Is It Fun To Play Payday 3 With A Girlfriend


When we first saw the Payday 3 announcement trailer, my boyfriend's reaction was this: when the first footage of the revamped Styles mechanics was released, he went like this, and now that he was finally able to launch the game, these were his first comments. Wait, we need to create an account. I have to create an account for Nebula.

So yeah, the Dead Game crew is back after 10 years of actively skipping leg day, and they're here with changes and reworks—some good, some bad, some downright ugly. Ah, that was wrong. I want to die, but in the end, it all comes down to the fact that we are here to get a clown mask, shoot some guards in the face, and fill this blank in with this precious little thing you can do about it.

Let's mask up and see if it's fun to play Payday 3 with a boyfriend. So, how new is the new payday? First of all, it's a lot easier to get in. No more poker decks, no more crime net, and no more pre-planning for an hour. The only two things you need are your mask and your loadout. Throw in a couple of perks, and you're ready to go.


Smash and grab jabs are slightly more complicated than that, and perks were the first thing that highlighted the difference in our approaches. I like how your view says, Let's make some money, and myself, let's kick some asses. Payday 3 has done away with the second game, Spark 3, or perk deck system, and instead made what feels like a combination of the two.

Now you need to research and play with the perks of the tree that you want to have, which isn't a big deal for players like my girlfriend, who is already having a sensory overload from all of the new mechanics and UI. If you are in a panic situation, you will be able to do what you want, but it works for me as I wanted to.

Line it straight to all of the cool perks instead of having to research the filler ones, and there are plenty of builds to experiment with as the new game strikes an amazing balance and difficulty in how you might approach a heist. With newly added stealth mechanics and a few new perks for hacking in Lock Beacon, you can go an entire heist without shooting a single bullet or even putting on a mask, but this is not my girlfriend's preferred play style.


Her favorite approach is a bit more straightforward. Let's kill somebody. Guard, let's kill him. Okay, and then sophisticated people like me want a minimum amount between launching the game and receiving that damn dopaville. So, as a wise man once said, there are two ways of playing Payday Stealth.

Always a good soundtrack, and picking up Emma from enemies deserves a separate ASMR article. But my favorite part is killing special units. Grenades and zappers now have weak spots, and you can even shoot through Shield boys visors. Of course, cloakers and dozers are still a nightmare. It was at this moment that he knew he was up, okay?

Unfortunately, our Arsenal this time is quite limited. You do not have the same Jesus secondary weapons in this game, but you can have dual-wielding P90s in the second one. Here, you cannot even have them in the secondary; it's not the amount of guns that really falls short of the second game, and that means that I first had to deal with the same weapons.


You unlock better stuff for them, which obviously means that you'll need to use a weapon, and that means that I first had to deal with my boyfriend, who only wanted to sneak around. What are you doing, healing people? [Laughter] The reward stealth system is so good that even my girlfriend found fun in the end.

No, it's that by daylight, with how interactive and fresh the new lock picking is, we frequently find ourselves opening things we didn't need just for the sake of it. No, there are toes. I never expected to be excited about the ability to close and open doors and PayDay, but now that I have it, I cannot imagine living without it.

No, the newly added mechanic of being escorted out when spotted was also a blessing for me, as I finally had some much-needed breathing room to scope out the heist that we are doing while the RAF inevitably gets lost. I got red, okay? I got lost and was then spotted by a camera. I'm getting escorted for like a fourth time already.


I could not believe my eyes when we finally managed to pull off our first fully sneaky heist and check for any additional valuables. Okay, let's go. We might get this one as actual stealth. Yeah, we did it for more money. Starting with the heist and stealth and then going loud when the unpredictable inevitably happens turned out to be our favorite strategy, especially while we were both still getting used to the controls.

While we're moving it like this. Kim also heavily encourages this type of play, as now not only do you get to have both loud and stealth gadgets, which, to be honest, we either forgot to use or were the reason we failed our heist in the first place. I think you should remove that Gadget but you can also trade hostages for time and health so for the first time in Payday history human life is actually finally worth something one, civilian clue a damn civilians are expensive how much how much.


I tried to kill a civilian, but she ran away. Woman, are you invincible? Okay, why are you escaping under my gaze? No, there is a woman who is invincible, and she doesn't give a [ __ ]. Hostages have a mind of their own, but gadgets and hostages are toys for boys. I am quite disappointed about the number of outfits in the game.

Seriously, Overkill has four models and several recolors for them. That's the best you could come up with. There are more trenches, but none of them look like NPC outfits. The number of masks leaves a lot to be desired too; it's like someone robbed Overkill Office just the night before launch and stole the flash drive with all the assets.

Maps also didn't receive much love; most of them look like slightly smaller versions of similar maps in Payday 2, and there are only eight of them, with none lasting more than a day of heist. After that, it's as simple as standing in one place for several minutes and catching a strong Wi-Fi signal, even if a guard is coming at you or you are in the middle of a police assault.


If you are looking for a game to spend a couple of evenings trying something new, Payday 3 will be a good choice. However, I would honestly recommend you let it cook for a year or so. Right now, it feels less like a Payday and more like a Call of Duty spin-off, with a more serious overall vibe and lots of issues to fix.

This game has the potential to overcome the second one, but it needs to go through some hot fixes, grow out a couple of DLCs, preferably with more explosives, and reintroduce Dodgeville to gain back my boyfriend's

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