Infinite Ammo Mosconi 12 Classic Shotgun Build. Payday 3


I'm back in our article, and today we are playing some more Payday 3. Here's another build for you guys for you guys to try out. It's actually a pretty fun build. It's another shotgun. It's actually the only other shotgun in the game right now. They guarantee they're going to add more, but of course this game's so early in its lifespan, and this one's just a really fun build.

You don't have to reload with this shotgun, and it's a lot like the revolver build that I gave; it both uses ammo funnel and repl all right. Yeah, but basically I am doing a build on this Maserati 12 classic, or the double-barrel shotgun. This is a fun-ass shotgun to use because it has more power than the other shotgun.

Anyway, let's just get into this. We're going to go with an ammo specialist. Actually, we don't even need this, but we're going to throw it on just so we can have 20% more ammo capacity. Never run out of ammo with this, so you're always going to be at zero. So just put on Ammo Specialist so you have that extra 20%.

Next, we're going to go down to the mower. We don't really need it; we just need to get it. We just need it for the ammo funnel and to replenish the ammo funnel. As long as you have an Edge Ammo pickup, it is directly added to your equipped guns and magazines, so this is what makes it so you don't have to reload.


And this is really good because the double barrel, as we all know, has two shots, but it packs a punch, so if you get more shots with it, it's just completely broken. Replenish as long as you have Edge, you automatically pick up ammo from the enemies you kill, so that's pretty good. And then next, we're going to get Sprint loaded so you can run while sprinting.

You're going to be running a lot; grab the tank; just tank basic. It increases your chunk regeneration speed by 20%. But you just need it so you can get one of these two. You can get you need to have these extra plates so you can get two additional charges out of your armor bag. The armor bag is probably the best thing to run here if you're going to be running the light lining, then grab the armor up so you can grab an additional chunk when you use the armor back.

If you're just running the standard line, then Don't run this and put something else on, but I'm going to be running the light lining because a little bit more health doesn't hurt anyway. Escapist Escapist, Just the basics: enforcer, so you can get both grit and edge. This is really good because you're using a shotgun for the next quick load.

As long as you have grit and edge, you have an increased reload speed, and this really helps just in case you don't kill some enemies with your shotgun shot. You can still just reload as fast as you can, so face-to-face, as long as you have both grit and edge, you deal 10% extra damage. This helps because if you're using a double barrel that already does a ton of damage and add 10% to it, then it's going to be even more damage, so it's just self-explanatory, shotgun awe, killing an enemy.

Within 8 m, you can get a stagger. So, this is pretty good. It's pretty fun. I showed a little bit at the start. Now we're going to actually go play a game, mask on or off; that's yours. Call, damn, he's going in. Heist hundreds of times doing the exact same thing; I don't even want to stay in the lobby; the store is just across the street case the place or mask up right away.

Your choice, did you see? We are going to answer the question, I suppose [__] not. Because one, they didn't respond, and two, this motherfucker's down there trying to do it. I don't know if anyone here knows what they're doing, if I'm being honest, but they didn't respond if we're doing it loud, so I'm not going to pull out my shotgun and have the three people that I'm playing with pissed off.

Keep an eye on her just in case you need to pay attention to where you're going to shut your [__] up. I'm not even going to ask if we're doing it loudly because they're trying to do it stealthily. All right, everyone. I'm back after playing almost an hour and a half of stealth missions. I have no stealth skills on this deck, so just a disclaimer.

I don't dislike stealth missions; people misinterpret that about me. I love stealth missions. Also, something that I want to add on is the fact that you can't type in chat in the lobby. So even though I have a stealth build as a loadout, just in case if we would do it loud or stealth, then we would be able to, and then I would be able to change it over to stealth, so I could just do it, but the problem with this is that you can't type in the lobby.

Please change this damn thing. I know there's challenges that you have to do stealth for, but it's like I'm trying to do all the [__], these ones right now, the [__]. XP. How to get XP is a little bit weird in this game. You could complete a heist, but if you don't do any challenges, you don't get any XP or something like that.

It's so weird. I hate it. It kind of just takes away from the game because you're always, kind of bound to do a challenge. It kind of reminds me of Call of Duty. You don't have to play it the way I do, but the way I play is like I have to go for the gold camo, you have to go for the platinum camo, and you have to go for the final camo, so I'm just stuck doing [__] challenges instead of enjoying the game.

This is exactly what it does. Of course, I love stealth with all my heart. I just played the same goddamn mission like three or four times doing it stealth, and I didn't gain any XP funny enough because it was a mission that I already did stealth, so I did absolutely nothing for the challenges; it was just a waste of an hour and a half.

I didn't get any footage, and I didn't get any XP anyway. ER aside, I hope you guys enjoyed the build. You guys can go and use it as you please. I put a little bit of gameplay at the start of the article. But anyway, make sure to like and subscribe for more articles. And peace,

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