I'm Disappointed With Payday 3


I've been a fan of the Payday series since the first game. Payday 2 was my favorite game of all time, my most played Steam game with over a thousand hours of playtime, my most played Switch game, and my most played PS3 game, with lots of hours put into every other version as well for years. When Payday 3 was announced, I was beyond excited.

When that first Xbox reveal trailer dropped, I watched it over and over again, eagerly taking in all the new additions. And now that the game's out, I'm disappointed. This is a article I didn't want to have to make, but after seeing how long the disasters of launch day have carried on, I've increasingly felt more and more like I have to talk about it.

Let's start with the elephant in the room, the root of a lot of the problems the game has. Only the launch was proof that it was a bad idea for the entirety of the day. It was almost impossible to get a match, even if you wanted to play alone in a private lobby. Even if you already have a full party of four people, you have to matchmake.


They made it so that regardless of who you are or what you want to do, you have to matchmake, and this problem persisted all throughout the weekend, and even past the weekend, these problems continued. Hell, as of this article, this is still a problem. I can't remember the last time I experienced a game launch this bad, where for days you couldn't even play the [__] thing.

Keep in mind that many people paid over $100 for this, so not only is the online only a problem, but there's also matchmaking: in Payday 2, you want to find a lobby; you open up a crime; you see who is playing which heist and on which difficulty; in Payday 3, you have to search for a specific heist combined with a specific difficulty; you sit there for a few minutes to find out whether or not anyone was playing under those precise circumstances.

And if not, you have to raise or lower the difficulty and try again, and if no one is playing that heist at all, you have to find another heist to do the same thing with. Because of this. I unfortunately end up having to just play the same bank heist over and over again on either normal or difficulty and often only end up getting to play with one other person, and unlike Payday 2, they don't carry over into another lobby.


This makes me very concerned about the longevity of this game if it's this bad when we only have eight heists. Just imagine how much worse it's going to be when more are added. You're never going to know who is playing which heist on which difficulty until you spend minutes with each attempt to try to find out there are so many better ways they could have done it.

This hell This stupid crapo's edition of Payday 2 on Xbox One is the worst version of the game that is absolutely miserable to deal with, where most of the time you have to just search for a random heist on high difficulty. Even that does things better than Payday 3, because at least with that, as long as there's people playing, you're guaranteed a lobby, and while that's the majority of the problem, we're not done yet.


Next is the leveling up system, where you're no longer rewarded just by doing very well in a heist by getting all of the loot and escaping on a high difficulty; no, you have to do challenges. These range from completing a heist on a certain difficulty to louder stealth, getting a certain amount of kills with a specific weapon, getting head shots, and basically doing specific things in specific ways under specific circumstances.

And once you complete those challenges, you have one less way of earning XP to level up because you only get XP from them once, so if you've already done, for example, stealthing the bank on Overkill, if you do it again and you don't get some new challenges in there, the only thing you'll be earning is cash.

This is yet another thing. Payday 2 and even Payday the Heist do so much better, and those you level up Naturally, by playing the game, there are certain ways you can challenge yourself, especially on PC, where some of the masks unlock through achievements, but the leveling up itself is done by playing through the game your way, not how the game tells you to, and we're still not done here.


Next, let's talk weapons; they now level up too. Gone are the days that you get attachments from card drops at the end of each heist; instead, you have to grind levels for each and every gun to level them up to get new attachments that can't be used on other weapons, and as of now, some people are experiencing a bug where their guns aren't even getting XP.

You might make the argument that, at least this way, rather than going on luck, you're eventually guaranteed to be able to get attachments for that gun. You'd be wrong for two reasons: one, you are inevitably going to get plenty of weapon attachments just by naturally playing the game, and two, you could gamble your offshore money to get instant card drops of weapon attachments.

And you know what? There's actually a third way you could get attachments. By collecting enough gauge packages located on every heist, you were also guaranteed to get attachments through that, so that's yet another way you were eventually going to get them. This was also a great way to allow you to experiment with new weapons and even new builds.


Buy a new gun. Throw some attachments on there to see if the stats are satisfactory, and if not, buy another one. Take the old attachments off and throw them on the new gun. Speaking of stats, we're back to the [__] bars. Gone are the precise numeric stats that let you compare exactly how specific aspects of one gun are better than the other; rather, we're back to trying to see just how much slightly further one gun's bars are than the other on the screen.

Another way that Payday 3 has taken a step back from its predecessor And while we're talking about guns, let's talk about the new kill streak. I mean, the overkill weapon, your reward for building up enough kills. Call it in. It drops from the sky; you pick it up, and you start blasting. I rarely ever feel the need to use it; it's just there as a sort of look-alike grenade launcher, which by level 40 turns into a look-alike sniper rifle, something I could have already had loads of in Payday 2.

online only

It just doesn't feel like it really needs to be there, and whenever I do use it, I feel like it's not as effective as just using a regular gun. It's more there as a feature to be advertised in the game than something that actually feels like it belongs there. All I'm going to say is that the selection is massively underwhelming.

PAYDAY 3 released last week in an extremely disappointing state, and has continued on long enough that I felt it necessary to give my thoughts on the game.
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