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Hey dudes, and welcome back! This is payday 3, a brand new game, and in today's article, we do something a little special: we do no rest for the wicked payday 3 Heist Overkill. Stealth, only we did it. This took us like seven plus hours to shout out to the editor, my man, right over here. You know what your link on the screen says.

Okay dudes let me explain to you how we did this because I'll be honest with you right now we did not do this legitly I'll tell you what there's actually a slight exploit, that's in the game well in the beta if you got caught by someone let's say he's about to handcuff you or whatever and you leave the game the guy just forgets you exist and then you can join back in the game with your friends this is only gonna work with friends sorry and then it's like nothing ever happened but when you put a mask on or if you get cuffed, you, earn like a save state so if you leave the game and come back you'll have your mask on if you put it on and if you got cuffed you'll keep your cuffs, now another thing is if you have your mask on and you join a friend you actually will spawn on, top of the friend if you don't have the mask on you just spawn it spawn get what I'm saying so we didn't do this legitly, but we still did it we're not the best of the game this took like seven hours even with exploits.

We're almost at 10K. Please help a brother out. We'll see.

Failed attempts

Failed attempts

Sometimes my [__] falls out of them. It happened again. I'm just going to wait for my friend. First of all, I wish I could [__] hear, and I wish he would tell me what I'm doing wrong when I'm in the game. I just made an account, but it's not telling me what thing I'm inputting wrong, and in my ear, it's like, All right, I'm good, All right.

In the payday menu, it doesn't say he's on my friend on my steam's list; that's fine. I didn't want to play with you. No, I'm not all right. Okay, but this is on Overkill now just because we did it on normal, and I really want to see if we can do a full stealth Overkill game. Yeah, no guns, no boys, and no Russian-disabled cameras.


One of us has to get a mask on, and if we want to get the number codes, we have to put the executive world there. There's this guy who walks around with a hat on. Try to avoid him. Yeah, he has infinite pagers; cameras are indestructible, and there's more of them in every area you get detected. A little bit faster cameras are a real [__].

pretty much you instantly get the SWOT on you throw the camera seeing you I can't stop I can't stop no you're being arrested he's coming over to arrest you no do you leave the game, he's going to call the police. I'm going to be escorted. I'm too lazy to quit. I'll just have a Max score me come with areas restricted that actually helped X players.

That guy is the band of mice. Well, did you ever get into the manager's office? Wait, look, Terrell, stop, stop. I think I found another bug. Don't worry, I got this guy occupied. Yes, no, he's getting through. I bugged the door. Hey, there's a garden you left all right there. That's how you do that.

I just saw this guy waddle. You guys, mind if I just look through these papers real quick? That's an illegal activity if a civilian sees you doing that. That's our reset, as you saw. [__] nothing I forgot to mention the papers. Access to the vault. Wait, okay, he's arresting me. I think not if I leave.

funny moments

Did you open it? Though I locked in front of someone by accident, actually in front of the executive, hopefully they're zero three now, dang. I just got hit by a car, and kidding One guy walks away, and another person walks out of the office. I can't get to these QRs, and there's a guard, and he caught me all right.

You know what? Take me, take me away. Cuff me, officer. There's no one there. By the way, yeah, that guy's right here. It's funny to see it happen. He's like, and then you just disappear. I hope I didn't. On the run you did, he's calling someone. A search has been triggered. That's okay it gives me time to get in this room and kill this, so we need to get this guy downstairs somehow, and they're doing a search—yeah, a vigorous search.


The executive is still in the kitchen sucking on his balls; he's just he is advently looking at that window. Well, he's walking by the door right now. Yoink, okay, well, now we just need to get him downstairs. You think that's possible. Is there any way you can make it into the hallway? Yeah, he can; he's going to be fast.

No left, okay? Now this might be the tough part. I think I can move any faster. I got caught by the civilians that were looking through the window. They, the civilian was this they were looking through these windows here, and they saw me through the windows. Will you see where I am? How did you get down?

I can't go back. No, wait can you go back around the alley? I don't know. Wait i can't get over there. No, you're stuck. I just glitched. I'm going to leave and come back. No, so you know the [__] those circuit boxes to lower the like those pillars or whatever the blockades for the cars, I opened one when I was crouched behind it and it pushed me into the wall.

I just found an exploit with the camera hack. I left the game and it came back, and I was like, I wonder if I can hack a second camera because the camera I originally hacked stays hacked. I can hack every [__] camera without us having to go into the security room. I think this is the executive; he looks important.

I'm just waiting for this guy to walk anywhere that doesn't have people. Um, it's really good. Wait, there's more than one executive. I didn't know that I'd take this guy; then, okay, I got one to come in. You're under arrest. That distracted the guard, but not the lady. What the hell am I going to do?

I'm by myself. She's still standing out, looking out the window. Nope, they saw something. He's going to turn around. I have to leave and stop right there. I was just seeing me; she saw me. The other person saw me. The other person, yeah, I'm going upstairs. Let's get this code, okay? I threw him on it.

hurry, just quickly, just quickly. You see the arrow. My, are you kidding me? That's tough they see me so fast. I did a hard left too, but then someone saw me in the second window. I want to go back and just count all the resets. Have your editor do it. Send them all the footage.

Successful attempt

Successful attempt

The vans in this back area now we legit got like a legit new layout. I'm fine with this, honestly. You will attack me with him. You want me to escort him. Okay, yeah, it's burning away. Okay, let's go, and I'll do the door thing. Don't worry, Captain. We'll buff out those scratches.

In this video, we're taking on No Rest for the Wicked, Overkill, and Stealth Only modes in Payday 3. We're having a lot of fun trying to complete the heists undetected, and we've got some hilarious moments along the way! If you're looking for a laugh in your stealth-heavy games, this is the video for you! In this multiplayer Payday 3 video, we're having a blast trying to complete the heists without being detected.
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