I 100% Payday 3 Less Than 6. 19 Hours

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Now the game plan for beating this in a set amount of time: firstly. I'm going to maximize my achievements by getting multiple achievements in each heist as I go along to speed up the process; secondly. I will be using an exploit to get one of these achievements because otherwise I would not be able to beat this challenge.

Thirdly, there are co-op achievements. Now, this is a problem for someone like me who has no friends. I've created a new account just for this, Ben. We need to strategize the best way to do this. Right, the timer has started. Here we go. I'm not going to start when you're in good health. Point: We're just in a lobby at the moment, mate.

This Heist alone if we do all of this alone, we should do it. SI, where you go, Mis, stop running. No, you dick, give me your phone. Give me your blood. Nice, let's make some. When he moves, I'll move all the bugs over. Yeah, I'll go grab the other two and bring them there.


No, I'll just take the other two on the right side. You want to come back. Maybe you moved one from this one over here. Yeah, my God. I can't get over it. Fence, all right time for the exploit that allows me to get one achievement straight away, and then 99 boxes itself has two achievements, which are secure both high-tech devices at maximum value on very hard and also forg getting every bag on harder above.

With those three being said, that's three in one heist, and then to start, you will get an achievement for putting the mask on, so there's the fourth achievement, and then the fifth achievement that comes from it is out of the heist, which is customizing. We don't kill him, guys.

Don't kill him. He only got one. There's one, but he's on his own damn. It might want to come to the vault to be able to get you. I'm locked open. Okay, I'm going to die. No, I'll be all right. I'll be all right. I have a plan. I'm dead, I'm alive, okay, first achievement of two, I've been down, right one he's doing, right one he's doing, yeah, my as, if I got it, did I get it?

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I got it. Yes, hello, what the [__] happened, I don't know, have the Serv just. Inside, there we go. I'd be so confused. Was there another thing you do that is illegal? What the hell is wrong? R, probably drop a [__] nuke on [__]. Africa or something broken is gone. yeah, if that's the case, I don't think I killed anyone in that situation.

We decided to go for one of the harder ones, at least, which was crowd control on the road. It turns out it was actually very easy, and we managed to do it on our first try. I've got a good question: who's the weird like the weirdest cartoon character, like thought was hot as a kid woman out of Fin and FBS?

I feel like a classic is Nala from Lioning. Just as a kid, you just like think it's mate, that's [__] and you're telling me the weirdest [__]. You've done something else. No, you're acting like it's not a come-on; I've never liked an animal. Mate, first try. Get Golden Shark was a pretty simple one; there's only two achievements for completing it in stealth without accessing the HR.

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The only other one is completing the heist by securing all the loops. Only one is left. She actually told me there was never any downtime. That's nice yeah, there are another two. Let's just do some light work. We don't even have to get all the bugs either. Then we got the VIP invitation stealth achievement.

This achievement is ridiculously easy. As you see, we completed this heist in around 3 minutes. Mark, which is insane. I couldn't believe how quickly we had actually done it. The only other achievement to do with rocking the cradle is completing the heist after surviving four full days. Jesus, what now?


What is the [__]? Man, you little [__] Parker is not this game, so we've been rage-quitting at the touch of the sky. Heist here we were before the break that we took with 13 achievements, on the table in 2 hours and 24 minutes you could probably do this in about 3 hours but this whole thing is including failures as well into the next half, of the article this is the one that made us take a break was the spec ops achievement, and this has got to be by far the hardest achievement on the game it's just ridiculously annoying for us it just got on so much so that we literally had to take a break from it only two achievements on Touch the Sky The last achievement that we unlocked in the article was the last achievement for touching the sky more than we were expecting.

Thank you, god, hell yeah, let's go the hardest one out of the way. I'd say, Where's my triple buff achievement? I've got them all active. What a minute to come! Through there, we go. There's the first of three. This is the second assault, isn't it? Yeah, four more of these, not four more. [__] h two.

More no [__] smoke grenade What they are saying is that this is the third or fourth assault, so it's the third just to say you're not supposed to put all the bugs in yet. AR you otherwise it'll be that's what I just said to him, well, that's ruined. It sets up what's that guy doing, like CU. You just [__], hiding; I'm [__] up.

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MM on Playstation probably can't see us. Yeah, it wasn't; it was just the turret one. No, man, we'll do a different one before that, because that little knob pissed me off. I have the chopper now. Damn, it's going to be a little bit harder; unfortunately, we either have that one there or yeah, it goes all the way down to the docks across the road [__] that I didn't even know that happened.

Dirty ice, secure all jewelry bags, and Overkill is a real, real easy achievement to get. Although we could have had this done easier if we had put on the Escape that comes closer to the store regardless, we managed to do it pretty easily and quickly clean them out h on man Hopefully, that's it. Yes, very nice road rage only has two achievements, one of which we already got done before in the article, and that was for the civilians.

This one is for completing Overkill without having the van stop. All you've got to do is have your map set up, make sure the grids are down on the floor for the van, and make sure the gates are open in case it goes that way. It's really simple. All we need is for you to get out. Yeah, there's another one down.

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Away, easy mate, worry in my brain, we are three remaining There are two achievements on this, and they are both horrible and very hard. Our first original plan was to do both in one because that is the quickest way of doing it, but stupidly, we didn't think of the fact that you can get the secret painting without having to go through the little maze, and Ben decided to accidentally mess up at the end, meaning we had to do the heist again to get the secret painting.

This video took me longer than I was expecting to make but I had a blast doing it, as my restart to perfecting games there was no better way than starting with a speedrun challenge on Payday 3. The achievements on Payday 3 aren't all that difficult but are definitely challenging enough to try and turn this into a speedrun.
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