Is This Payday 3 Alternative Worth Trying Now


So with all of the talk around payday 3, I wanted to go back and revisit a game that was basically Dead on Arrival. Yeah, I don't know why I do this to myself, but here we go. So to the surprise of everybody, Boss has actually had some post-launch support—more than you can say about Saints Row. They just released their big 3.0 update last month, and it brought a lot of content and quality of life improvements to the game, things like new scenarios and environments, completely overhauled stealth gameplay weapons, and character rebalancing, as well as the ability to kick mute and examine profiles of the other 10 people that are playing online, which is still urging Star Breeze to bring an offline mode to Payday 3 amid their catastrophic launch that is still kind of ongoing.

I thought, Why not check out the competition and see how it stacks up? Crime Boss actually has quite a few things going for it that I wish Payday 3 had the ability to pick up a bag of loot and still have your primary, or grab two bags and switch to your secondary. That was a really cool mechanic.

Their lock-picking minigame is far more engaging than payday threes, and I actually like some of the animation work when you're grabbing loot, breaking through glass, and throwing bags in the back of Vans. I also think their stealth gameplay is a bit more streamlined now with this 3.0 update. You can sneak around and feel like you're actually getting something done with the fact that I can pull out my gun, tell someone to get down, tie them up, and if nobody hears or sees me.


I can then reholster, and the gun swaps back to stealth, which is unlike in Payday 3 as soon as you pull the mask out to do damn near anything you're doing. Now running and gunning I also think the AI teammates and Crime Boss now that I compare the two are more competent than the ones in Payday they cover you and the vault as you're drilling through they sneak around and it feels like they're more part of the team and not just a burden and overall it just feels more cohesive that being said with the Enemy AI they are a lot more difficult way, more of a challenge and even though they have some quirks where sometimes they'll just like do a little barrel roll in front of you for no reason they, are way more lethal, than in Payday and it makes the game feel a little bit more grounded and like you actually have to pay attention to where you're moving where, you're running and who's got your back I.

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I actually like that challenge, and I know you can ramp up the difficulties in Payday, and you can get that kind of challenge, and it actually becomes a lot more difficult, but, just at a base level, playing both on normal Prime Boss has some challenges to it. Time around now in terms of visuals. I think Crime Boss's visuals in comparison to Payday are pretty weak, but they are stylized in a way that if I weren't comparing.

I'd say they're passable and definitely not the worst-looking game that I've played on this channel. You can purchase weapons for them to use, but the game uses an RPG-like system of like common Grays all the way up to Exotic Golds, but I'd be lying if I wasn't looking over the fence at Payday's customization powerhouse.

Feeling a little bit disappointed. There's nothing to work towards in Crime Boss. Yeah, you can earn more money, but all you do is hire more characters, and you can buy new weapons for them payday's, progression of their skill trees, character, and weapon customization. I think it's its main draw over a game like Crime Boss now.

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Crime Boss does have a full campaign, but for whatever reason you can't play through it in Co-op, and if I can't suffer through the cheesy voice and character acting with someone else. I'll be damned if I play it by myself if you can play it in Co-op. I actually think I'd be a bit more satisfied with the purchase because the content is there to experience with another person; there's literally zero reason to not allow co-op in the campaign when all of the other modes you have are co-op.

Centric, and it's all about committing crimes with a group, so the fact that it's locked to a single-player campaign is just weird. Crime. Boss was developed by In-Game Studios, a new studio under the helm of 505 Games, which is their publisher, and even though the launch was pretty mixed, to say, downright mediocre.

I wonder what would happen if that game launched on Steam. As we all know, Crime Boss is an epic exclusive and most likely will be locked into a one-year deal with the launcher if other games and their contracts or anything go by. So in 2024, I could see this game coming out on Steam, and I'm curious to see how it's going to fare over there.

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It's not the best game in the world, but it's definitely not the worst, and I think after the negativity and the discussion around all of the mistakes that Payday 3 has made at launch. I'd be curious to see if a game like this would be embraced. If it launched on Steam today, I don't think it would, but I think it has more of a chance than I thought it would have six months ago.

I had to say that as a studio's first title, I think they have 70 employees. According to Wikipedia, it's not the worst showing in the world, and I'd be curious to see if they take what they learned from this launch and perhaps put it towards something a little bit less ambitious in terms of spending money on Danny Trejo and [__] Vanilla.

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Ice, and maybe delivering an experience where you take that money you spend on B-list actors and put it into further development. The game, and considering both of these titles launched at the exact same price point. I'd be curious to see if when Crime Boss does come to steam, or if it does come to steam, if they were to hit it with a, you know, a 10 drop or a 15 drop on a sale and try to embrace that payday crowd that's feeling a little bit burned right now, that could be a pretty decent opportunity.

That being said. I don't think Crime Boss is worth the $40 price tag only because I, as a player, won't get the level of progression that I get in other games, which means I'm not really inclined to play the game for longer than a few matches, and I'll be honest with you, man, it kind of felt like a waste to buy if they could add progression to the characters if they could add a full Co-op campaign.

I might be able to get some time out of the game, even if it is like a midway or mixed experience. At least there's something to do with somebody else, and you can enjoy the [__] show together. I thought this was a fun little article to make. I went through and played a couple of rounds with Fuzzy of Crime Boss, so I'm going to leave you guys with some gameplay so you can see exactly what the game is and where it's at.

With all the negativity surrounding PAYDAY 3, I decided to go back and check out Crime Boss, which had a pretty controversial launch itself this year.
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