I Used The Best Xp Farm Payday 3. It's Op


What we're going to do is fight. This is where you're probably going to get the majority of your infy points, so we've devised a plan. My plan is to pick whatever weapon you want. The mission is to touch the guy. All right now, we do want to fail it. You don't want to exit. You want to fail it by at least 540.

Look at all these challenges we're completing. We're going to do an XP guide, so we're going to summarize it really fast. Some people don't understand that XP is not tied to your weapons; it's not tied to your money at the end of The Heist. None of that matters; it is only your XP—your infamy points, to be exact.

You can find all of the challenges here in Heist career combat. What I will say is that the heroic ones are really repetitive; it's basically how many times can you complete the same mission on the highest difficulty? You'll see some of them say, Right here, this one is complete; this mission started hard before the assault started, and then there's other ones that are like, Down here, dirty ice.


10 times, starting hard after the assault. Loudly, they all go up to 60, meaning you have to complete the same mission. 120 times, 60 stealth, 60 loud, I'm not sure about road rage; I haven't, but there's 64 [__] pages, and they're terrible to filter, so I'm not going to look for it, but yeah, I don't want to do that.

I've tried, and you get burned out really fast. So, Career: The problem with career here is that it's pretty much all SE stacks and then, like, level rewards; down here, your vest is your sensor; mine is like all that. There aren't that many actual infam point challenges, and what they are personally, they're glitched for me.

Obviously, I've completed a heist using the car with a mod equipped, so I don't know why that hasn't been completed. Basically, they are a complete heist with one mod equipped, four mod slots filled, or all of the base mods unlocked. I would pick one. It will matter because what we're going to do is combat.

This is where you're probably going to get the majority of your infy points for killing certain specials, using your throwables and your equipment, and then doing certain interesting kills and human shields. I should mention that, so we've devised a plan. My plan is to pick whatever weapon you want.


The reason I've picked these two is because they have double bubs. I have to get hit-fire kills with the mcone, and I have to just get kills with it. That's two challenges I can do at one time; the same is true with the castigo. I have to get ad kills with it and regular kills, so those are going to stack.

Overkill weapons don't really matter, whichever one you have unlocked; wherever you're closer, I'm going to use the sniper. I like that one more, and then armor really doesn't matter; tools really don't matter. There are no challenges revolving around those. I think the flashbang is going to be your best bet for equipment.

excuse me for throwable, and then the deployable; whichever one you want, the going has to get kills, and then these ones you just have to deploy. I'm going to do our ammo bag because ammo is probably what we're going to need the most and respect for it, so the only thing I would recommend is two things I want you to get if you're low-level; it doesn't really matter.


Try to get ammo specialists for the extra ammo, and then Scer for the extra chance at throwables. The only reason we're going down the mower is to get the auto-automatic ammo pickups. The enforcer is really for my shotguns; that's why we're going to run it. I do think that shotgun A is good for this because there's going to be a lot of enemies if you're using a sniper.

If you're using an assault rifle, you probably want a sharpshooter. For, and you see, we can fire this thing basically forever as long as we're getting and we're just going to let them keep going down, it really doesn't. Matter, and whenever you die, whenever you fail, that's just it. I mean, it doesn't matter; don't give, lot God damn it, Hon's in custody, PR [__] is in custody.


I mean, I have full flashbangs, and I haven't used a single ammo bag yet. I mean, I would say that I still have these health benefits, like we could keep doing this for [__]. Out, look at that; we got an achievement for that. This is definitely going to be the best way to do combat challenges, like by a mile and a half now that I'm playing it.

I think solo is better just because you can get all the kills, like Hawton and Dallas are out here just dying the whole time, and once they're dead, it's just free kills for me. You know what I mean? We do want to fail it. You don't want to exit. You want to fail it at least, so we just speculate they will die, and 540 Look at all these challenges we're completing, though.

I mean, we probably didn't even finish them all, but, yeah, look, that was another level. You don't get any weapon XP or money if you do it that way, but it's definitely the best way to complete challenges. These are like all the things we did last game: killing enemies with hipfire killing enemies ads, killing enemies with the red fox, killing special enemies with the red fox, defeating regular enemies with the muscone and castigo, and then getting head shot like we did all of that during that one mission.


You know, leave me a like if you'd like, and definitely drop a comment, though that's like the most important thing to me. I love talking to you guys.

I Used the BEST XP Farm In Payday 3. It's OP. This is my guide to Payday 3 Leveling. It was confusing for me at the beginning and I still don't love the challenge system so there's a breakdown of how it works, along with my personal favorite method to grind.
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