How I Made An "impossible" Payday 3 Heist Possible


All right Here's the plan: Today we'll be rubbing the main bank on Payday 3. The only difference between this and other heists is that we'll be completing this without anyone noticing that we're rubbing the place, but to even make this even harder, what I'm going to do is we're going to try and complete this on the hardest difficulty.

Overkill. Let's find out. all right Here we go. We finally made it to the bank. First things first, I'm going to try and find where the bank manager is. He's usually in three different parts of this building. Here, I just want to check this window because he's usually in this section. If I'm okay there, we go perfect.

He's right there now that I know where he is. It kind of skips a couple of steps, but all we need to do now is we can just walk through the main entrance, and I just need to try and find where the phone is because we need a phone to hack his door, which will allow me to enter his building. So it's usually on one of these tables along here; it's maybe on the bench.

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Here we go, perfect, so we're going to search this phone and we'll hack it. Yep, so there we go. We got the QR code, and all I need to do is just run over here and hack this, and there we go. We can now have access to open the door, and I'll probably try and look where his key card is because we need the key card in order to open the door that allows us to go to the vault on the second level, but I can't do it yet because he's right there.

And yes. I'm also playing Overkill, which basically means there's more guards, and as you can see, the camera's looks different; that's mainly because you can't shoot it, which is fine because my goal is to try and get this all done without anyone noticing that I robbed this place. Yeah, he mainly walks over to this window here.

Okay, perfect, so I can try and look around. So where did he have the key card? All right, it's right here. Perfect, all right, so we can exit this. Yeah, he usually takes the same route, but I noticed every time he walks up to the window, that's when you can go and try and steal stuff, so we can open this door without being observed, so that's perfect.

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Here we go; we're already at the vault. Easy there's a security guard already looking at me, but yeah, in order to actually open this, we need to know what the security code is. I could try and guess what it is because we got well; there's two fingerprints for two, so I might try 6, 22, 3. Is that okay?

I actually have to try and work out what the code is. In order to do that, we actually need to go to the server room, so I'm going to try and sneak past everyone, but basically, in this area here, if you get caught by a security guard, you basically just get put downstairs and don't get arrested, so I have a lot of attempts.

If I fail this, it's only when I go into secure areas that I get caught, and that's when I get arrested. I have to do the whole thing, but basically, yeah, so in here, if I get caught, I get screwed over, but yeah, I'm basically hacking the server room to try and work out what the code is there's also.

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I could just steal this guy's blue key card because I need it for this building. I'm just going to open this later. Make sure none of the employees notice the hack running in the server room. Yeah, no one really notices it, so that's fine, but I need to try and go to the IT department because what's going to happen is the hack's going to fail, and we need some clearance.

Now, I've tried this a couple of times, so I don't. I think this is like my 25th attempt. I usually get in the vault itself, but I usually get caught there, so hopefully I can actually do it this time, so let's get some clearance. There we go, perfect, and then I have to try and get out without the guard seeing me.

I think we're safe here; I'm just going to crouch in the past. The guard sees me right there. I wonder, Can I just, you know, do what I'm going to do to quickly get around here? So let's hack that and close the door. I'm also going to get out just in case, because if an employee sees me, they're going to call the cops, but if they see me in this area, it's fine.


It's only in the private areas that you have to worry about guards, and if you're in secure areas, then you have to worry about everybody. Okay, so we have four codes we can use: I think it's the second one. I'm just trying to see if there are any more guards around. Yeah, so I think there were only three numbers, so it was 2 3 6; yeah, it was 3.

662; there we go. We can now open the vault. As you can see here, we got a camera, and we also got a guard right on top of me, so this is what I got to worry about, but basically, what I'm going to try and do now is try and just say with lasers. I'm also going to put my own camera up here, because we're going to need that later.

Yeah, the camera's not looking at me, but I don't know where the guard is. Okay, he doesn't see me. Let's just disable the lasers. The lasers get their power from a number of electrical boxes; find them and turn off the right switches. Yeah, so as you can see here. I need to turn off four electrical boxes, and on the computer screen.


I don't think you can see it, but there's a blue symbol, which means I need to turn off the blue switch, so I'm going to try and do it. I don't know if the guard will see me if I try this. We're going to open this up and hit the blue switch. Okay, there we go, so one done, four more to go, and as you can see, it's a white circle now, so let's just walk past and get out of here, but usually the other three switches are around this lobby here.

The camera is not looking at me, so I'm going to try and access this. So open it and hit the white switch. All right now what I could also do is because I put a camera up earlier I can also check the camera to see what the next code is if I zoom in it looks like a blue circle all right that might be it so the other electrical box is here so I'm just going to walk past see if I can open this hit the blue switch, there we go and now I have to go to the other one which is on the other side of this lobby so let's just run past open this hit the red switch there we go so now all we got to do is disable the lasers so let's just walk back Yeah.

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I think we're good. Let's just say we're not good. He's right there. How did he not see me? I don't know why I should have been caught. Okay, let's disable this. So Laser's now gone, so the next step is to get a blue key card to unlock the vault. Yeah, so this is why we need to steal the blue key card.

So what I'm going to have to do is I'm going to have to go into the bank manager's office, hack his computer, and I have to quickly go over to the safe and disable that. You only have a limited time window to get back to that vault. Hurry; I know I'm trying to get there. Don't let the camera see me; I'm going to have to stand behind the guard.

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