How To Level Weapons & Skills Fast Payday 3. Map Walkthrough

dirty ice speedrun

All right So this is the fastest way my buddy and I have discovered to level up your weapons. It might be faster on another map, like dirty ice, but we can finally get in and out within about five minutes, depending on the difficulty. normal I can get in and out within maybe three to four hard I get out a little bit after that over the extra 200 weapon XP it gives you I will do hard so hard gives you about I think it was 1100 weapon XP 1100 XP to your weapon and your skills, normal gives about 900 and I think it was 40 I think it was 942; it gives you your skills and your weapon level for completing this, so This guard is coming down the alley right here, so we can't really break the window or else he's going to see us, so what I can do is we can just take the QR code.

I usually save the QR code, but on this run, this guy is walking down this side, so it'll take too much time to break the window with him seeing me sort and use the QR code on here and get the QR code the second QR code, bro. I find everyone is different, and of course, when I'm recording, it's like a bunch of stuff is happening.

I was like, just running through this two days ago, all right, here's the second QR code that we'll use in the showcase room. We're going to go in here first, something I don't need to do, but this one with the camera placement on the vault, sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not, but with this one I can't go into the ball and the camera will see me, so I think with my last one the camera was at the end of the hallway.

dirty ice stealth guide

It doesn't matter what I say to you. How about you just playing with your phone? Aren't you i could go as weird as [__]. You wouldn't, then. This door is also a lock for this phone, which kind of stinks. The sale of power: get the right key card for the vault. In case someone hears me running down here and comes down, look at all the bodies in here.

I mean, let's run like I think five times I leveled my gun up about trying to think depending on how close is the next level I could level up maybe like a I think if I start exactly from zero XP. Hey dispatch, I'm all good. I just have an itchy trigger finger. If you know what I mean, I'm just waiting for someone trying to break in, man.

I'm so pumped, but sadly, nothing's happening over here. Foreign all the bags in the back because there's a window out back here. All right, that's fine. You don't need to deal with this guy anyway. Damn radio, don't you think it's when I record? It's like taking me an extra two minutes to get through here.


I was doing this hard solo work two days ago, and the servers were actually working flawlessly. like I've been running back and forth here for like four or five heists in a row on this map; it's never once I've had that issue, like are coming out and being like, What did I hear? I never once had it.


If you can make it work by freaking hard and getting her down pat, I just wish you could vote again without going to the main menu but, like, still switch the rate. If you rate too much, start off and still switch the heist up. So hard you get um like you could definitely lower that I got so unlucky with the guard with that guard at the end but progression you get 1100 for your weapon level your skill progression so definitely I'd say hard if you can get her down to like six minutes you could definitely do it flawlessly, doesn't it tell me how quick it was eight minutes nine seconds yeah you could totally get that down to six, but the guard coming down the alley he totally messed me because when I did this like one of my fastest runs was the guard didn't come down the alley he just stayed there so I grabbed the QR code I went through the window guard didn't see me guard was already in the hall so I walked into the VIP room gone in the showroom and it was, like Flawless but.

It's all just random; it's all random, but yeah, that is what I'd recommend for it so you can see where I started and where I got, so you need to think about, like, maybe 2000. XP level up, but it's definitely worth it. I'd say super easy—eight minutes you do normally—you get about 924, 942, and 924.

You could whip them off super quick. I think we got one down, like when I just sold, I got normal down in like four minutes, so you could probably make more with normal within an hour, but it's definitely really good. I'd recommend 10 out of 10.

In today's video, I will be showing you how to quickly level up weapons and skills within 5-10 mins per heist on the Dirty Ice AKA the Jewelry Store.
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