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It is your boy, a pure ghost. It's the same exact way that I was doing it with the C Stacks in the last article, so the first thing you want to do is open up Fiddler Classic. We're just going to let it run in the background. I've got it over here on my other window, so we're going to keep that over here, and like I said, you know, in the previous article, to set this up, you're going to go to tools options.

Https, and then you're going to click this decrypt, traffic button, and then hit okay, and it's going to have some things come up on the screen that you're going to click yes on, so we're just going to drag that back over to my other monitor, and the first thing you're going to do, or I guess the second thing now is launch payday, so just go ahead and launch payday 3.

So now we're at the main menu of Payday, and as you can see, I have the unreleased. American Dream mask and an unreleased outfit, or, actually, I think this is like the premium or a Gold Edition. For the outfit, I'm not sure; I just kind of added them all, but when you get to the main menu, the first thing you're going to do is just purchase something.


Like I said in the last article, you can just go to the mask and buy the blue spray for 500 bucks. And when you do that, you're going to want to We have Fiddler open, so we're going to buy it, open Fiddler back up, and now Fiddler is at the bottom. So now, from there, we're going to drag this over to the composer tab.

This whole order, you're just going to click it, grab it, and drag it right here, and we're going to have this order, so this code is right here. The item ID is going to be for the blue spray that we just bought, so now we have to figure out what the item ID is for whatever we want to buy. So I've got it.

There are sprays, inventory slots, and weapon patterns. By the way, I don't recommend buying this; it doesn't actually work. The weapon names are primaries, secondaries, Overkill, and all that stuff. This one's UNP purchasable, so it doesn't matter, but in this case, we're going to be doing the outfits and The Mask, so here are all the outfits.


And these are the premiums, which, actually, you can't obtain normally; you have to do this a different way. Then we have the mass, so here we go. The OG American Dream is the one that I have on right now, so to do this one or any of these, I'm going to pick one that I don't already have. I'm going to show you guys how it works now.

You don't want to, and you probably want to write these down as you buy them, just so you don't accidentally buy the same one twice because you're going by this code and it's hard to remember which one is which, so we're going to do the beak boss one that will be this code right here. Marks, from there, we're going to go back, and it is going to be.

I think this is $100,000 in cash, so you have to change these as well to whatever the amount is, so it is already set to cash, so we can just go ahead and paste in. Okay, so I found another mask that I wanted to do. I'm now doing the ballsy mask, which is the baseball right here, ballsy air. It's level 126, so I'm going to go, and I've already done it, but you go back to our browser.

dirty ice

The ballsy mass is right here, so you put in the code, and then you change the amount to $50,000. I believe no, that's 500, 000, and it'll be in cash so we can go back to Fiddler. We've already changed it now when we hit execute, and it is black, so that means that it went through; if it didn't go through, it would be red.

So now we can again go back to F4 and go back to the game. So now that we have loaded back up, we go to our loadout onto mass, and now we have ballsy, masks. Look how goofy this looks. Baseball, so yeah, we now have the ballsy mask. We also have the beat boss, and I'm spending all my money now on mass, but that's okay because I have 30 million.

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We're going to go ahead and put on the OG American Dream because that is the one that I like the most right now. Make sure you do purchase more mass slots before you do this, or you know they will just kind of sit there unused. Same with the Golden Gloves. I found these as well; you just have to search through these websites until you find them, and here we go.


So the suit we have is the echelon suit, the gloves are the Gold Edition GL gloves, which I believe are just these gold gloves that I have on right here, the golden slate gloves, and so yeah, really anything, you can find the code for. If they don't have a number beside it, you just put zero because these are collector's editions.

So for cash, you would just leave it at zero and then input it, and then it would work. You just have to find the item ID, and then you change the price of both of these to the same thing and then change it to cash, or, you know, if it's gold, it's probably going to be go all caps gold even though there's not a gold currency.

It's just because it's part of the Gold Edition of the game that is what you would put. Now remember to like the article and subscribe for more. It's been your boy, P.G.

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