How To Open The Vault No Rest For The Wicked Payday 3



hello heisters I'm going to show you how to open the vault.

How to open the vault

Thanks for calling, buddy. I feel much safer now. All right, so it's going to be somebody coming in here soon. There, he is all right. Let's go ahead and hit the floor. Tell them to hit the floor. Let's go ahead and get them all right.

You can just sit here with him. All right, nice, all right. So you just chill there, buddy. Thanks a lot. Now there's going to be another person who likes to walk around. These people nearly never see you, so I never worry about them. There's a camera here, and I am sick of it, so I got a silencer.

I'm going to take it; only guards really register cameras being broken, so once I eliminate the guards out of the scenario, then I will, you know, just take out the cameras because, you know, who really wants that? Hey, there down on the ground, on the ground actually back up. Listen to me. Okay, all right, so let's go ahead and take him.


We're going to shove him under the stairs. Nobody really takes the stairs in this building, so there you go, buddy. Think about your life choices, all right? So now let's go ahead and grab the executive. There's nobody else that should be getting in our way. All the cameras are down. All right, buddy.

I'll do whatever you say. Yep, yes, you will, okay? So we're going to take you this way, and again, once you eliminate all the factors of getting caught, it's actually not that hard, so we're just going to run them over there. This camera is under my control, so I'm not worried about it. Sometimes there are guards that walk around that area, but it's not a big deal, so let's go ahead and throw them into that all right.


Thank you, buddy. Here, I have some friends you can hang out with. So now that there's a code on his PC, let's go ahead and let him join his friends. Tie up your hands all right, so let's head back. This way, we're going to go back into his office, all right? Log in, all right. It's give us four coats, all right, only one is real, all right, so we gotta go and use our you, it was a UV I think it is UV rays.

Yeah, whatever when you go close to it, it's always on. I want to thank my channel members. You guys are amazing. If you would like to support the channel by becoming a member, please do so.

In this video, we'll show you how to open the vault in the No Rest for the Wicked mission guide in Payday 3.
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