I Made The Worst Gun Payday 3. Overpowered


You guys have got to be [__]. Joking aside, I've never failed at this before. Yep, there is the fastest kill time in the west. Why am I being[__]? Yep, my, what are you talking about with these guns? B, today we're doing a little bit of a challenge. What is the worst gun in Payday 3? Let's watch it.

You can buy one of two things in this Bashey that was really [__]. You know what I like about the Ziv Commando? As a matter of fact, I like it that you could get these cool-looking gloves and this weapon preset, okay, and I wish I went for the gloves alone. Now you have gone too far. Now you have gone too far, [__].

You, man, you know what. We're watching the next article. What's this what's this all weapon tier lists, so he's got a whole tier list here made out for me. We're going to watch that. Let's see it first: the Z commando. Last but not least, see what I did there. We have the Z Commando, another D weapon.

It comes with a very small magazine. High fire rate and a decent reload, but the damage is extremely lacking, and sometimes two magazines can't even kill one cop. Look at him; he can't even aim; he stinks; that's all. He's simply unacceptable and unusable, and now let's get out there. I'm going to prove that it's not true.


I'm going to prove that's not true. We use the Z Commando; for sure, I actually have mine maxed out, but for useful purposes, the only thing I want to put on it is the shitty silencer. Why because it'll make it worse. We're going to do a loud mission with it, so it'll just be worse. I could do this; he says less magazine.

Yeah, let's do that. Let's do that with less magazine size. I'm cool with the fact that we're going to use the signature 40. I don't know if it's just a pistol. But what can we do to make it worse? Put a silencer on it. No problem we could lower it. yeah, quick pull less mag perfect perfect.

This is the setup, boys. It doesn't get better than this. Sincerely, we're not going to use Overkill weapons, and we're not going to use throwables. Because they're just not on the zip commando level, you know what I mean, so what we're going to do is road rage because I'm a Maniac; it's also my favorite mission; it's also the best mission for money, but you already knew that it's also probably the hardest mission just because I can't steal it.


If I win this first try, it's that easy and might be the best gun in the world. Game, look at all these shots. I'm hitting them. I'm hitting him. I'm [__] I'm, I' hit him one time, bang, easy. I'm not tripping. This gun's good. Stop moving switch to the Z. No, I'll cut it out. I'll cut it out.

I'll cut it out I cut it out. I cut it out. I see him, Fire. Look at it. Look at it. Look at it. Go bang dead. Hit fire hit fire hit fire watch this article. Give me a sec. Give me a sec. Easy yep, why was there a civilian standing up there? Look, I see him jumping over. This is my strategy.

I'm going to stay right here, and I'm just going to farm from their jumping. No, all right. The zip command doesn't look right. I used the suppressor. Okay, that has to be what has to be [__]. damn it this is so this is so embarrassing. This is so embarrassing. Let's take this off. You know what I mean.


Let's take this off. Okay, why would anybody ever use a silencer on something like that? I think we could do without the silencers. This is what we're running. I'm trying this time for real. For real, this is really how we've built the gun. Doing the same thing over here, I've changed it up so that it's good.

I just don't want to die. I just don't want to die. If we can complete the mission without dying, then you can literally use this. One of the [__] workers must have escaped; what does that even mean? It just starts the assault early. I've never failed because of a civy escaping; that's an embarrassing thought.

I thought he was doing it this way. I don't miss these; see what I'm saying. Can't I think he's already dead? See what I'm saying? Okay, chill out, chill out, chill out, and watch this: get pushed. Get pushed Can't shoot me now. Can't shoot me now. All right, that's time. Wait, why am I being a[__]?


Why am I being[__]? Yep, what are you talking about? This gun's bad, sniper. It's too good. Almost there get those tables exposed; they're open. Get in there and grab the loot. This is a fortune. Kill him, kill him, kill him, come on, kill him, kill him, kill him, let's go. I was never worried, and just like that, that's all the bags done.

Now we have to try to get out of [__]. All right, fbih, look at this. I'm frying him. Is he already dead? Wait, do I just shoot it? Let's go get [__]. I mean, I'm just going to get [__] going—not even an enemy spawn down. B[__] You watch this [__]. Wait, why do I actually work, okay? Look, you cannot even remotely tell me that this gun stinks.

There's no way it has a niche. This hit-and-fire build is good. I would recommend building for it. I'm not going to say it's the best weapon in the game. Let's not go crazy here, but for being the worst weapon in the game, it ain't that bad. Now I understand he was talking about the kick murder, and that one does stink.

I would not. I wouldn't spend your credits on it. Let's be real, all right, man. Now yall know the ziv commando is goated.

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