How I Made Quadrillions Heisting The World's Richest Bank With No Mask Payday 3

bank heist

Get day there, you Wy barrel of Dingle dangles, and welcome back to Payday 3. Now today we're going to be hitting up a bank so big that it makes the first bank we hit up look like the bank at home. This place is the real deal, and it's stacked with real dollars, and today we're going to slide in like the slick schnos cumbers that we are and empty the place entirely before disappearing into the sunset, like the true tactical testicles that we are.


As for my load-out, I'm taking the Scone 12 classic, the J&M castigo 44. The head five red fox a light ballistic lining vest an armor bag two throwing knives two micro cams and my skills are as follows: I have the basic infiltrator skill that gives me Rush whenever I successfully pick a lock or kill an enemy with a throwing knife, and I have the ace infiltrator skill that also gives me Rush if a guard begins to detect me then I have quick fingers, which as long as Rush is activated allows me to pick locks in one jiggle instead of three or four, and bagger, which as long as Rush is active allows me to bag loot 50% Faster I then have the basic escaper skill that allows me to gain Rush when I Sprint for 3 seconds or more I have the basic grifter skill which gives me rush if I have my mask off and happen to be within 1 meter of a civilian or an employee, walk the walk which allows me to run past cameras in private areas without triggering them as long as my mask is off and I have rush and I have social engineering, which makes employees completely ignore me doing illegal actions as long as I'm unmasked and I have Rush then I have the basic hacker skill that allows me to hack cameras and I have the a camera skill that allows me to overload cameras though it doesn't work in Overkill, but it allows me to hack two cameras at once I also have the secure Loop skill which allows me to Loop footage so that cameras no longer detect me and glitch protocol which gives me the ability to hack a guard's ding-dong And distract him for a couple of seconds finally I have the basic and the a strategist skill that allows me to mark two additional targets for 40%, longer and as promised I'm going to do this on Overkill.

cheru hitman

Difficulty because I'm looking for a good reason to punch myself in the testicles. I'm also going to do it by invitation only because one idiot in this game is always more than enough. Now, please kindly wait a moment while I match up with myself. I didn't even make it into me. Well, cool this is Payday 3, and here we are, Golden Shark Incorporated.

What a lovely-looking bank, and I also find it a little bit cheeky that the game is telling me time is precious yet it continues to waste mine. Well, matchmaking errors are a way of life in Payday 3. Let's all get used to it and stop being little. Nice face, mate, anyway. Just between you and me, and I don't let the boys hear this because they're going to freak out if they hear it.

I've actually never tried this mission. I usually spend about a day doing each mission before I hit it up just to make sure I know what I'm doing, but I've never tried this ever. I have no idea what I'm doing, and I also don't watch articles about levels before I attempt them. So this is going to be completely off the cuff, so let's walk around this building and see all of the entry points and all of the stuff going on, and apparently there's no stuff going on down this way, which means that maybe we'll find some Saucy action over here.

cheru hitman 2

Come on, let's go and investigate. well, private parking Golden Shark Incorporated. I am looking for the name of an employee. Who I'm going to find apparently in human resources or something like that, so let's go and do that, but first, let me just go here and get Rush all right. Now that I've got Rush, it means that I can hang out in the telly compartment of the bank.

It's fine, nothing serious. This is completely normal human resource management. All right i think this is the room we're looking for. All right we go into the HR room. What inspections are you doing? I'm here for the teeth inspections. Let me just hack this main frame employee file matched, all right branch manager re Brown level two.

cheru hitman 3

Let's see what's in here. This could be good. Eric Jager what's old Eric got in his orifice? He's got a whole bunch of folders. Let's make a mess. And this is what room this is supply room for employees. I'm an employee, thank you very much, and now that we've completely emptied out this area, let's make our way to the second floor.

I guess it's probably over there, but I haven't even checked out the bank yet, and seeing as this is the first time I've been here, I kind of want to do that. What do we have in here? Another little phone. Let me hack this and get the QR code and more lockers. My favorite what do we have in O money?

Thank you what do we have in here? More money this bank is crazy. Hi, have you got any money around here just lying around? All right, well, you have a phone. Let me hack that. I love how this isn't considered sus. By the way, ooh, loan office. Liam aaman all right liam aaman i'm just going to hack a man's way into your door.

gold and sharke

I can open all of these this is exciting what have we got in here anything juicy let's have a look absolutely nothing well that was shite this is a nice room what room is this is the employee break room I'm supposing very relaxing, very relaxing little bit of a mold problem it's fine just don't breathe then another supply room all right what have we got inside this one there's money in here too of course there is and my time in the storage room is now ah branch manager this is what we're looking for reys brown the branch manager, what do we have look at?

What the hell is going on? Let me stand next to him so that I've got Rush all right now. Old Ree isn't going to care about me rumaging through all of his stuff in his office. Look, he doesn't care. There's your key card. Thank you, Reys. You don't have any money. What is this crazy? Aren't you the branch manager?

I don't know. I feel like you might be holding out on me, but it's fine. I know I am, and now I'm just going to. Swipe my way in and open the doors. So far, so good. I reckon I could probably guess this by myself. Shut up, Diana. I'm just thinking that I'm trying. I'm thinking, Diana. You idiot, 4 7 8.

gold and sharke no mask

Don't take another step. Years later, you know what it means. Let's just do it the normal way. I feel like guessing it and brute-forcing it's going to make my article shorter, and longer articles mean more. I'm looking for the server room, and apparently the server room is down this way. All right, is this it?

Here is the server room. This doesn't look like the server room. Maybe it's this room. Sorry, guys, give me some rushing. Thanks everyone this is sorry. Your suit is looking awfully shiny, sir. So is your skin? Did you just crawl out of the lake, all right? Maybe it's just really hot in here.

How I Made QUADRILLIONS Heisting The World's RICHEST Bank With NO MASK in Payday 3.
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