I Forced My Friend To Play Payday 3


All right Take that other guy and bring it, drag him around here, throw them down right through this guy, and tie them up there. You go we're doing a great job right now. I need to activate this. You don't have to crouch; you could actually watch. No, that's all civilians; they're looking at me.

Yeah, civilians were looking at me too. That was pretty sesame. Gas they had no idea what was going to happen. I'm going to go take them out. Don't kill civilians; that'll make you lose money. I didn't he hit me if I'm behind the truck, yeah, but they can hit the body, so you have to kind of take them out.

They don't give us enough ammo in this game, I don't think. Yeah, if you're in here, if you're right here with me, shoot that far; I think I got him. Do you find them nice? all right Let's go. We had to fix the thing. You are the slowest driving truck I have ever seen in my life. Why are you doing this?

[__] Out of the way, aim for the head as much as you can too. Have you not noticed I've been getting head shots all this time? No, I can't tell you've been getting head shots because they're not on your screen. I'm like, How do you think you're talking about? Make sure you get headshots. Boy, well, the head shots are pretty crucial, so yeah, go back here and get some armor.


I dropped some armor for you. All right, so the objective now is to get under the truck. What the heck? I have too much happening on my screen. Deep breath, but don't let your guard down. I thought I had refilled my armor, and it was ammo instead, and I was like, damn, that's not helpful. I don't have a bag.

How do I not have a bag? There we go. I have a bag. I'm just running; where am I running right here? All right, how many bags do we have now? I'm picking up the last one, but that's not the last one. Well, I'll just cut the I'll cut the escaper thing if you want to secure more. Luke Go ahead.

I hope I'm not wrong, and then I didn't just potentially set us up to die. Okay, I'm in good health. That's a huge group of cops. Let me make sure. Okay, I just lost my armor, so yeah, there's [__]. Yeah, there are more bags. I'm tossing them out of the I'm tossing them out the truck so all you gotta do is just come to the truck.


There were, like, two more bags. Yeah, that's it. I got rid of that. That's it okay, both the bots are with me. It's a Frick. yeah, they're with you. I'm over here by myself. Come to me, damn it. I have to run. I have to run. I'm going to die if I don't run. I need an armor refill. I'm here; that's the last bag right there

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