How Will Microtransactions Work Payday 3

What we know so far

What we know so far

Okay, so today I want to talk a bit about microtransactions. Coming to Payday 3 in the future, it's worth mentioning that we've not got too much in the way of official communication about this system just yet. All we really know is that the microtransaction currency will be called payday credits and that they'll be exclusively for cosmetic items.

We've not really heard anything about these microtransactions since launch, and now that we've seen a little bit more about how the game's future will be monetized with the syntax-era DLC, microtransactions do have me a little worried just to make sure we're all on the same page.

Starbreeze's approach to pricing

The price point of the syntax-era DLC, both as a bundle and as its individual components, being the highest tailor and weapon pack, was far too high, and the community was quite vocal about it.

Dlc 2: 'boys in blue'

Obviously, we're yet to see if Star Brees have taken on board that feedback and how they've reacted to it, as we don't know anything about the price point for the boys in the blue DLC just yet, but I'm hopeful that will change soon after all the silver season pass promises two DLCs within the first 6 months, which is within the next few weeks.

I don't think Star Brees will want to miss that commitment; actually, scratch that. I don't think Star Bree could afford to miss that commitment, but anyway.

Microtransactions in payday 3

Microtransactions in payday 3

I digress , moving back on to the subject of microtransactions. I'm really curious to see how they'll work, for a number of reasons. Of course, there's the question of what exactly these cosmetic items are. I'm sure there'll be masks, outfits, weapon presets, and so on, but if we break that down a little further, it raises a lot of questions and also opens up some possibilities.

Character customisation

So let's take a look at character customization, for example, microtransactions. It would be the third tier of outfits and masks; you've got the free content, the DLC content, and the microtransaction. Content There's almost no doubt that the microtransaction, cosmetics, would make more money than the DLC content, which makes me worry that the DLC content would diminish in quality.

If you take a look at the free and paid masks that were released with the syntax error DLC, there's clearly a step up in quality and design between the paid and free, and that is okay. I just hope that the microtransaction masks build upon this quality rather than taking it away from the lower tiers in order to sort of artificially increase their quality. End of the day, though, that's just cosmetic, and it's not like payday is a player-versus-player game where the argument that cosmetic items do give a competitive An advantage can be made.

Weapon presets

Weapon presets

When it comes to potential weapon presets, microtransactions pose a much more interesting possibility. Not just because they allow you to access certain weapons early or because they can grant attachments that may take hours to unlock either, but I think the most interesting thing that could come out of the entire microtransaction system depends on Star Brees's approach to DLC weapon presets.

For all I know, it may be as simple as if you don't own the weapon pack, then you can't buy the preset, but I think that would be really missing a trick. First, I don't think people would react well to weapon presets being behind a double-pay wall. By that. I mean needing to buy the DLC as well as the weapon preset as sort of two purchases, but I think there's such a good opportunity to incentivize the purchase of these presets by either also unlocking the base weapon when purchasing a preset or just allowing us to change the attachments on presets going forward.

The syntax error weapon pack costs $6 and contains three weapons. And so if each weapon preset costs around $2 and also unlocks the base weapon, players will make the same amount of each weapon as they would through a DLC purchase, which will also likely incentivize more purchases, whether that's off the basis of players being able to cherry pick the weapons they want or simply that $2 is a much less egregious price. Of course, that then brings up the question of what about season pass holders who've already pre-purchased these weapons or what about people who've already bought the DLC, and I have a potential solution for that.



Too, but before we get there.

'payday credits' with dlc and season pass

So if you've already bought the DLC or have the season pass, there would be less incentive for you to want to buy these weapon preset microtransactions.

As you already have the base weapons, the simple answer is to give some payday credits with each DLC and season pass purchase, whether that's at the start of the year for season pass holders or as and when each DLC comes out. That's the best way to handle it from my perspective. Regardless, though.

I don't think microtransactions are something that should be making their way into the game until at least the start of year 2, especially given how the first half of this year has gone so far.

Let's keep the conversation going

I just want to keep the conversation around them going because they are something that is still coming, and I don't want them to come as a nasty surprise later down the line.

I'm actually very interested to hear what you think about the potential microtransactions coming to Payday 3. This article serves as a conversation starter on the topic.



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We still have no idea when or how Microtransactions will be implemented into Payday 3, so let's talk through some of the possibilities.
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