How I Made A Million $ Payday 3 With The Starter Loadout On Overkill


I actually just did this article, and I didn't record my audio, so we're going to do it again. I'm pissed look, I have a strap, and we are going to go play Road Rage. If you don't know what Road Rage is, this is the only mission in the game. You cannot stealth it; it is always a loud heist. That's what I want, so let's make it harder.

Let's put on Overkill right now because I'm not a baby, and let's even do it. The only attachment on it is the red dot. Absolutely i hate the iron sights, but you unlock them to level one, and I've also given myself one skill point that I so graciously put in the ammo specialist. To be honest, I think the only way this goes well is if I get carried by somebody.

Yeah, this is the build, and it doesn't get much simpler than this. Am I going to use the microcams? Probably not am I going to get like any kills? Probably not am I even going to find a lot? Probably not at this rate. What I've noticed is that on Overkill missions, people look at my level, or maybe it's just like the car four, but yeah, people leave whenever I join; it's kind of like a weird phenomenon.

how i

I don't know why that would happen, but what I've noticed is that there's just a zero percent chance that with the AI, you win; there's no shot; the AI is too bad; they just go down the whole time. Come on, big money, big money, and big money, Beeston. This is a milliliter in the bag. This is how you do it.

This is the tutorial on how to make a million dollars on Overkill with a level one build. That's what we are; we're basically level one. I have one skill point and one attachment. I don't even have anything on this. I got you. You have it. I'll do the other [__] to pass, so here is the other thing.

I didn't even know this was a spot I didn't know. We just have a couple more CVs to get down to the boys. Correct civilian, show me your hands. I don't check for money either. This is like my favorite thing to do, and it was worth it. And how did the money roll into millions of aliens? I tell you, I don't have it; that's not what it is, you [__].

level 1

Nobody grabbed it, and we're going to literally lose it because nobody grabbed the [__] bag. That strategy we devised is to use the carport until we get to, like, halfway, and until we get around this bend basically right over here and bend it like Beckham. My what a sprint, do it again, just a few what the [__] He's stuck on nothing, trucking all the way to the ramp at the end of the construction site.

This baby is tough. When you're ready for pickup, signal them as early as possible. I've learned it takes a century if you don't; sometimes it takes a century even if you do not feel bad, though not too bad. Yeah, so y'all getting fried in the ammo again all in the overkills is like, I don't know, it probably doesn't matter, but they're actually nowhere to put these, to be honest.

If he gets here right now while they're regrouping, we're good; we're literally golden. I literally never know where I don't know what the tail is, but it's here, to be honest. It's that simple. This is like the easiest mission there ever was. That's two bags. That's four bags, as many bags as you could [__] get, and we're gone like the wind; they're still regrouping; we got all of it.

level up

What are you talking about, easy? Money and dozers don't matter for [ __ ]. We're eating how much money a milli A Milli A Milli, come on, no city desk, let's go, let's [__] Go; it's free money. It's like asking, do you wanna do you want a million dollars, or do you all need a million dollars? I got you on the strats there; it is just like keeping finding lobbies until you get into an OP.

Lobby, like, and subscribe if you're enjoying it. Payday 3, man holy [__] That was fun. I actually had a really good time with that. I didn't think we would get it on the first try. I expected that to be way harder. Well, there's the build; that's all you need. You can get a red dot, and then you can then you can do a refill.

If you would like me to get over one percent of you guys subscribed, I'd really appreciate it. Also, don't mind my hair; I just realized it looks like

How I Made A MILLION in Payday 3 with the Starter Loadout on OVERKILL . After beating every mission in the game I decided its time to try something a little harder. Not just cranking the difficulty to the max overkill mode but also using the base loadout, one car4 with no mods, one signature 40 also no mods, and one skill point is all I had to beat the always loud mission ROAD RAGE. This is my guide on how I successfully BEAT one of the hardest missions in the game with the starting loadout on Overkill.
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