How To Level Up Fast Payday 3 And How The Leveling Works

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Here, so today I have my first guide on payday 3. It's going to be pretty straightforward. Simple Guide: Here's a short one, but, um, later on. I'm going to have some guides coming out on the heist and how to complete them on Overkill difficulty. There are some really good ones, which I really hope you check out.

I do really want to expand this game, but anyway, on this article, we'll be talking about something that I'm noticing is still confusing a lot of players. Payday 3 has been out for over a week at this point, but a lot of people are still confused by the leveling up system, and they're confused about how you level up in this game.

I would assume that if I'm playing on the harder difficulties and I'm killing a bunch of cops, my character will level up really quickly. Though leveling in this game is actually not scaled on the height that you do, it's not scaled on the difficulty that you do; it's instead scaled on the challenges that you do.

To level up, you go right here to the challenges tab, and the best tab that you will choose right here is the combat tab. I have found the best one to level up. You can also get you know IP infamy, points also, for doing things like completing certain heists and certain difficulties, but only one at a time.


These challenges are here, and you will have them go into separate tiers, like, you know, it might be like, you know, kill 10 enemies with a shotgun, then it might go to kill 50 enemies with a shotgun, or get 50 headshots with a shotgun, and so you just go through them. Let me give you guys an example right here.

If I actually go into the second tab, I can see a few challenges that I'm pretty close to completing, and right now I'm actually level 44 as I'm speaking to you guys. So this was, you know, from a few days ago, and I recorded this, but you know, JM castigo, you know, 44 gets 50 kills with that, so 26 more kills, and it's the revolver.

You know I get 40 infamy points, but then I take a look and I get, you know, 40 infamy points for killing 10 naders. And if I get you know five more headshots, for example, with the JM castigo 44, I'll get you know, um, 80 infamy points, but now let's go on to the third page, here you know. Reviving three more teammates gets 60 infamy points.


You know, shoot 10 grenades, okay, but the ones I'm going to be doing right here are using a human shield for a total of 180 seconds during an assault. Easy 40, easy 40, infinite points another, 40 infamy, another 40 infamy points that I can get to defeat 10 enemies, using a human shield, so five more enemies I need so I can get both challenges at the same time I can get a NPC, hold them as a human shield that'll get that challenge done, and then this one kills five more enemies, and if I use a pistol, a specific pistol for that human shield, then I'll be completing a third challenge, so I'll be completing three challenges at once and deploy 10 ammo bags.


I only need to deploy one more ammo bag, and I get 60 infamy points. I got another challenge down there, like defeat. You know, 20 enemies with the jam castigo, 44 more enemies, and I got that challenge, so now we're running through the heist, and we're doing this very hard. Now, here's the thing about this guy: I find the first heist to be the best one to do this on to level up, and the reason for that is because the first heist is pretty simple and straightforward.

Heist, and we're going to be going loud obviously so that we can get those kills, but it's a straightforward heist. All you have to get is the firmite from the roof. You drop more bags, and you can just burn through the roof, and that's it. It's going to fight to the getaway car like a block away.

It's a pretty straightforward heist. That's why you know I typically like grinding this heist for kills. Just find a good place in the bank, and just, you know, keep killing the NPCs as they're coming through the bank. Now, here's the thing about this: the higher the difficulty, the faster Weapon X will be, so if you want to level up Weapon XP, that's the higher the difficulty.


I want to thank my friend TJ Lever for also telling me about this point, but the higher the difficulty on the level that you do, that will level up weapon XP, but infamy points you can get from killing enemies on really any difficulty that does not matter, so if you're going for level XP you want to have a harder difficulty, we're running very hard instead of Overkill because it's still fairly easy for us, you know, four of us to kill all the cops coming at us.

Overkill is going to be Frankly, speaking is a bit overkill. So right here, I'm giving you guys a perfect example of me completing three different challenges. In this one. I'm using the challenge with the human shield holding, the human shield for what it was getting for 300 seconds, five kills with the human shield, and I'm also getting the suppressed pistol.

The suppressed pistol that is the that is the signature 40, and a lot of times when I'm killing these NPCs. I'm also going for headshots, which means you're completing other challenges as well, and you're getting the shotgun here going for head shots. killing, focusing on special enemies like shields, there are specific challenges for that.


Grab a human shield, you know. Keep doing that, and at the end of The Heist, here guys, we actually didn't make it; we actually failed right at the end. But here's the thing about this: it doesn't matter whether you get out a lot. I mean, you'll get you'll get your challenge, it'll complete the challenges during the heist it'll count so just keep that in mind so even if you fail the highest if you get a certain amount of kills for your challenge it'll complete it Now we go back to the lobby and look at my challenges.

defeat 100 enemies with the SG Rainfield 880; that's the shotgun, so I need 31 more kills with that. I need to kill 26 enemies with the jam castigo; remember, that's the revolver. You know what else? I didn't get any leads on that. Fine, go on page three. Let's see what we get on page three: 10 ammo bags.


I need to do that there; somebody is taking care of that, and, um, on page four, what we got Page four doesn't look like we've really got much going on here. Take a look at page five—nothing much here—and look at the v20 enemies while aiming on the sides of the jam castigo 44. Okay, we'll take care of that too, so I ran through the heist here.

I kill a bunch of guards with the shotgun, making sure to get that shotgun challenge started getting completed, and I kill a bunch of NPCs with the revolver, and I'm going for headshots with it too, so I'm completing all those challenges. Rushing through the heist here this heist we got out we escaped on it and right there I didn't level up on that one but I got really close loving up pretty much the entire level was completed right there so I look at my challenges At the end.

Me talking how to level up pretty fast in Payday 3 and how the levelling system works.
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