Is It Too Late To Save Payday 3

Okay, hear me out, man. It might sound a little crazy since you know the internet is pretty much dripping with mass opinion and whatever brain R the 4 You page algorithm is pushing, but I'm a firm believer in giving out second chances, at least within the whole community of gaming. Let me tell you, from my own personal experience, that it is easy to write off any game that you see being talked about negatively as just a trash bucket.

I'd even say it's easier to do that than to actually, you know, have a lot of praise for said game, and to be real with you, the majority of the time, the hate can be justified for a lot of these newer games, you know, if you didn't get a chance to play them the day before they got listed on Steam.

I'm hardheaded as hell. Something that I've learned while hosting these weekly YouTube Yap sessions is to get my own experience in gaming before I do something as bold as talking down on a game or debunking why there's so many adult games on Steam, because I definitely did that for content, and I try to stick to these morals even if said game had an overall decrease in public perception from its series previous titles like currently with Payday 3.

I played Payday 3 the week it launched on The Game Pass since it was an easy new game launching on the old Subscription Service price of $10. And coming from a background of sweating with my childhood buddies on Payday 2 on the PS3 back in the day, Payday 3 just felt lackluster and didn't have enough going on for me to keep playing.

After the first few hours, I didn't really like some of the mechanics and was hyper-focused on that new grit. Like, what even is a grit? I'm a bank robber, just let me snow the line of coat, and then I officially put it down after I saw the overall complaints and comparisons since Payday 2 surrounded the game online, until yesterday when I picked it up again since you know I believe in second chances and also because I skimmed through a brief headline on the internet saying that the game would officially be received, leaving new long-awaited.

The payday 3 Community is in shambles right now, and a whole bunch of negative energy has just been radiating not only within payday 3 as a game but even within the studios that's continuing to develop the electronic stepbrother of the previous payday games.

Yeah, it's so bad it doesn't deserve biological relations, and even though the promising fixes for you know pretty much everything wrong with the game now or on the horizon, with how bad business is going for Star in Payday 3. I wanted to briefly discuss whether all this effort is too little or too late to save Payday 3.

Now, of course, it is only 6 months into Payday 3's overall lifespan, so you might think it's a little overkill. No pun is intended to say that the game could become dead beyond redemption, and I do think part of that's true. You know i might be baiting a bit to make that title look Tyson, but here's the thing: when a new big budget game's player count falls from a height of 70, 000 players to having a peak of just 300 in those short 6 months, it's safe to say that from this point forward you're going to need a good development team and a religious blessing, and this title's poor performance could have come at the worst time because not only is the player count dwindling, but yesterday the game's developer.

Star Breze, had to let go of the latest CEO. Tobias, whose last name I can't pronounce. And in Star Bree's official statements, they claimed that the execution of strategy needed different leadership, so they had to let them go, aka, the nice way of saying my boy didn't do that well at his job, and whether this is an overall good or bad thing for the long run of the game has yet to be seen obviously.

Under Tobias leadership, the series reached an all-time low with Payday 3, but you know it couldn't get worse from this point forward. But in some more lightning news. I got to bring up the newly announced update road map that I mentioned before because, based on these new promises that Star Bre has given the players.

It seems that the game could actually do a whole 180 by facing basic [__]] that could have already been in the game, like them promising to remove challenge-based progression or having a play-a-heist again with the same people, which features a whole bunch of things that players were begging for at the game's launch, which is cool to finally see them taking action on, but you got to keep in mind that not only has significant damage been done to the game's overall reputation of being known as a feces fragment, but people have even gone back to playing Payday 2, and you know sticking with it as of the time that I'm recording this article, it's currently over.

20, 000 people are playing Payday 2 right now in March 2024. A decade-old game is pulling these big numbers when the sequel title that was just released six months ago is struggling to get over a thousand. That should tell you something: not only does Payday 2 have everything that people wanted out of Payday 3, but it's also stacked with years worth of content and Polished Heist that people actually.

Enjoy except for border crossing because, border crossing, all my homies hate border crossing, so even if payday 3 gets all the updates, it's promising, and the core game actually turns out well, they're still going to face a hell of a transition of players to the newest game because people that were new and, you know, interested in the series when payday 3 dropped are now likely playing Payday 2 since it is overall the better and cheaper game, so to bring players from all that cornicopia of good content to a game that currently has the main game in one.

DLC that core game's going to have to be hella fun, like I'm going to have to be floating in euphoria every time I take a police officer's life when I'm running no rest for the wicked, but for the argument you know, let's just say that all the people who bought Payday 3 that had over two hours of play time and couldn't get the refund in time asley decided to come back and play Payday 3 after all these updates were fulfilled.

Would it be too late for Payday 3 to finally be the game it was truly meant to be? Well, I genuinely think so. That it could seriously, probably not, you know, have a 70, 000 player count. Good, you know that blessing from earlier can only go so far, but I think most of the current Payday 2 community would be willing to give Payday 3 another fair shot.

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