Misterios De Payday 3: El Gato Que Anuncia El Golpe - Reacci. N Al Episodio 9 Dev Diary


Thank you, dear Heisters. We are so close to the end of our developer diary journey. Now the release of Payday 3 is just around the corner, and you will soon be able to dive into the full experience yourselves. But before we part ways, we have one more episode filled to the brim with information you don't want to miss.

In this final episode, we'll go over some of the topics and moments we didn't fit into the other episodes. We'll talk about our hopes and dreams and the things we envision for PD3. Food, I think the biggest thing for me when I compare PD2 to Payday 3 is that already from the get-go with PD3, we have a very clear idea regarding the tonality of the game.

We're coming more back to Our Roots and closer to Payday, which has the highest vibe and tonality, and I think that's what PD3 does really well. What am I particularly excited about for the future? First and foremost, the location of New York, and realizing that further New York is such an iconic place; it has so many different facets; there's so many different ways that you can bring magazines; and then when we think about putting the iconic payday gang and the chaos that they can cause the urban mayhem that they can cause and putting that into New York, that's something I'm excited about when I see the future of the franchise.


You know, let's just talk about the first year of service. I really see us realizing that location in a very strong and much deeper way, so that's something I'm incredibly looking forward to. In the beginning, we also struggled that we did to clean New York, and one of the things was the garbage picker.

The way they pick up the garbage in New York, they still pile trash bags on the curb. That was one of the things that was hugely forgiven because you can make combat covers out of trash bags, and since they're placed anywhere in New York, you can place them anywhere you want, and we can just design the combat spaces.

Well, we need something here to cover the player, so yeah, put trash bags; it's fine. I really like the whole process of making it fun. It's a different way for me to do things since I usually start at the computer and use the synthesizers. This time I was just messing around and became this. This baseline came to me, and so I have a special place for it in my heart.


The worst experience I had from working on Payday 2 back in the day was this reoccurring nightmare. I had to place a drill in it. The worst part is that nightmare came back to me during the development of Head Three. I had one actress comment on one of the lines I wrote that was the favorite line she had ever recorded on any film, TV series, or article game ever, and that line was I've never met a bagel.

I didn't like it. It was such a strange thing to say, but they were written to give a sort of New York vibe to some of them, so these are meant to be sprinkled into the conversation. Credit card number one, a key anecdote that I remember is when we were designing the characters for payday 3, and I thought that the process when we were looking at Hoxton and his mask in particular was super interesting because there was a big interest in changing how his mask looks, and there was a back and forth internally whether or not we were whether or not that was payday.


You know the right thing to do, and I know the Hoxton fans out there have a lot of love for the character for the character for the way he behaves and especially his mask, of course, and I think the beautiful thing about that anecdote is that it is to keep his original design and, of course, pay defy it for payday 3 because time has gone since payday 2 and payday 3, and certainly something must have happened with both Hoxton but also his mask, the gear, and his expertise.


I actually had a funny story when I went to the cinemas before the Kobe situation, and there was a commercial. Community, once because we have a pretty solid foundation of heights and , diverse objectives at the beginning so people will be able to pick what they want to see more of less of what they want improved and they'll probably give us a better idea of what future Heist should look like so I would like the players to have even more opportunities when it comes to how they approach The Heist and the outcomes of, that experience but also when it comes to the weapons the Gunplay and how they engage in combat we already have a lot on launch for you to explore but I really hope that post launch we can throw some additional, you know stones into the glass house and see what breaks and what makes it more fun and interesting for you as a player.

Do your best to break the game over your knee within the confines of the game, of course, so please, obviously, that's not so we can remove it but so that we know how people are playing the game and so we know how to further build upon the game, the same with progression and overall game economy. Just because it's built more mathematically, play it and find the different parts that either break or slow down, and we're always there to look and try to make things better.


We have this design philosophy where you know you start the game and you're pretty confident in what you're doing, and that leads to situations where you're always trying to steal more than what you're capable of, so things always go south, and that leads to super fun interactions where you know people die and they start yelling at each other and screaming and just running and experiencing.

I'm really looking forward to the launch of Arcadia 3. I'm really excited to see how the community reacts to the new story of Payday 3, how we're bringing them back, and also what kind of expectations they have going forward. What are they excited to see because this is only the beginning of payday three?

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Yeah it's almost there, and I'm hoping that they can understand that they can still stay engaged and keep enjoying the game as a live service game for a long lifetime, basically because this is how we've built the game to have a long tail, so I'm really hoping that it has the same longevity and engagement.


Just focus on having fun with the existing content that we put out for launch and that they are primed to look forward to the future of payday 3 because their launch is only the beginning. I think right after the release, what we would like to see is just discussions around how to do the different heists in different ways, and okay, I found a new strategy here.

I can take advantage of these things too to move forward, and then we'll see. I think I hope that they're going to struggle with harder difficulties. I mean, Strawberry almost went bankrupt at some point, but thanks to the community and their support, we managed to rise again and continue to do what we love, so yeah, just a huge thank you.

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