I Beat Every Mission Payday 3, So What's The Review. Where's The Content



So after two days of terrible servers, one day I basically beat the whole game, and I was like, Okay, I'm going to finish the game on day four. I'm just going to beat the last mission and do my full review. Well, day four servers are back down. Somehow we're in the game, but solo. I haven't played solo yet, so this might be different.

I don't know. I don't know about this mission. I've played all the other ones; they seem like more payday; they're good; they're fun; you know, they're stealth and they're stealing; and that's about it. This looks like the clearest area to go in, and it's also worth noting that I'm terrible at stealth.

You have gotta be kidding me, all right, so it's six, three, two, eight, six, three, two, eight. Nine two five four nine one two nine two five four nine two five four nine two five four nine two five four nine two five four nine two five four five nine two five four. That was pretty hard.



It's time it's time to do the actual review. I'm completely done with the game; that was the last mission I was using. You know, a shotgun. I've used the sniper, and I've used the rifle. I didn't use an SMG, but I imagine it's probably similar. My biggest gripe, genuinely, is the lack of weapons and the lack of a sense of progression.

There was more of a play style to it than now, since none of the skills are really that overpowered. There's not like a tree people need to build in; it's kind of whatever you want. I think it's a good idea for balance as far as there's not key skills people are looking at, like I have to get this to have a good medic.

Builder to have a good stealth build, but I think what it really does is because this isn't a fully multiplayer game; it just dilutes the game. It sucks in a multiplayer game to be getting run through by a meta build, but it doesn't feel as bad when you're playing payday and there's a meta build; it's like a co-op game, so who really cares?


You're just going to win faster, and that's fine. There are 17 weapons: 10 primaries and 7 secondaries. And they're all like the same; basically, yeah, there's rifles and then SMGs and shotguns, but none of it is cool, like we've all seen guns before like this, which is fine. I'm cool with that, but there should be more than just deployables, arm-aligning throwables, and tools.

There are four options each, right? like you see like you see here, you get that cam ECM sensor, and you get the ammo armor. The only new thing here are the tools. I'm fine with the deployable being these four things, but they're not new; they're the same things as Payday 2. The throwables are all in Payday 2.


The overkill weapons are cool again; same problem; there's two of them. There's a sniper that I'm halfway to unlocking after beating the game, and then there's the grenade and launcher that I use the whole game. The armor is very basic now that they took Dodge out, which I think was a good thing, but now it's just how much armor you have and how fast you run.

If you want to have no armor, run fast here; if you want most armor, here it is. It's very simple, and it's kind of boring that way. The same thing can be said for the story and the missions; there are nine main missions. There are four different modes, like difficulties; you'll see the biggest difference is the cameras, and then there's the guards.

There are nine different missions. If you've played Payday 2, you'll feel very underwhelmed by this the story is there I like the idea of having cutscenes in between each mission. I keep going back and forth, by the way, because if I don't, it will continue. They'll just talk, and it's kind of annoying.


I wish there was a way for me to, like, never make them shut up. We can look at this. The cutscenes are here. It's a thing, but I don't think anybody is going to get immersed in this story. Nobody is going to think this is a really good thing. They're cute; they're just that they're just that they're just like, I don't know; I think 16 of them have accuracy theories, so maybe you re-watch them.

You get 30 minutes out of the replayable cutscenes that are not even action-based; they're all just motion pictures. Basically, gameplay is great. If you watch me play, I have a great time shooting with my gun, using the abilities, trying to figure out plans, and actually doing the gameplay. Loop great nailed it let's add some more content.

Let's get some more guns. Let's get some more skills. Let's get some you know more stats going on for the armor. Maybe let's do something here that's kind of original; this is Payday 2, but like Light with better gameplay, and I'm cool with the gameplay, but it's just disappointing. It's been waited for and waited for, announced and teased, and trailers, and then you get four days later, and you can't play the game.


Forty dollars for a game is not that expensive, especially nowadays. Sorry, please, please subscribe. Please Subscribe I have less than one percent of you guys subscribed. Please, please yeah, look, there's a lot of free games. It's a competitive market for article games, so when you charge people for your game and then your first four days after charging people for your game, it's not even playable; it's just kind of it's.

I'm sure it's leaving a sour taste in people's mouths. I'm sure people have refunded complaints. I keep checking Twitter to see if the servers are up and then annoyed the [__] out of me, but I didn't pay for the game, so it didn't bother me. But if I paid 40, 60, or 100 for this game, I would be pissed, so that's really the review.

The gameplay is an eight or a nine. It's very good if this game is like Payday 2. They're going to keep updating it for years, and they'll add DLC, fix bugs, and add new masks, new weapons, and new missions. And new missions—that's not what you're paying for right now. If you pay forty dollars, you should expect the game you're going to buy right now to have just nine missions, but when you boil it all down.


I would say it's pretty repetitive with amazing gameplay, and that's what you're paying for. I can't wait for the game to be good; it's not that right now.

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