Gold & Sharke - All 4 Heist Specific Favors Explained (payday 3)



Everybody, today we're going to be going over the Golden Shark for heist-specific favors, and we will be going over the best uses for them and the best utilities. We'll also address whether these heist favors are good for us to use or not, as some favors sometimes make very little impact on your gameplay, but some are very game-changing.

So let's go ahead and look at those together. But before we do that, if you do not know what a high-specific favor is, these are little favors that you can utilize. In each map, each map currently has four, and these favors usually have a small gameplay change that will happen to the map, such as a point where you can secure extra loot, like taking it to a different place and making it a little bit easier.

Sometimes a free red key card will be handed to you. You know things like that. You know these are little, small favors that alter your game play in a small way and sometimes in a very major way that all depends on the map, and of course the favors specifically. What you may already know is that there are favors for ammo armor bags and health bags as well as zipline bags, so you've probably seen those, and those are purchasable.

However, heist-specific favors are not achieved by pure random luck. By successfully beating heists, you have an 80% chance to gain a random high-specific favor for a random map. It is not necessarily the map you are playing; it can be any map. Another way, of course, to get these high-specific favors is through the use of mods, which I used for a couple of the high-specific favors in this game, as I was actually missing out on quite a few.

And since my intention was to bring this article to you guys to show all of the high-specific favors, I have a few of those modded in now without any further ado. Let's go ahead and get to the four high-specific favors in golden shark.

Thermal lance parts

Thermal lance parts

First up, we've got golden shark thermal lens parts. Now, essentially, what this high specific favor is a favor that is utilized for loud game plays; this does not apply to stealth game plays; only strictly loud game plays.

Essentially, when you play Golden Shark normally without any favors, what you are required to do is, upon going loud on Golden Shark, go through the downstairs area, open up the yellow gate, and then go upstairs to open the door into the room that will be the vault. Once you do reach that vault, you then have to penetrate the vault to be able to enter it, and the way you do that is by using a thermal lens.

In normal gameplay and Golden Shark What will happen is that this thermal Lance and its parts, which are three different parts, are dropped out there in the middle of the street, so what you have to do is you have to run out and expose yourself completely to be able to get these thermal parts and risk losing them, a lot of health armor, and possibly even your life or your teammates.

However, with this high specificity, what will happen is that the thermal Lance parts will actually be downstairs, in the garage, by the lockers for the employees. There will be three bags where you can just go ahead and loot the thermal Lance without having to go outside and expose yourself or your team.

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This makes things a little bit safer. It's not necessarily such a huge time saver, although it can be, because once you do know that you have this favor equipped, you can just go ahead and run downstairs. As soon as you are allowed to grab these bags, it can be quite useful if you're playing with a team.

This can accelerate that process by quite a bit, as you also do not have to wait around for the chopper, so all in all, this is quite a decent favor. It's not the best favor we've come across so far, but I can't deny it; it's pretty decent, especially for team play. I can definitely see this being quite useful.

Teller door

Teller door

Now onto the second favor: we've got the golden shark teller door. Essentially, what this does is that when you are playing this map in stealth, as soon as you get into Golden Shark Bank, what you have to do is look for a QR code, which is usually scattered around the right side of the bank as soon as you enter, and upon getting that QR code, you then have to stealth your way into opening one of these doors here by the tellers, which will require you to have a QR code now with this favor.

Of course, this door is already open, so you don't need to waste a QR code. Hold on, it is a small change, but it can save you some time as you can just loot that phone that you usually do on the right side of the map to open different doors rather than just the teller doors. This saves you just a little bit of work; it's definitely not anything crazy.

It's just a small, time-saving favor, but yeah, definitely not one of the best ones we've seen.

Elevator access


Moving on to the third high-specific favorite for this map, we've got the golden shark elevator, Aess. This favor is quite huge. I mean, I find this favor to be massive. I use it for my solo stealth, all loot, run on this map, as this just saves you a tremendous amount of time, especially when you are playing solo.

Essentially, what this favor does is, when you are playing this map without this favor, what you have to do once you loot the cash or the server is make your way back onto the entrance of the bank and stealth around everybody, including the tellers, civilians, security guards, and security cameras if you haven't disabled them, to then go down the stairs to be able to reach the garage, which you then need to of course avoid the two security guards down there.

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However, with this favor, there is a major advantage. You do not have to do any of that. Right next to the vault, there will be an elevator that will be open, and you can just throw your bags down there. Essentially, you just loot the bag, throw it down the elevator shaft, and then get another bag, throw it down the elevator shaft, rinse, and repeat until you've done it with all the bags.

Then you can go ahead and drop down on this elevator shaft and just pick up the bags from there and take them to the van. This saves you a tremendous amount of time, especially if you're playing solo, as carrying bag by bag all the way downstairs can take ages. I believe the first run I ever did doing all loot for this map without the elevator access took something like 40 minutes, and with this elevator access, that can cut it down easily by something like 10 minutes, so I definitely recommend this if you are playing solo stealth.

Even if you're not going for all the loot, I totally recommend this favor. This is one of the best stealth favors I have come across in this game so far. Moving on to the last high-specific favor, we have got the golden Char Cafe celebration.

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