Loot Goblins Get High On Dopamine. Payday 3

bank heist

You guys are committing crimes. Nope, not a single crime. Okay, cool we need to get past that gate in front of the vault. The gate is sealed magnetically, you know. There's a security camera in this one; all I'm out of that is I'm I'm. Like well, that alerted everyone, holy [__]. I was going to fire up a gun.

I just rate my frame rate as a civilian. What massacre the civilians kill them. All get down to the ground. Nope, thank you. I like how you're taking prisoners. I murdered the first civilian that I saw. I shot up so many civilians; it was all who hey put your put your hands up. Put your hands up.

I have a civilian. I have a civilian. I have a civilian put your hands up. Sorry, he looked funny. What you just killed was the one guy who broke the bed. Look at him. Hey, cool i have another one. Please stop killing my meat. Shields You're my meat, Shield. You wouldn't shoot a woman, would you?

The hammer of justice is unisex, my friend. Justice, we're committing crimes. Get down on the ground, the Hammer of Crime. I didn't like how you looked at me. Hey, do dud we're going to we're going to lose our team so much [__], money How do I switch Ceras? I think I killed all the civilians. I think you might They're on the roof.


Popo, they're on the roof. They're on the roof. What do you mean they're on the roof? They were on the roof. They got SWAT on the roof. That's a snipe; there's cloak. There are cloakers in this game, though they're jumping from the other roof, dude. They're just ignoring me for some reason. Reason [__] They're trying to snipe me.

Pat, I threw a camera, and I got the equipment. I got the equipment I got to get back in before I got [__], sniped Pat, more cops, a civilian, and Thermite. Che out, Camas; they hit you. Focus, people, my no [__] way, what go I'm noticing a distinct lack of police officers. Don't do it; you'll incur more cleaning costs.

It's slammed him. Our team is going to get so pissed off at us because, to be fair, they gunned down their fair share of civilians too. The [__] cop put down his shield and let me mag dump. Hostages this is when we have any hostages. I found a hostage. Sorry, I shot another hostage. I saw him on the ground, and he was in there.

beta gameplay

He was hiding behind the desk, and I just [__] unloaded a MAG into him. I mean, done. Yet P was still my fat ass broke it. They're sending iners. They're done holding back. That's not good. You do what? I'll commit multiplications behind you, snipers behind you, snipers behind you. I see that shoot his [__] shoot his shoot his kill him, run you.

Beautiful, Sniper, get back the thing I got. The last one killed the sniper, killed a sniper with the Glock, and killed the sniper with the Glock. Let's [__] roll. Let's [__] bounce fellas, kill yourself, and get the [__]. Over here, chains get the Over here, we only need three chains, which is not real.

You're having a skittish moment. We made 300 grand, though, so who cares? I made 400. I made pretty close to 400. So who cares? I have 43, 000. I mean, I lost 86, 000 civilians, and then 172. I think you lost. I think you lost more money because you killed more civilians. Did I vote down civilians without any remorse?


We should immediately just go loud, bust in, and go loud. Let's just do that. Just throw on the mask and start massacring people, okay? The first thing we do is throw on the mask and fire a couple shots. Throw two grenades at each of us. You go throw grenades right side. I'll throw grenades from the left side.

Sound good let's, yeah, let's get out. Let's get in here at maximum time, don't you? Try to get out of here. Sit the [__ down. Do you have game chat on? Nope, I'm going to be honest with you, Pat. I don't think they're giving us gel; I think they're giving us the death penalty, or at least me if they're actively hunting down the civilians.

I mean, to be fair, you walked in and hurled grenades at them. I said we were hurling grenades; that was the plan we had. We did so much, so please let me have this: one, the shotgun is really good until you get to deal with the armor. Yeah, all righty or the cloakers, for [__] sake, holy. I just blast him with the all-right You will be safe here, I hope.

closed beta

Bet [__] Put her down. What's that hostage? Hey, get one; let's go. Pat The sniper up above got him. You want to try that again, fell. There's another F. They killed him too. I like how they let go for a head shot. We're just hugging the hostage. Now they should have killed my hostage. I'm going to wait.

Where's the truck? It's [__] over there this time. I ca[__] I'm next to the dozer and the [__]. I don't know if I'm going to help with this one; the [__] bags are on the other side. Pat this one with the [__]. [ __ ] , hey Pat I think I might be charged with my multiple homicides. You may, if I killed the bulldozer.

Way revive revive, let's go three fragmentation grenades into a group of like 15 or 25 people and just did this over a span of like three seconds, killing all of them, [__]. Grenades only killed eight civilians. I don't care, like that's the thing I would actually want you to pick as the most obnoxious [__].

first look

You know why, because I think it's funny watching two obnoxiously colored [__]. God, it's [__] bright green; we have the same mask too; we both look like [__]. We look good, [__]. D they [__] He's like, uhuh, nope, not playing with that. Those guys are going to go in there and kill all the hostages.

Maybe we have the same plan all right, but I call it right this time. Okay, all right, you're going to love my shotgun. All right now, hold on. Hold on let's time this. Let's do this more professionally. All right, you're right. All right, let's, like, let's walk in here. Put on, I'm not suspicious of walking in with like these latex gloves on.

3 two, 1 let's Go! Here's my shotgun pet. Look at this [__]. Check it out. I got a shot suppressor like a Nerf gun, yeah. Hey, what are you doing, human? I'm going out in the street. I'm going out in the street, Pat. I'm going on the rampage. They're not running because I have a suppressor on Pat.


Funny [__] That's not what I want to do; am I going to kill a sniper real quick? Maybe it was a bad idea to throw thermite into thermite. No, it's fine. You should go pick up that thermite outside and throw it in there, sir. Put the civilian, I fired the [__]. Is this something I regret? I regret that I regret that this isn't even this isn't even payday at this point.

This is like just us committing Massac. This is clearly just Doom. You ready you only have time before they go off. Open the door. Open the door. Open the door open the door I played enough dead by. Think piss; I'm so boned. Here, good, yeah, no, I'm back alive. I'm going to grab the other money bag.

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