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Get your day, you sketchy sack of dingleberries, and welcome back to Payday 3. Now today we're returning to New York City to lay Heist to the most frustratingly annoying level in the entire game, which also just so happens to be a gallery full of garbage that rich wankers like to call Art, and true to Brand, we're going to be slipping in like a slimy sausage and looting the place dry completely undetected, and then disappearing into the night like the true tactical testicles.

That we are, as for my loadout, I'll be taking the ku59, the signature, 43. The head has five red foxes, a light ballistic lining vest, an armor bag, two throwing knives, and two micro cameras. Which, when Rush is active and we are unmasked, allows us to walk past employees and do certain things without them even raising an eyebrow.


Finally, from the Griff to the skill tree, we are slippery. Which, when we get caught by a guard, allows us to uncuff ourselves and escape, and then possibly the most important skill tree for completing under the surface. Stealth overkill we have the hacker skill tree which at the basic level allows us to hack cameras and look through them as if they were our own then my favorite secure Loop allows us to access cameras and then run them on a loop that prevents the camera from actually detecting us doing anything in the room whatsoever, we have routed ping which allows us to hack a camera and then automatically Mark any guards that are within its line of sight and glitch protocol, which allows us to hack guards and create minor distractions, that prevent them from noticing things around them for a couple of seconds finally we have the strategist, basic skill which allows us to mark one additional Target and as I said we're going to do this on Overkill.

Difficulty, because there's nothing I like more than that. On my day, we're also going to do it on invitation only because one idiot in the game is more than enough. Now allow me to match up with myself. And here we are somewhere in New York, although I'm pretty sure this is San Francisco. Anyway, what have we got over here?

cheru hitman

What's for dinner, boys? We've got hot dogs, we've got corn dogs, and we've got no dogs. Let's skip the game of hopscotch and pick up our zipline bag, which we're going to run over here and toss into this dumpster, which will then create a magical rope look. D, magical rope, look at that. Now I can't use it until I put my mask on, and I don't want to put my mask on yet, but at least we know that it's there.

cheru hitman 2

Shut up, Diana. Now I have a love-hate relationship with this level; I mean, it's pretty fancy-looking. It's a cool-looking level. It's beautiful it's great, but it's so frustrating. Designed that every time I play it I have a border line aneurysm, it's okay though everything's okay everything's fine there's nothing to worry about until there is so we're going to sneak up to this place very slippery like and pick the lock to this door which we will do very quickly because we have Rush active isn't that great yeah now there are a lot of cameras but fortunately the guards are completely brain dead so I'm going to sneak over here and search this phone, scanning it from a distance sucking up the QR code into the great Abyss that is my bump you know what let's head back out this way and we're going to sneak in here what I want to do is get over here and slip behind this front desk where there is often a little QR code thingy waiting for a man like me I'm going to pick this lock and head into the back room and I always close the door behind me because I am a gentleman it's one that's two that's three, that's four and that's five did you hear that was my immaturity level reaching 100 this is what we were looking for another little QR code then if we head back out here we should.

Have another little QR code there we go beautiful look at this they're all over the place isn't this the ladies toilet why is there a urinal trough in here what all right come on let's go boys let's go we're going to we're going to put a micro camera on him, yeah I think I think we got it also this staircase is really quite useful it allows us to go up to the next floor and enter some somewhere.

cheru hitman 3

I don't know where it's in the server room, Sh. That's a bit close; this right here is a special thing, and it's, I think. It's a thing; there is also a QR code on the phone, so that brings us to a total of four. Anyway, now that we've got this camera-do Dar thing, let's actually do what it's telling us to do at the top of their access to exhibition room E1.

Let's do that, shall we? This is E1, I believe, and it looks like all of the artwork stuff is inside of metal bars. That's great if we go into the next room, we will have another exhibition. Look at all of the security that they've got around this place. It's very, very tricky. Dicky, but fortunately I can deactivate the whole Shanghai Bang by just turning it off from the wall; nevertheless, we're on the lookout for an LCD screen, of which I cannot find any.

We've got to be around here somewhere, though. Now let's open these exit doors so that if the sky turns around, we've got a quick escape ready to launch ourselves into something like this, but still. I don't know where the LCD screen is; it is right on the wall over there. Great, all right, we got a guard coming this way.


I'm going to try to sneak past him. He hasn't spotted me yet. It would be very good if I could slip around here, deactivate this camera, and then I'm going to try and go try and activate this from a distance observed by who's watching me stop it I'm going in for the kill come on come on get it now I got to do this stupid mini game I hate this is so dumb camera stop camera stop what you know what I think I'm going to go back and make a modification, to my skills we're going to remove routed ping and instead we're going to ace the hacker skill which will allow me to hack two cameras at once instead of one then we're also going to remove the grifter skill and we're going to plop that in strategist which will allow us to Target an additional Target for 20% longer now though the levels layout may have changed ever so slightly those alterations we made should make a tremendous, difference see look at this we'll hack One camera and then while that one's still hacked we'll slip over here and we'll hack the other one now look at that both of them haha, see it makes a big difference I'm telling you all right here we go back to business boys let's just hope that nobody rocks up on me I we have to hack like 50 of these circles before we ah one pair of pants later all right that's it we did it now it's time to get moving.

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