be on the roof. Shade will actually tell you if it is as you go into the back rooms, so keep in, keep your ears peeled for that, and we also want to find the camera room.

For this heist, the camera room can both be in a private or secure area depending on where it has spawned, and if it's a private area, it's very easy to, you know, get rid of it. We simply step in front of the guard with no MK, and he'll escort us out, and then we can just, you know, hack his phone to cancel the escort because otherwise we'll be walking for a minute or so.

Secure camera

Secure camera

So, in a secure area, it's going to be a little bit more difficult. The simplest way is actually to get your hands on a loot bag, but that's going to require opening the vault, so it's going to be a little bit more difficult, but that is really the only way you can do that without really killing him, so you'll have to check where the cameras are.

If they're in very troublesome positions, killing him might be your only option.

First floor fuse

Option, once we're in the power room we want to figure out which fuse to pull and we do that here by hacking the computer, once we completed the hack we can then interact with the screen on the wall, and it'll tell you which fuse you need to pull and the location of this fuse is next to the magnetic door on the first floor, and once we've done that we have two choices before us in how we want to complete this Heist, we can either Bruce Force the keypad which we will be getting back to later, or we can do what the game wants you to do which is to get a manager for an iris scan, so we as I said we're first going to have a look at how the game wants you to do this on Overkill difficulty Getting a manager is a tad problematic.

Removing 1st floor guard and lead guard

Removing 1st floor guard and lead guard

There's a guard that you know patrols downstairs, and there's a lead guard that patrols the staircases kind of everywhere, so in order to move a manager who will be on the second floor on Overkill, he'll be on the first floor on Lower Difficulties. We are going to have to most likely try and get rid of at least that patrolling guard downstairs, but we can actually also get rid of the lead guard with the help of coverup.

So, coverup currently means that as long as you do a takedown kill on a guard, you have the coverup HK, and you are going to be able to answer his radio, and currently it allows you to just answer the lead guard's radio with just a single one.

Looking for manager

And upstairs, there are, as I said, two locations where you can find a manager.

Both locations are potentially good for nabbing a manager, but I recommend the office one.

Manager grab

Manager grab

You might have to wait a little bit for him to walk out of the office , but then you can just drag him straight down, which is pretty straightforward and simple. Now, once we've gotten the manager we're bringing down downstairs, we have him scanned on the iris scan, and then you have to go and get his computer, which will give you the code.

Now the computer will usually have a bunch of saves around it.

Iris scan and computer code

Sometimes, well, most of the time, you can sneak in and go on the computer without them really noticing you and then go back out, but sometimes they will alert you. In that instance, you don't really have any other option but to move all the hostages into a corner.

Code and vault

Code and vault

Hide them up together there because the room where you get the code or an Overkill, not only can the guard that is walking circles on second floor see it but the guard on the roof can also see it through the Skylight so you're going to have to kind of place them kind of securely if that happens, but once we got the code we go downstairs we hit it into the, , into the key lock like we usually do and we're in the vault, now for the vault here it's SPL in two you have lock boxes on the right side which contain evidence, and two bags along with a multitude of loose loot, basically you can get two extra bags of money from them and on the left you'll have eight bags within a glass cage that has die packs on them Basically, the second you open the door, you need to start disarming the die packs, and they'll explode up a little while the die packs activate in order, and the only way to get all of them is to, you know, kind of do them in that order if you're solo.


If you have a friend, you can just do four bags each, and that is perfectly safe, but solo, you'll usually end up with six clean bags and two dead bags.

Getting out

Now, depending on where you are, whether it is a parking lot or the street, the way I get out can be kind of easy or hard, depending on safe spawns.

Compressed guide for No Rest for the Wicked Solo Stealth Overkill difficulty with the different challenges one might face, if you have any suggestions to make this better let me know.
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