Gold And Shark Stealth Guide - Payday 3


All right Today we're doing Golden Shark. In my opinion, this is probably the second artist heister stealth, especially as the difficulties go on. It's very hard; you can only loop cameras for five seconds, and then on Overkill there's the lead guard, so I think this is pretty tough. I recommend going into it with the team first.

You want to run here and search for the phone here because you got the QR code from it; ignore the like manager. Right here, go ahead and go in. Hit the computer, it'll go for a while, and then at a certain point, about 60ish, it will lock, and, in order to stop it, you go to the other side of the room.

You see me here come out and then run, so it's either there on the right or it'll be over here on the left where a friend is. I'm running over there, inevitably. In these there's two it rooms, and in one of the it rooms is a computer that you need to hack in order to continue, packing the computer in the server room, so go ahead and let that get through, and then you end up going back over to the server room, and once that it room computer is complete, then you can go ahead and restart this, and essentially you can just leave it head right towards the vault, and that's how you get the vault code.


All right, with the vault code in tow, go ahead and come in, and you'll typically see it up on the top left here. I already knew about it because of a reset on a run, so there's always a camera in this room that's on either side, and then there's always a guard upstairs patrolling around. You can see he's right there.

I typically see him spawn on the left side. I've had camera spawns on the left or right, so now you have to go over to one of the tablets, and it'll tell you to do the color code stuff. So there's a total of four of them. One is that I've actually seen them pretty much always be in the same placement, and then after each individual one, you have to go back and check what the color is.


This is after a handful of resets, so I already knew what all the colors were because when you restart via the heist, all the RNG in it stays the same, so the colors will always be the same placements and stuff will always be the same, so here's a second console. You saw me grab a key card off the guy I'll go into that after this step over where that guard is that I just marked is another one, but he's there for the run so I couldn't sneak past him now, next on the other side of the area.

There's a panel right there on the wall, and there's a camera overlooking it. On the higher difficulties, you typically can't loop the camera, so I just sit here and kind of freak out at it, waiting for it to turn the other way, and then you can interact with them from pretty far away, so you don't have to worry too much.

You could pretty much be underneath the camera and still get it, and then the other spawn that I've seen is over here on this wall, so you only need to do four. Once you've got all four, you're good to go. So now we want to grab the blue key card, so you saw me. NAB it off of this guy earlier. What you want to do is you want to come back.

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I just have to wait for the camera again. The camera can spy on you if it's on the opposite side of the panel, so just wait for it to walk away, go over to it to deactivate, and that deactivates the lasers, and now you just need to get into the vault, so now I, gotta there, we go wait for that to be gone, and when he's when he went when he's there he can't really see the door, so you're free to sneak out, so you want to go directly to the opposite side of the stairs, which is the manager's office.

If you need the blue key card for this, go ahead, and if there's a couple money piles here, you can go and grab those. And then interact with the computer, so an important thing I recommend is not staying in the room because when you're in the room, you're like a higher-tier civilian. I've had it happen where civilians have, like a like a like a high civilian person will see me in there and then totally ruin the Run next that after you activate the computer fully, you will have to, like, run all the way back to the vault.


There will be a time limit for you. You need the person with the blue key card to be able to run back, so it's a good idea to wait for the guards here to not be in the path, especially if you're doing a solo like I am here. In fact, here's the civilian who just walked by. If I were still in the room, she'd have noticed me, and you know I'd have to mask up and deal with her.

So yeah, the guards will walk on this side; they'll also walk on mirror it on the other side, so typically what I typically what I do is time it when he starts walking away. I'd run back in because right now I just have to hit confirm on the computer. So I should be about to do that in a second. Yep, there you go.

She starts walking away, so I run in, picking up the computer. Now, in the top left, you can kind of see the green bar. That's how much time you have; it's actually pretty long, like this was on a very hard disk; it's pretty long; it goes down pretty slowly, and you have to, with the blue key card, run back to the vault, the keypad on the vault next to the vault, and use the blue keypad on it.


It's a lot of time, but I mean, if you're not sort of timing it right, you can totally waste a lot of time. Then go and open the vault. Make sure the camera is not looking and the guard isn't looking. It's all good. Make sure you can kind of keep an idea of what's around you. There's one camera in the vault in the back; you can kind of see it there, but the important part is that in one of these lock-picked areas that has a gate, there's like two cabinets underneath.

You open up the right one, and you have to find the server for it, so go and grab the server. So now I'm going to show you two different kinds of things I recommend. So yeah, if there's more than one person. That way, you can easily move bags in and out, you can take out the cameras here without you having to worry about the guard spotting the cameras, and then you also don't have to kill the security guard, like men, with the cameras.

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So I super recommend that to other people, even with the higher difficulties. Now if you're solo, I recommend not messing up at all; it's way tougher to do solo, but you just kind of sneak out to wherever the opposite of the guard is. I typically sneak out behind the camera so I don't have to worry about where the camera's position is, and then I just keep an eye out for the guard's motion.

Sensors work really well. I figured that out after this when I started doing it with a friend, and he's like, yeah, just use motion sensors, so you always know I'm like, yeah, that's pretty smart, because typically I'd use Easy Ends. But if you put a motion sensor underneath where he is there and then where I am here, you can pretty much always figure out where he is, like a 360-degree view.

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