How To Get The "danger, High Voltage" Achievement/trophy Just 5 Minutes On Payday 3


For this mission, we are going to go with the SA Marksman rifle. If you have it unlocked, it is able to one-shot most enemies with a head shot for the throwable. I prefer the flashbang grenade. It's a lot easier to get the little cluster of guards to stagger for a few seconds. Let them accumulate before you shoot the Zappers pouch or armor bag to keep up your armor.

Once your armor is gone, it's a lot easier to go down if you just have health. The rest of the skills really shouldn't matter. The heavy armor lining is best; you can do it with medium. If you have the heavy unlocked, it's the way to go we're gonna be doing. Go ahead and start taking all the jewelry.

I'm going to go out here, and I'm going to call the chopper. We're trying to initiate the SWAT phase as early as possible. Go ahead and get that out of the way. After the guards are done being hostile towards you, they're going to call the cops. The cops are going to pull up in a couple cars here.

It's going to initiate the first response you see at the top, and they're going to try to negotiate. We're going to go ahead and just kill the cops. It's going to stop the negotiation and immediately start spinning out the SWAT. Jack, you can put the bags right there, right here. You're going to put them in the helicopter.


But most of the most of the attempt for the achievement will be spent back here in this little alleyway. Cops will jump right there. That was exactly the guy we were looking for. He's got the light green accents with a pack on his side, and the pack is what we're going to shoot. I didn't expect him to come so early.

I'm going to go ahead and open this door. It's not necessary, but I'm going to kill any cops that are on this side of it and try to just get them to jump on the left side. Here you could; it could work right here. We have four cops right there. If we get one of our guys to spawn, we have flash grenades to keep them stunned and allow us a little bit more time to kill the zapper.

I'm sorry to shoot the side of the zapper; if you kill the zapper, his pouch will not work. Thank you, Jack. The Ammo Box will refill your flash grenades again. We're going to go ahead and kill these guards and get away from the fence. There we go. What a great role! Go ahead and send out some flash grenades.


He is popping them, and there are more than four right there, and that should unlock your achievement. Huge group, huge group—yeah, it's as simple as that again, just on hard difficulty to let you survive a little bit longer. I don't really see a benefit to doing it on any difficulty other than hard normal.

I would kind of stay away from it because it feels like they spawn the special SWAT a little bit more often on harder difficulty. I don't know if that's totally true, but this is just how I have managed to achieve this achievement. Again, if you want to get the achievement for 50 Century Turret Kills on a single map on hard difficulty, this is a really good one to do as well because you can have one individual running the bags and you can set up your sentry guns right here.

If you have the perk to allow you to have two, you can set them up right here, and as the cops just came through the century, they should take care of all of them.

Easiest way to get the "Danger, High Voltage" Achievement XboxSteam or Trophy PS5 in Payday 3. Text Guide. - Mission is "Dirty Ice", difficulty set to Hard I believe this spawns more special SWAT, haven't confirmed. Hard isn't really all that hard anyways.
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