Is Payday 3's "operation Medic Bag" Really Necessary


Operation medic bag a meme in order to gain the favor of the community, the one that has more than moved on from the game at this point, and then they started playing other games, even games made on diesel adjacent engines made in Sweden, but more competent studios with more love and care put into it than the four payday games combined, and yes, there's four.

I count crime war as a mainline game suit. What a bother! The payday community is split up into several little islands; everyone wants something else, and everyone wants the payday game that they're thinking of. No one is happy with the current state of either payday 2 or payday 3. People are getting audibly frustrated.

The frustration is at an all-time high. Developers are just slaving away at a game that clearly needed another few months in the oven, while their Cash Cow for the previous game is in a half-functioning state. State game designers, who are clearly not PR-trained, argue with prepubescent fans of the game on social media.

The PR people, meanwhile, stream with moderation, working over time to make sure that the chat is civil. The community itself, on the other hand, spreads misinformation about certain updates. People keep spamming the same old, same old across forums and communities: the table meme, the player account.

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Everything that needs to happen for any of this to get, better do we really need a huge meme like operation medic, bag, no, all of this was just unnecessary. What we really needed is still ours. For starters, we've already heard that microtransactions will not be happening this year; that's a good thing.

Secondly, supposedly, with the next patch happening sometime this week or next week. DirectX12 will be integrated into the public build; this should boost performance all across the board for DX12-compatible GPUs; that's another good thing. Thirdly, with the same patch, we're also getting our first taste of what seems to be the new armor.

We work with two players that always regen back to full as long as each individual plate doesn't break. We also have less health per armor bar, which is a little too late, but it's better than that. Last but not least, blog posts should be more transparent to the community. They've been doing a lot more blog posts.


These blog posts are sometimes full of sweet nothings, other times just regurgitation of what we've already heard from third parties or just through their own development diaries, which is a good idea for those that don't want to watch articles. I wish that they went a bit more in depth. A bit more in detail; it's not much, but it's better than the 3 months of radio silence that we've had now.

When I mentioned at the start that P's community split, I meant that the game's accessibility meant that the community surrounding the game became very toxic very quickly. Now, this is not a new problem. This sadly has always been a problem that problem has only gotten worse as the years went on their block posts talk about something that a lot of streamers and a lot of payday YouTube content creators have brought up on occasion it's the fact that the sense of community isn't quite there in Payday 3 due to the matchmaking and no server browser quote unquote server browser crime that is what people want even though a server browser would be so much more, useful.

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Whatever, all of that just further helps distance people from one another. The lack of communication between Playstation. Xbox, and PC players didn't make things much better, either, but I'll one up and say that I feel like the payday community just hasn't been a thing for quite a while. While looking at the steam discussions for Payday 2, specifically, it's just a bunch of headless chickens mindlessly running around shouting at each other, harassing people, and being some of the most intolerable [__]], imaginable looking at the Twitter interactions between the payday funny man account and their fans, it gets very obvious very quickly that most of the people that they're replying to aren't even adults yet.

But where does that put us? Doesn't it feel a bit early to wrap something like this up? Yeah, I just don't really know what else to say. I think people don't realize where this game sits right now, neither the developers nor the fans. On the one hand, the Doom saying is annoying, and posting the player numbers day in and day out is just not funny anymore.

On the other hand. Divers 2 just came out; it has 300, 000 concurrent players on Steam alone, and while the service can't keep up and people are upset about it, at least it has peer-to-peer matchmaking. Payday 3 struggled to even match, making Payday 3 shoot itself on the foot with the launch. The game designers hesitation to just accept article game standards such as damage buffers and hit-scan games didn't help its longevity either.

A lot needs to change here, but even with that in mind, some people need to just accept the fact that this game is not for them, or has never been, and they just need to move. On, and in case you want to know a little secret for watching all the way till the end, you can lag out everyone's game but just continuously mark something since there's no kicking and no vote kick option.

You can do this until everyone in the match either gets single-digit frames or until you're sick and tired of it. Good should have just invested in medicine. Ah, whichever one happens first, enjoy the Hello Hawkon appearance

alt. title - flowers becomes a schloptuber. Helldivers 2 is awesome. Go play that.
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