How I Made Billions Heisting Jewelry Stores Whilst Completely Losing My Sanity Payday 3

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Good day, Heisers, and welcome back to Payday 3. Now today we're going to be laying a stealthy assault on the Ashton Fine Jewelry Store, where just between you and me, rumor has it that amongst the various silver and gold bobles, they have lited about the place ready to be pickpocketed by a kleptomaniac.

Like you, they've also got a secret VIP room housing some extremely controversial items, like valuable blood diamonds, and we are going to pinch all of them before disappearing into the night completely undetected, like the true tactical testicles that we are now carrying out. We've got the SAA. 144 again, a high-precision rifle.

We've got the signature 40 pistol, the Mar Mumber MGL grenade launcher, a light ballistic lining vest, an armor bag, some throwing knives, and an ECM Jammer. As for my skills, well, let me explain. We have the basic infiltrator skill, which, whenever we successfully pick a lock, gives us a boost to our movement speed.


While we still have that movement boost with quick fingers, it only takes one successful jiggle to unlock the next lock instead of the usual three or four with bagger, which also means that if we have that movement boost, we get to bag loot 50%. Faster we also have the basic manipulator skill which allows us to tie up and trade hostages 50%, faster the tying up part is the part that we're going to need and we also have overbearing, which means that our shout range is extended as well as the time that civilians stay down after being shouted at we also have the basic grifter skill which again gives us a movement boost just by running within 1 meter of a civilian or an employee, then whilst we still have that boost to movement speed with walk the walk we can run through private areas without triggering the cameras as long as we don't do anything too sus and finally again whilst boosted and also without our mask social engineering allows us to run past employees doing illegal things without them ever raising an eyebrow and seeing as we're going to be doing this Heist on Overkill.

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And stealth all of those skills are going to be very important in US successfully completing our objective, and finally we're going to send it to invite only because one idiot in the game is already more than enough now let's click matchmake, and wait for the game to match me with myself could be here for about 30 minutes so you might want to get some popcorn and a drink I'll let you know when it's actually ready day two day three day four also it looks like we've got a favor here that I've actually never seen before dirty ice distracted manager, the manager will be distracted in the okay that could come in handy all right here we are Ashton fine jewelry and as much as I'd like to cross the road and get straight to business it's the red hand and I'm a laurab biding citizen I would never think ever.

Of doing anything even remotely illegal, not like this guy. Get off the road, you. There we go. Okay, little man, it's safe to cross everybody. Come on, come on, let's go. Now, truth be told, just between you and me, this is probably my favorite mission in this game. I love it. It's a very nice jewelry store, and it's full of stuff just waiting to be pickpocketed.

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What I find really funny, though, is that you can just walk around while you're completely not sure, you know. I'm just a customer at this point. You, just sorry lady but I am an idiot and so I will not quit while I'm ahead I'm going to go in and start taking even more stuff thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you and.

This is so dumb. Okay, undercover guard, you're really not doing the best job. Wait, hold on, we still have a bunch of stuff over here that hasn't been pinched yet. Excuse me, lady. I'll just squeeze in there all right, thank you. All right we took all the loose stuff; that's great. It's actually really funny to me that we closed all of the shutters and took all of the loose jewelry, and nobody has raised an eyebrow.

Obviously, the cameras need a little bit of work as well, or maybe I'm just that good. Anyway, I know you noobs are probably looking for advice on how to be as great as me, and so this is what you want to look at when you come in here. See employee number 5193. This could be a code for a door, and maybe it's not.

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But I guess we'll never know. All right, hold on. I've got a rush. I've got a rush. All right, why am I doing this? Why am I doing this? It's a sickness; it's something I can't stop, and I mean, I've got that movement boost, which means that I can unlock these things in one little jiggle instead of three or four, which is pretty good.

I've always been one for a bargain. Hey lady, do you like those chains? Let me open it up, You have a have a good was going to say have a good look saying Help Yourself. They're free, and the employees aren't noticing me doing anything. Because I've got that movement boost, those skills are game changers.

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I'm really going to push the boundaries. I haven't done anything wrong yet. I don't even have a mask on. I'm just sorry, mate. I know I shouldn't be here. I'm very sorry. Shut up and follow me. Don't worry about it. 1751 that's her employee number, and hello, we are in. Now he's going to go that way, and we're going to sneak up behind him and pinch that key card and watch this stealth to the max.

Thanks, mate also, over in this room, we'll close the door behind us, and we've got a safe and the power box, which turns stuff off. And I think I'm going to make a little detour. What was it? 1751 is that yep now seeing as we've already pulled out the gun I guess we may as well deal with the security cameras all right mate sorry this isn't going to end well for you that was his neck they just snapped now this room right here is the workshop where we dump the bags from the VIP room and they scan it for blood diamonds, this is a vault that I've actually not figured out how to open I should figure that out but there is a guard in there which is a bit tricky see here he comes going through that door back outside again I suppose, yep he's gone down that way wherever that way is there's another one downstairs walking behind me but it's fine hopefully have I have I did I do I yeah okay remember.

How I Made BILLIONS Heisting Jewelry Stores Whilst Completely Losing My Sanity in PAYDAY 3.
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