How I Robbed The Biggest Bank Payday 3. Without A Mask



When you rob banks on Payday, there are two main ways to go about it. Stealth and loud in this game is actually pretty hard especially on higher difficulties this is even more of a problem when you're a lower level with less guns less skill points and less variety you know less options so let's try stealth well stealth is not that easy in this game either now they've made plenty of improvements to it but again on higher difficulties the guards the lead guards, you have a small radio limit, you are asked to mask up and walk around lots of civilians in this game, and it can be really difficult especially if you're not set up well for it, what if I told you could not kill a single person kill the entire Mission without a throwable equipment, without putting a mask on you don't have to draw a weapon and you can escape with every single Dollar in the biggest SP Well, that's what we're here to do.



You can see my load here. The only things that I would do are: right, the weapons don't matter; throwable equipment, like I said, we can't use any of it, so armor. I would put it at the lowest possible level. You're not planning on taking damage; let's get the movement speed; it might save you from getting detected at some point.

The other thing that I might touch is the gadget. Now, I don't think the ECM is that good in this game, and we're not going to be going loud, so you don't need the explosive. I would recommend using the motion sensor. It's what I'm going to use, but if you like the microcam, it basically does the same thing, honestly, so either of them works out, so the last and most important thing, in my opinion, is actually the skills.

There aren't that many skills in this game that are unmasked, so we're going to really go for hacker; that's the one where we can disable the cameras; you can hack a radio. This is the tree I would focus on if you don't have that many points. Now I have a few extra, so we move some to grifter and infiltrator, or extra Rush quicker Lockpick being, just quality of life, but in the end it won't make that big of a difference, so like I said, just focus on the hacker skills, so let's just hop into the mission.

The golden shark is just a bank heist. If you played Payday 2, you probably thought to steal money, get the server in this case, and leave; it's pretty simple. I'm going to play this on normal because I think it's way easier; I don't think the money extra resets, extra guards the cameras; it's not worth it on overkill for me, but the method will work on every difficulty, so you can do this stealth, no mask.



Regardless, I just think it's the easiest, on average.

What you're going to want to do is find a QR code. You need two of them, but they're in a lot of spots. You can find them in the open. You can find them in the supply room in the bathrooms. Just fine to my go-to is the supply room. I've always found one in there, so we're going to grab that, and then we're going to go to Human Resources.

This is what we need the QR code for. You're just going to wait for the guard to pass and then open the door head-to-head to the left. There's usually two cameras in here, so like I said, get the hacker skills, hack them if necessary; if not, you're just going to go in there and scan the computer to find who has our red key card.

That's how we're going to get to the second floor. It's worth noting that if you restart in game, if you don't back out of your current lobby and you just vote restart.


In this case, we got the assistant; he's in the corner on the other side of the HR room; it's just the opposite way. This one kind of stinks, in my opinion, because the guy is always in here, and since we don't have a mask on, there's no way to take him down. We can't get him down, and we can't lure him anywhere.

So we're just going to have to be fast, or you could try to do it and be unlucky and stupid. Have the key card in the very bottom drawer. If you pull, get caught, and get handcuffed. And have to restart, that sucks, that's what I had to do, but it did mean I could just go right back here and start checking again, so he's got a little movement path, he'll talk on the phone, he'll come back to his desk for a second, just sneak through all of his stuff, grab the key card, and be on your way.


And now we can go onto the second floor, where we're going to need to find the server room. It will be there once you walk up the staircase on the back wall. On either the left or the right, there will be a camera in front of it and a guard path going towards it, and they'll stop kind of by it, so just wait; maybe hack the camera if you need to.

I always shut the door inside the server room because it says they can come in there and see it. It's never happened to me, though. Just remember that you will always have to go find a second computer to hack. To finish the server room hack, when you're upstairs, you're in a private area. It's important to know that in a private area, you will just get escorted out; you do not have to run away; don't get the cops called on; don't get arrested; just go with it; and you can just go right back up behind him.

Okay, so now that we've done that and we've got the codes, we're going to open the vault. Trust that you guys know how to figure out the four codes. You can look at the numbers, but get inside the vault, and there will be a camera in there. On higher difficulties, there will be a guard upstairs, and he will hear you sprinting because you're in a secure area, so be very careful of that.


So all you really need to do right now is disconnect the box, and this will show you the color that you're going to need for flipping. Switches, so you're just going to check the color on the cable monitor and go flip the switches accordingly. All four times, go back and check the color; it'll change each time, and just rinse and repeat.

So the very last thing we have to do before our big payday is get into the manager's office. Now. I actually cut it out earlier, but I was pretty slick, and I swiped the blue key card off of the manager upstairs when he was turning, so the manager always has a suit on; he will always be upstairs, and he does like a little Route.

Around the middle edge, like Balcony, and eventually he'll stop and kind of look over. I think that's probably the best opportunity to grab the key card from him, and from then on, it's smooth sailing, boys. Just go to the office, hit the hack on it, and you're going to have to run back to the vault.


There will be a timer that pops up, and it seems like you don't have that much time. If you really do, it's more than enough for you to be the person to hack the computer and then walk all the way back to the vault and stealth behind the camera and still hit it. You have enough time as long as you just do it immediately.

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