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In this article, we'll be talking about favors and, more precisely, how to obtain them. For those of you a little bit uncertain about what papers are, they're basically extra buffs that you can bring into a heist in the form of an extra hammer bag. Help bag armor bag I said blind bag or a high specific favor now some of these you can buy if you head to your vendors here go into your arms dealer and just scroll all the way to the bottom you can find the ammo the armor the medic and the zipline bag here these three are pretty self-explanatory gets you more ammo there'll already an Amber back place during the heist, same for the armor and same for the medic just a health bag and the zipline bag is a little bit special because it does actually does actually help quite a lot on certain maps Basically, it places a zip line that you can use to either get yourself into a better position or transport loot back to the drop-off, so it makes it very easier to transfer bags, and generally, it's just a helpful thing to have, now high specific pavers are kind of the same thing they will give you some sort of helping hand in order to make your highs a little bit easier we'll have a look at some of the high specific favors now and I'll give you a little bit of information on how I believe you can go ahead on obtaining them.

Here we are, but under the surface, as you can see, I have some favorites available to me. Dumps the secure point, an additional QR key, and faster Chopper, these are some of the high-specific flavors for this eye, and depending on your taste, some of these can be pretty good. Apparently, on the surface, a secure point basically just gives you an extra place to drop off your loot, meaning you don't have to run around civilians.


You can kind of get the same thing going with a zipline bag, but this one is definitely fairly efficient if you think you're going to get caught positive. Chopper just means that it'll arrive quicker than an additional QR key, which is pretty straightforward. It's just an additional QR key for you to use during the ice itself now to obtain high-specific favors.

It seems that they're basically tied to highs for completion. When you complete a heist, you have a chance of getting a heist favor for a different one. I've mainly been farming two highs, rocking the cradle, and a little bit of dirty eyes, but I'd definitely rock the cradle way more than I've been doing dirty eyes.

The main highs that I have favors for are under the surface and Tori ice itself, as well as 99 boxes in Golden Shark. The other four highs include Rock the Cradle, Road Rage, The Rest of the Wicked, and Touch the Sky. I barely have any favors for any of these, which have led me to believe that certain highs will be dropping certain favors for, you know, a particular heist, and as such, if you want favors for something, you are going to have to play a variety of ice.

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As a result. I'll still be good at doing some testing to figure out exactly what drops from where, but generally, right now, you can basically you, can basically guesstimate yourself forward to the fact that whenever you complete the heist, there is a chance I don't actually know if it's a 100 percent chance.

I haven't tested his Apple yet, but you will potentially be getting a favor for a different heist that will make it a lot simpler, like under the surface, that's a good point, and again, the favorites here you can only choose one, so depending on how many players you have, you can have more favors, but yeah, they can potentially be very powerful, like the dumpster secure point, and, generally, they would be something that you would like to aim for, so in short, you can buy four basic favors from the vendors.


There are a bunch of high-specific favors you get on Heist completion, and depending on what size you do, you're probably going to get favors for different highs. Again, most of my favorites are about 40. Let's say 40 of the 50 favors that I might have are concentrated around under, the surface dirty, eyes, 99 boxes, and golden shark, with probably 30 of them being dirty eyes and under the surface, and maybe five, six each for golden shark and 99 boxes.

With that in mind, you can imagine that I do believe that the high CPU has an effect on where your favorite is going to land again. I'm going to be testing this and probably uploading a article that has more information on it a little bit later, but that's it for this one. I hope you enjoyed it. I give you a little bit of insight on the high-specific favors; they are not random; you obtain them by completing Heist, and then they will be available to you at, you know, a later point once you decide to two-set Heist, so you might have some favorites without knowing.

I don't know if there's actually an inventory that we have that we can actually check, because, well, on the low side here, there's no such thing. Yeah, it's a bit unfortunate, but you do have favors. It's just that when you complete the heist, you can get favors for other things.

In this video we will be going over how you can get favors in Payday 3. There are 4 basic ones that can be bought but the heist specific favors seem to be gained whenever you complete a heist.
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