Former Jewel Thief Reviews Payday 3 Stealth Bank Heist

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I'm going to pull my hair out if I have hair. I'm in shock. We are here. Payday: This is the bank heist the solo bank heist in Payday. I think this is going to be a lot of fun. Everybody, let's see how we do as far as the settings, the killings, and everything else in this whole article. The estimated loot is 170, 000, or half a million.

I like that cash weighs, so I want to see how they do this too, but half a million isn't that heavy. All right, recommended perks equipment. We're pretty good. We're a good team. We got a lot of stuff, so hacker equipment fingers we're. Ready, the first thing I see is that there's a lot of people around number one.

I don't know if I commit robberies when there are this many people. Around, full of people waiting for cash, a busy area that's for sure sure, a lot of guards pinging the building, keeping your open, and following a civilian in too. Is that smart? I'm not sure; I don't know how they're going to get in; we have to get through that gate in front of them.

Vault i'm not sure how they're doing it. Make sure you take out the power, or it won't open. Okay, find the power SCE and turn it off. All right, let me stop this right off the bat. You know, all I'm seeing right now in a robbery is that they go in, he's hitting buttons, and the gates are closing.


Nobody's saying a word. There's a guard here. Is he doing it? You know, with a special thing it's going to it's going to raise alarms. That's for sure. I guarantee it's raising alarms, but I'm not seeing that here. Let's keep it going. Okay, he's supposed to be a visible man. I mean, there was a movie about that.

Now he's in the vault room, walking around here like he owns the joint. Okay, going in the back, he locates his QR code and power switch. Still not getting it, guys. All right, he's checking out the power. Now we can see what's going on. I get all of this. I just don't know what we're going to do here.

Why is nobody coming after him? Why isn't nobody? Is he a bank employee? I'm not getting all of this right now, so it's a little bit confusing for me. Listen, I review a lot of these heists, and a lot of these heists are either smashing grabs or going in strong. I get all those I'm getting, and I like the stealth mode.


I like the stealth mode, but you have to give me some kind of context. There's nothing like in GTA where they actually bring in; they have a planned meeting with Lester, and he's how we're going to do the job, or whatever I'm not seeing here. Is that a floor in the system? Maybe let's check it. Out, all right now, disable the switchx of security.

The Wix Corporation is all in the executive's office. He's getting in here, and he's getting into this vault like he's got the combination all right, which is obvious. He does have the combination. How he's got the combination, I don't know. There's a small amount of money in there, but it's a bank, and there's an executive officer who knows what that is.

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Use promo code LA, and you get a 50% match, meaning you put up $100, you get $50, you put up $50, you get $75, and still nothing, guys, motion sensors on the St. Yes, there's got to be all of that, right? This guy stays; he's got gloves on. I see that all right. I'm getting that, but nobody's picked him out yet.

Here's a guard. Is this guy like, uh? Obviously, he's in the back room; he's hacking the system. All right, he's a hacker, disabling the security. I get that, but I have to stop it for a second. He's disabled by security. How do you get in there?

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Is he a worker? Is he, I don't know, a computer expert? Did they say the computers were down? Is he a teller? Is he a manager? Please, I'm pulling out my hair. That switch opens the door all right, but nobody's alerted to anything. He's walking through the building. Down, find the executive's deposit.

Watch the guard. Now he sees a guard. What does that mean? Look, he just swiped his key out of his back pocket. What are these guys? Are they all just mummies? It's a rough one, guys. This is it; it's not making sense. I'm liking the stealth mode, but boy, is the lead guard highlighted in the motion system?

All right now, obviously, I see somebody on the other side of the door. This guy's waiting. We're sitting here. Nobody's killed i like that part of it. There's nobody getting killed; no shots are fired. This is a good move. If they could give me a little context at the beginning of it, why are they driving me?


crazy; he's waiting on something. What is he waiting on, and how is he going to get the money? Out there, there's a guard. Here he goes. He goes through the door. He waited for one guard to go one way. He got it. He's getting in the door. He's got all these codes. One of the exes got us into the Vault Ah hostage situation.

Keep an eye out for that corporate; look at access denied access all right. He can't get in at all right now. Who's he going to get? He got into the money stacks, which are rigged with packs. As soon as the door opens, you need to move fast. There won't be die-packs in these guys. Die packs go to the registers.

They don't go into the vault. You think somebody's not going to pick it. Look at this, all right. He's in there with the money he gets; there's no security; he supposedly disabled the security by hacking the system; here he's got the money he gets; nobody's seeing this guy either; he's the Invisible Man and is a new character for DC Comics, but we'll find out.

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Banks don't hold a lot of money; you have to go to the warehouses where they actually hold money when there's 15 20 50 100 million. Yes, they have them. The armored car places have those places, and there's 1520 million. That's the place you hit with technology like this, not a bank. He's got a lot of money he's grabbing for one guy.

See all those bags? I want to see how he's going to carry this. This is going to be fun. He takes him. What does he do with this one? Where's he getting the bags to put them in? Another big bag of cash, all right. Another duffel bag comes out. This guy's Houdini. Now he's hitting some safe deposits.

Larry brings his real-world expertise in the art of heists and security to the virtual realm, offering a unique perspective on how the game captures the essence of a high-stakes bank robbery.
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