Loud Modifiers - Symptomatic Of Bigger Issues Payday 3

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Difficulty's always been a weird thing in the payday series. Payday 2 got the brunt of some very questionable game design choices throughout the years. The existence of DSOD is a difficulty in PEX, and Kingpin Thr and Hacker should be evidence enough for that. Payday 3 has also, sadly, not been very different.

The game launch was genuinely pretty challenging, but with the addition of adaptive armor and fortitude, as well as general tweaks being made to certain skills and mechanics, the game has been made significantly easier. It's very understandable if people are barely playing the game. I can see some extreme actions having to be taken to make it more appealing to your average Joe.

However, the same cannot be said for the loud modifiers they've showcased in the latest blog update and, more specifically and more bluntly, the haphazardly made [__] fixes they're putting out to combat their own haphazardly made [__] additions. With Star Bre adding adaptive armor and fortitude and setting the power CP to levels previously unthinkable, they've made these modifications, which will affect Heist and Loud, similar to the ones we already have in stealth, to better explain my point and criticisms of them.


I'll quickly go over all the modifiers and what they do. Bargain players can't leave custody without hostage trades. Getting a player out of custody costs one hostage plus one additional hostage if they have been in custody or have killed a civilian body system. Up to two instances of each special can spawn, and a special cab is raised by one armor piercing.

10% of the damage law enforcement deals to armor is also applied to health. Regular SWAT units are replaced with heavy SWAT; reflector shields come equipped with a light that can blind players, debilitating specials; players disabled by zappers and cloakers damaged by n gas or hit by shields and do melee attacks will lose any stack of EDG grin rush.

My issue with these is that almost all of these modifiers are just very poorly designed, usually falling into the camp that they will either hardly affect how the game's played or push players into using options that already dominate. The game's meta is basically modifiers that are meant to add extra difficulty; they don't actually add difficulty in most scenarios.

A hard bargain will hardly ever be felt where, at a point in the game's meta, going down is practically impossible, much less going into custody. I do like it. It's a good idea to do isolation, as it's similar to how custody worked in Payday the Heist and Payday 2, but it's just horrible in the big picture for Payday 3 at the moment.

The body system is a decent idea on paper, but it completely crumbles once you think about it for more than a few seconds. As they currently stand, zappers and naters hardly ever use their tasers and grenades, so what's the point of them being more frequent? It's not that they'll actually do anything; those are a joke to begin with because of the two body shots with the H Fox, so it just makes an even better pick, which is something I thought was genuinely impossible.

Armor piercing reintroduces the war of attrition gameplay that everybody totally loved, and somehow, on an even worse date than before to begin with, you won't feel it at all if using adrenaline as you don't take damage to armor, so Qualude ends up going untouched, incentivizing. Even more on top of how much raw strength and survivability it already has on armor, it will be felt, but on adaptive armor, you can just work around it by bringing medic packs, as you can sustain your armor incredibly well without even having two zor bags on it.

So what this will actually end up doing is that it'll only really affect people who use traditional armor types. You know, the Arma types that nobody uses anymore because of how much more fun the adaptive armor and 42D good design punish players for running the thing nobody even uses anymore, giving people even less reason to use it.

Alpha strikes make the already-good weapons in the game even better. Weapons like the SA and the VF are already used by everyone in their mouths, specifically because of the high armor penetration, stat letting them one shot headshot both normal and heavy SS with basically no setup, so all this modifier will end up doing is further incentivizing the usage of them.

After all, it's SM more efficient to use a weapon like the SA or the VF if you're only going to be fighting the more tanky, heavy swats. Really batting a thousand with these modifiers, aren't they reflective? Shields would be more of a nuisance than an actual challenging addition. Yeah, they can blind you, but they'd be so easy to avoid, as you can just kill them before they get the chance to, or you can simply look away from them.

Debilitating specials is cool, actually making special units more threatening as they can drop your buffs with their abilities. The concept is cool, but as I said earlier, special units use their abilities so infrequently that it just sort of begins to fall apart. Now you might ask yourself, well, are the additions of the adaptive armor and fortitude unrelated to these loud modifiers?

After all, it could be entirely plausible that these were planned at an early, appointed time and are only being talked about now. Nope, not at all. They even said in the blog post that adding the fortitude skill line and adaptive armor made the game too easy. Thankfully, there's a plan, and that plan starts with loud modifiers.

Of course, the best solution is to start an arms race of enemies against players. Of course, I'm being sarcastic when I say that if your skull actually protects something, it isn't just for fashion; it should be fairly obvious that this is a very big game design. No, having up the anti-every update is a nightmare to balance, given the game's already unstable foundation.

It will only get worse as time goes on. I do have a genuine suggestion, though, as to what they should do going forward, which is that they should actually fix the game. I know that's incredibly blunt, but it seems to be something that stares have forgotten about: nobody really wants to play this game.

No amount of quick fixes and shortcuts is going to fix the game being unfun. Payday 3 needs serious overhauls, and it needs them now. Instead of tackling the root causes, they decided to take the easy way out; after all, it's much easier to add something than to actually fix something. Of course, it's worth clarifying.

The PAYDAY series has had an. interesting relationship with difficulty. PDTH being tough as nails, PAYDAY 2 being a complete cakewalk with the correct setups because of years of powercreep, and now with PAYDAY 3 going through the same motions, I have a lot of issues with it. Yeah, I know I was late to it, but I'm already working on an update 1.
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