How To Grab An Executive No Rest For The Wicked Payday 3



hello, heisters I'm going to quickly show you how to grab an executive and actually get him to the vault without getting caught.

How to grab executive

All right, so there's two people that are going to get in your way for this lady here; it's or whoever person it is for you looking around all this paperwork, and then the guard right there, so we're going to eliminate the guard first.

I actually thought the guard was going to walk towards me now, or I would already have eliminated the lady. No big deal. Let's just go ahead and wait for her to get out of here, and then we're going to mask up. All right, you can only do this masking up. God, all right, so another thing I've done is there's a camera on the other side of that wall there, and I've already hacked it and disabled it so I won't have to worry about anything.


It's blue, and then we're just going to go ahead and take out that guard. You're going to need a silencer, so make sure you equip one. Let's go ahead and just throw them right here. So we're just going to chill here until she comes back with those files again and we take her out of the equation.

All right, there she is. Let's go ahead and grab her there. Well, let's just throw it to the ground. You can chill with your friend here. All right now, there is one more guy that will maybe get in your way. I think that's him right there; we're just going to see how he's doing. Also, by the way, just take out the cameras now, all right?

Only guards react to broken cameras, so we don't have to worry about the citizen looking at that and having an issue with it, so he's going to get out of there and go somewhere either. I don't know which direction he's going to take, but we have to take him out of the equation. Come here, buddy; maybe I can just grab him in there.

how to grab

I'm just going to try to grab him. Hey, what are you doing? Nothing don't worry about me, alright, so let's go ahead and take him away. I'm going to just shove him under the stairs. Nobody ever takes the stairs in this building anyway. Sorry, right here, tie you up great. All right now, nothing should get in our way.

One thing we have to worry about is making sure the executive doesn't see me breaking in, so don't stand right by the window. Let's open her up. Hi friends, so let's go ahead and grab him, and we're just going to walk him over there. I've never been caught that way. I've always never been caught by just the people that are walking around, so we're going to press Q to throw them in there, and then he's going to go ahead and open up the vault for us, and that's all we need from him.

A nice, safe place to throw them after you're done with them is just over here and on the ground with these guys. Okay, this article helped you. By the way, maybe I'll tell you real quick if you need the code; just go over here back to the manager's office, and there's the code on the computer. Right, only one code's real; if you use your UAV, it's going to be called UAV.

how to grab executive

I think it's a UAV. Just look at the key card numbers, and you can see that certain ones are smudged, and then just make sure that the numbers you put in are correct. So the very last number is eight, four, one, six, so I got a smudge date smudge, four as much one, and it's much six, and now it is open all right.

I want to thank my channel members. You guys are amazing.

In this video, we're going to show you how to grab an executive in the No Rest for the Wicked mission guide in Payday 3. This mission is one of the most difficult in the game, and if you don't grab the executive quickly, the gangsters will get away with the loot. This mission guide will walk you through every step of the process, from planning your attack to executing it flawlessly.
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