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I see a camera, the G, right there. H, you over. There, the impatience got the better of us. We're starting a new article series. Me and a buddy have been binge-watching Payday 3, which was recently released, and we're having a lot of fun with it. So, we came up with the idea that we're going to be trying different challenges amidst the usual, like different difficulties.

Stealth L is all that usual stuff if you know anything about payday, but in this game there's a lot more to the stealth systems and mechanics and stuff like that, so we decided to try our hand at a duo. Nonmasking and stealth run, so essentially what that means is that normally, you mask up and that gives you your weapons available; you know most of your gadgets, even though you can use some of them without the mask, and then you go about the mission, but you're much easier to be detected and stuff like that; however, we decided to use the new social stealth.

Mechanics, and not mask up to get through these missions in a variety of ways, some of which require a bit of RNG and some require a bit of brute force, but I quickly wanted to show you my current build that I've been using and a couple of key skills that make this possible, it seems, so first off, the main ones we've been using are from the grifter tree.

no mask

As long as you are masked off, you are within 1 meter of a civilian or employee. Gaining speed gives you extra move speed, which is always nice, especially when you're trying to dart around buildings and stuff. Stealthy, we've then got to walk the walk, so as long as you're unmask and have Rush, which obviously is very easy for us to get, cameras can't detect you trespassing in private areas, which is really, really nice and really helpful.

It's a big part of this build, and the strategy for how this series of challenge runs goes is social engineering. As long as you're unmask and have Rush, employees will ignore you for performing illegal actions, so lockpicking, stealing certain things—you know the usual stuff—you can still be picked up by guards and cameras for doing illegal actions, but employees and general CS tend to ignore you, which is so nice.

no rest for the wicked

In addition to that, we've also been using the infiltrator. It's not necessary, but the Griff the tree is kind of necessary. This infiltrator is just some quality of life stuff, so if you successfully pick a lock or kill an enemy with a throwing knife, not that we've been doing that, you gain or refresh Rush, which is nice so you keep the momentum, which allows us to, you know, get by the cameras and stuff like that, and then also quick fingers, so as long as you have Rush, which again makes it easy for us to get successful lockpick jiggle will immediately pick the lock.

What that means is that in this game there's a new lockpick mechanic where if you time an input at the right time, it speeds up the lockpicking process, so, you know, more complex locks will usually make you have to do the input two to three to four times with this. As long as you have Rush, it's just one input and done.


It's so good. Okay, with that being said, the only thing I'm going to say is that a couple of these aren't on the hardest difficulty yet. I think we are going to try them on the hardest difficulty, but we were testing the waters to see if it was possible in addition to that. In some of these are riing on one person is doing most of the work, and another person is kind of playing lookout.

In most of these cases, I'm on the lookout because of a skill that I also have. Down here, hacker. Basically, you can hack into cameras remotely as long as you have line of sight, and it essentially functions as if you've taken control of the CCTV room, so you can pan through the different cameras, move them around, and ping while on the camera stuff like that.

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What this does specifically in some of the missions is whenever. My partner My buddy Darren, whenever he's up to no good and doing the thieving and all the rest of it. I'm on the camera, one keeping a lookout for po enally patrolling guards, kind of like other cameras are doing stuff like that, but also if there's a particular, particularly pesky camera.

I can move it out of the way, so he's not in frame and then doesn't get detected, which kind of gives us some control over the blind spots, which is really nice to have on some of these missions. With that being said again, I hope you enjoy the challenges we're going to try to overcome and go through as many of these missions as possible.

If they're all possible, then we'll be doing all of them, and again, some of them will have the hardest difficulty, and some of them won't be until we redo them, but I hope you enjoy them. Drop a like, leave a comment, and all the good stuff, and I'll leave you to watch the how-the-heist. Went, the bank is currently holding a large amount of cash awaiting, transport a lot of guards on patrol, keep an eye out right so we know where things are now, so we just get in and get this done.

We have to get through that gate in front of the vault. Really, the gate door is sealed magnetically. You have to disable the power, or you won't get it open. Find the circuit breaker that powers it. Out the way, don't. Game stop game stop, lagging there's a guard got he turns around what is he you don't okay he's going to escort me out I'll give you a chance to get up at least you're not allowed in here mate I'm so tired of seeing your stupid hat.

No sightseeing come on, I'll show you the door that's in this room. I've opened it this way, if you like. All right, cool. Any one of us has to get upstairs. Yeah, all right, I'll let you deal with that, and then go back to that door and get to the restricted areas. Please stay out of the restricted areas.

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Denied all rights. I'm sure you want to use that camera again when you get down here. Once the door opens, you only have a short amount of time before they go off. CU it near caught, me the motion tracker where the guard stops on his patrol so to keep eyes on.

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