How I Made Trillions Heisting Nightclubs With No Mask Payday 3

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Get out you Shifty bag of ding-dongs and welcome back to Payday 3 now today we're going to be hitting up the local nightclub in Silicon Valley where all the 50-year-old it nerds that have never had any action go to take copious amounts of crack cocain and get their Boogie on in an attempt to temporarily forget their loneliness, and just between you and me the amount of chalk that these psychopaths are smashing up their noses is equal parts impressive as it is absolutely, terrifying, and our approach tonight is to go in on the hardest, difficulty no mask no gun and loot the place absolutely dry and as a little added bonus towards the end of this article I'll show you how to speedrun this level in about 3 minutes flat to make an easy 400k.

As long as Rush is still active, one lock jiggle unlocks the lock. Instead of the usual three or four, we also have bagger, which, when Rush is active, lets us bag 50% of the loot. We have to walk the walk, which, when Rush is active and we're unmarked, allows us to walk past cameras in private areas without triggering them, as long as we don't do anything too stressful.

Then, thanks to social engineering, employees will ignore us when we're doing certain things, like taking a massive hit on the floor, as long as we're unmasked and have Rush active. Then, we have slippery, which allows us to escape handcuffs if we happen to get caught, but I don't think we'll be using this today at all, and we have hacker Ace, which allows us to overload those cameras and stun anyone within range, though I do not believe this works on Overkill.


We have a secure loop that allows us to loot camera footage, making us undetectable; a routed ping that allows hacked cameras to automatically mark any guards or police within the area; and finally, a glitch protocol that hacks a guard's radio to cause a disturbance, stopping and distracting them, which is actually going to be quite handy on this mission.

As I said, we're going to be doing this mission stealth on Overkill, Difficulty because I like making myself miserable. I also believe that one more on in the game is more than enough, so invite only it is, and here we are, the neon cradle, the L, Place on Earth boy. I can't wait to go inside and join this party.

I have no idea why you don't get in or why I don't get in. I do get in. If I sit here and distract you with the radio, then I pick up the lock, and nobody notices. Look at this. Can I just like them all? Now the VIP invite. Is not easily accessible unless you happen to be a pro haacker like me, so watch me open this door, which is the door to the manager's office, and then bu bum VIP invitations to the neon cradle.

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Unfortunately, they seem to be behind a fence thing, and in order to get through this fence thing, I need to hack the director's phone. Speaking of the devil, there she is right now. Hold on a freck. All right, wait. wait, that's fine. We'll find her a little bit later. For now, I need to hack the main frame.

This is what we're looking for: the crypto wallet located in the IT room. Now that we know what we need to do, let's get out there and do it. I don't know what my old friend is doing over there, but I'm about to find out. Hold tight, rifken. I'm coming for your phone. I think she might actually be doing crack cocaine in the toilets.

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Hold on; let me have a look. Look up when you're F. All right, that's definitely that. To me, that's somebody who's, you know, on the old Charlie Hemat. Hell, I'll need you to come with me; this area is restricted. I'm absolutely sorry for this misunderstanding. Please take me outside. Now while I'm following, this guy gives me the opportunity to look over there and notice that the decrypt is not on this level, which means that it's either in the VIP room or it's downstairs in the office that we ran through on the way up here.

I should have been paying attention, but I wasn't because I'm an idiot. Sorry for coming inside. I'm leaving now. Hi, baby, how are you going to let me hack your phone? And this is all we need to do: stay close enough to hack the main frame, and boom, done. Because I've got Rush active, even though she's the club manager, she doesn't think I'm stupid.

For running through the employee-only section, that's great, isn't it? So now that we've hacked a telephone, we're going to head back upstairs and open up that case to retrieve the VIP invitations, and B, peep, we're in, baby. Open up the case and grab the invitations and that expensive artwork. I love that guy.

cheru hitman 3

He's absolutely fascinated by the security cameras. Obviously new on the job, you know what they say: you love what you do and you never, you never do a day in your do. That's not right. I mean, realistically, though, who cares? All we care about is getting the invitation and looting this place dry.

This is what we're looking for. Now we'll hack the computer and validate these VIP tickets. Come on, computer, hurry the heck up, clear, done, thank you, and now I should be able to walk around the club without getting the shifty, raised eyebrow at me. Hold on, is this okay is this okay I don't think she's enjoying it as much as you are, but look if I'm being honest.

I'm enjoying it. All right, lady, settle down. I don't know where you learned your dance moves, but that's highly inappropriate. It's also fascinating to me that I'm able to walk around the club with a duffel bag on my back containing expensive artwork, and nobody seems to care. Yes, by the way, this mission's very badly bugged, so even though I should be showing this guy my invitation, I can't you just press F like a thousand times until it finally works 20 minutes later?


Excuse me, sir. I wish to enter the VIP Club. Please accept my invitation. I've been trying to give it to you for about 20 minutes now. Take it an hour later. Lisa, let me in. I want to enter the VIP Club. I have an IP. After all, a very impressive P. You have an invitation. Yes, I do take it.

I'm getting angry now, and I'm going to slap you in a second take it take. Finally, thank you. God bless you. You're a wonderful man. Give me your bloody little key card. Thanks now, because we took that guy's key card. We can actually open this door for the electrical facility employees. The only problem, though, is that we don't all look at me right now.

This is where manly magic happens. You see, we need to turn off the security system to get the crypto wallet, and to do that well, we can flip one of these fandangled switches. The only problem, though, is that we don't know which one to flick. That's okay, though we'll know eventually to hold on to strippers.

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