Is Payday 3 Better Than Payday 2

after launch

Okay, let's talk about payday 3. It launched with suboptimal performance, and it just kind of left a bad taste in everybody's mouth. It just seemed like a cash grab at that point, but it's been a while since the launch and the complete disaster that it was. I mean, just look at this. This is my day-one footage of Payday 3.

And that's all the launch was—just the loading screens. It seems better now; it seems like it's in a better place. I guess I should fairly judge it. They did a few things right with Payday 3. The combat feels immensely better; the weapons actually pack a punch in this game, and it doesn't feel like you're trying to shoot a Nerf gun.

The best part is that the optics actually work in this game, and they're not trash, which is kind of nice because now you can actually see where you're shooting. They released all this DLC for mods in Payday 2, but they couldn't make a good one. The weapon system for leveling up your weapons is just amazing now.


I know most people hate that part of this game, but I think it's actually a welcome improvement. I mean, you don't get a start by trying to hope you get your best luck. Opening a Payday card at the end of a heist, you actually have to play the game to unlock mods, which is perfect; it's not relying on hoping you get the mod you're looking for; all the weapons actually do something interesting, which is good.

Every weapon has a purpose. The assault rifle can shoot through the shield, while only the glass on the shield makes the shotgun good for crowd control. The SMGs are good if you want to annoy your friends by never being objective. Now. I did play through all the heists in this game, and surprisingly, almost all of them have something different happening; they each have their own objective that feels different from the other one other than just grab a bag and go, and I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering they made Payday 2 and almost all the heists in that were fantastic.

But looking at the other aspects of this game, you can see how I think they could have failed that, and they made a lot of good improvements to this game. I mean, trading the hostages for time is perfect unless you start your objective early and then that timer's gone. They just immediately start assaulting you, or you shoot a hostage in the head.

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Don't do that one, but all the enemies are just kind of the same as before. I thought there would be more enemy types, but it just seems like the same game as before with better combat, and there's nothing wrong with that except for the other things that they did to this game. That made it not as good of a successor to Payday 2, and I was really hoping that they recaptured the glory of Payday 2, and they almost did.


They almost had it. It's not their fault for wanting to double down on the perk decks; it doesn't add more to the game. The perk decks in Payday 2 were a good supplementary skill, but now they base all your skills off of perk decks, and it just feels kind of lazy. I mean you get to choose all these different perk Decks that you could build you have to unlock them all and it's great but it just feels like they were trying to avoid balancing your levels whereas in Payday 2 you had all the skills unlocked you just had to level up to unlock skill points and it doesn't make sense why they made this change and it makes the combat feel, so similar no matter which route you go and they got rid of the amazing crime that UI now you just select all your heists and how you want to do it there's no XP bonuses or anything they streamlined, it so much that it's just not even enjoyable the best things were to just sit in the menu and hope you get a good heist that pops up and if it doesn't.

I mean, choose the next best one if it has a good XP rate, but they wanted to streamline it, so now that you don't have all these menus to go through, they nailed how to choose your next Heist. But they just wanted to get rid of it. They didn't want it in this game anymore. Was it a little confusing?

did fix its servers

But it was the best way to have diversity in all of your heists. The UI wasn't difficult, and they also got rid of offline play. You can only play this game if a server is open; you can't have a peer-to-peer connection anymore. What did they do? Why did they make this game? Always online did they just want to make their point?

Who cares the enjoyment away from payday is to just have an enjoyable time doing heists, but they want to take all the enjoyment away from this game, make it into a complete shell of itself, and call it good. That's good, right? Look at it. Look at this new payday game we released. Don't you guys love it?

And they got rid of the drill. The drill is not that important in this game anymore. It's interesting because the drill used to be the staple of Payday. With the drill and the six-minute timer, you go through a door, and then you have to do another six-minute timer. You use it sometimes, but it's all about a thermal drill, and that's the only time you use it throughout the entire heist.

did improve after its launch

I mean, there's one where you use a thermal drill, and that takes about 10 minutes, but it just doesn't feel the same as it used to. I assume they're going to add more heist with the drill in it, but I'm trying to figure out if it's even worth it now to get this, because they can have all these promises and they can turn it into a fantastic game, but at the end of the day, what is it like now?

Is it even worth it? They're asking for more money if you get more DLC to make the game more enjoyable. You release seven heists at the start, and you want more money to release more heists. Payday 2 didn't launch with a lot of heists, and that's okay, but it seems like the way that they're approaching this is to release like four heists a year and then release tailor, packs, and all of these weapon mods and all these weapon packs when they should just really be focusing on the community, but instead they just wanted to release the game and get more money in their pockets so they could keep funding the game, and it's just kind of bad.


Are they really that desperate for it? They lost the title to Payday. They got it back, but why center your game around this payday? The heist only had eight heists in it. Actually. I think it may have been a little more than that, but they didn't release DLC for it; they're making it their whole MO of releasing heists that are locked behind pay walls, and it's kind of sad to see how much they're charging for all these heists, so you can have one extra mission and two guns, or maybe just maybe you get a new piece of outfit.

Payday 3 had a devastating launch. They had constant crashing servers, not allowing players to play for 3 days. They fixed it, but does it make the game worth it in the end.
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