How To Lose $1,402,550 Payday 3

No rest for the wicked

No rest for the wicked

All right, so here's how we're going to do this: you walk into here right, we need to get, and you hold G, and if you press, you have to press the middle mouse. Don't just start grabbing civilians. Just supposed to. If you press the middle mouse, you tell him to get down on the ground, and you can hold F on him to take him as a hostage.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all for [__] murdering; you lose money if you do that, so for your first heist, I would probably not do that. Make no mistake; we are in charge of the situation. I want this guy. You're in charge of the situation. That explains why I just blew your cop's head off; they just shot that civvy in the face.

You know what, Captain America? You just shot the civvy you were holding and the civvy behind me. You're really good at killing civilians, and I respect that. I know it's just kind of fun wa on it. You're done, says the guy whose brains just got splattered on the wall. My gun one shot head shot them.

I just found this out, and I am happy about it. So fun fact of this shut up. She looks very necky. Snapped, that's a yikes. Well, we still get Some people out there are all right. I don't think we have any more stupid civilians. Turn them off. They've deployed the hostage rescue team. You guys are Fu.

You hear me; they need a hostage rescue team. I mean, there aren't any hostages left. Wait, here's some more hostages. no, I whack the cloer holy [__]. I'm just slow. I'm it's okay you got an AI they will they will get down is [ __ ] hard to he died [ __ ] All right, all right, down stay behind.

We lost $145, 000 because we killed 10. Coopsy daisies, wait, that's only for you. I lost 159, 000 [__]. I guess that makes sense. You did murder a lot more than I did; I killed 11.

Under the surphaze

Under the surphaze

I got hit by a car. You know, I wasn't planning on doing this stealthily. I just wanted to get in here, but I can't. I don't know how I got this far. You're going to have to shoot him. He's just going to call this Yeah, uhoh, let's rock this place all the way down.

I found nothing in here, that's all. Flashbang, that's sorry. I did not mean to throw a grenade at you, my guy. We're only interested in the paintings that have dried blood mixed in with the paint. Use your UV; excuse me, I'm interested in more paintings than that. I want as much [__] as I can get.

I don't know how to get down there. I don't know. Look for a staircase. There are holes in the roof. We'll probably die if you call. Help [__] Yeah, there's a lot of what [__] did. I just walked out of the office to say, There's a guy I'm scared I saw. I saw him get. I love the guards just yelling.

You just killed him by going to him, really, because as of now we can infinitely Get, you're not in custody, you're [__] dead, they call. Dallas is back in what the [__] you're back I forgot that you had actually just come. Back help, did you throw a [__] grenade? Yeah, that [__] hurt him, man. I lost 32 grand for killing a [__] civilian.

Gold and sharke

Gold and sharke

Did you go out and shoot them? He was sticking his head out from behind the car, so I wanted to see how good my aim was. I threw a grenade, and somebody shot my face. God, are you the one who threw this grenade that killed these, like, 10 different civies up here?

Right here, this is just a massive group of dead Sims, Holy, [__] and some other stuff. I just killed all the cigarettes that I had. You guys are [__]. You guys are [__]. Yeah, we are. Yep, there's a [__] son of it. Here, you died from that. Where did you fall? Do I get that too? No, it's something you have to unlock.

I just got it all right. This [__] is really annoying. She might sound hot, but she's goddamn annoying. She keeps [__] repeating herself: no, no. I heard the noises, and I [__] my pants. I hit the [__] wall with my god, looking for some spare K change there. Ayo, who's going to kick? I don't want to die.

There's another sniper. I see that where's Wait, hold on, I got to reload. Give me two seconds. Nine dead bodies (471); I lost half a million dollars. I killed fewer people than before and lost a quarter of a million for it.

Rock the cradle

Rock the cradle

Man, I am not going to. I'm high, as [__] estimated at 100. Hey, it'll make it even funnier. Up in the BR, I'm just going to wait outside. Who cares you literally just look like a vigil, but you are wearing white instead of black.

I'm Batman, you're White Man, and we have this get-off of that. If I mask up in here, will I get in trouble? It's okay; I'm chilling. Do not open this door, BR. Are you just going to stay in there with your mask on the whole time? No, that's I got it. How do I take the mask off? I almost just threw a grenade.

You can't are you serious? Are you dead-ass doing that? You saw nothing. What is he just going to be suspicious about the whole time? Uh-huh, don't take another step, pal. I'm getting arrested. Get me up. Okay, what the All right, so I'll close on, like, right here, I'm going to go bam. You get the [__] we run.

We're just hacking her phone. All we have to do is follow her. He's not in the DJ booth at all; he was right to the right of the door when I walked out there. Let me see. Don't you think that's okay? He doesn't know. No, he's heading right in the direction you went. He doesn't know you've got to take care of some loose suns real quick.

Are you just killing the hostages? He's just standing there—menacingly, not that way. How's it going? I love that he's just not suspicious. Robert, it is not up there; it is down here. Wait for the guy at the gambling table; he's over here. Yeah, the gambling rooms are down here. They came out of the John without a GL. Lo, there was a cool mask too.

99 boxes

99 boxes

Yeah, are you able to do all these missions? So probably that was a civilian. He had a white shirt on. I thought it was a reminder to keep forgetting that the FP is the key you still have to keep, pressing on the kind of grenade that hurt H. How'd you get excellent?

They're back off. I didn't grab a [__] money bag. God damn it, because I had to steal some of those before I think he's broke. I think he's stuck on the [__]. Hey, he's stuck on the forklift; he's not moving the way I throw a grenade. When I turned around, there was a [__] Zapper just right there; he almost took my virginity.

Why do I know his [__] shoe is stuck in the fork? I'm not sure that's very good for you; he's just vaping. I don't think standing in a I don't think standing in a fart cloud is healthy for you. He's good now. He's good those are just gamer girl farts. He literally stood in there until it was finished.

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