Fixing Payday 3 With Mods


Let's face it, Payday 3 came out as an unfinished product. It feels like a mobile game with endless checklist challenges to level up a weekly buyout shop of C-stack coins and a complete lack of quality-of-life features. And that's where modding comes in, for the few people that are still sticking with the game were blessed with passionate modders that added features and quality of life that should have been in the game from the start.

At only a few weeks in, we already have lots of great mods, and it only seems to be increasing as time goes on, with more robust and complex mods coming out as modders learn more about the game. So for today, I'm going to show you guys a bunch of quality of life mods that, in essence, fix certain parts of the game.

Please note that this does not include anything gameplay-changing. At the end of the day, my purpose here is to focus on enhancing the incomplete experience that is Payday 3, not to give you guys mods like double stacking bags, eliminating pagers and stealth, or giving you directions on how to cook math.

Now there are a couple of important things to talk about before we begin. First off, some of you have asked before: Is modding safe? Will you get banned for modding? The short answer is that we don't know. I don't believe there's been an official stance as of yet or any plans to have whitelisted moderators, a workshop, or something.


This is the most active modding community for the Payday series and is a reputable place for modding. Now. I'm not saying all other websites are like this; I want to avoid accidentally pointing fingers that don't deserve it, but for the most part, if you want to find a large repository of mods, get it directly from the source at mod Workshop.

So this one only came out recently and has already shot up as one of the most downloaded mods. This mod is called challenge notifications, and it simply adds an in-game notification when you complete a challenge. No longer will you have to guess if you finished that stupid slide 500, 5, 000-meter challenge or if you've completed the Hold the Host for 3, 600-second challenge.


With how utterly integral challenges are to leveling up, we have no way to track them, no way to know when they're completed, and no way to sort them in any meaningful way, so this is the first step in making it a reality. This next one is actually a pair of mods, but they both add some quality to the skill customization, both in the menu and in the game.

This first mod, called Colored Buffs, simply recolors each buff in the menu and applies them to all of the skills. At a quick glance, you can easily see if a skill deals with one of these buffs: red for edge, blue for grit, and I think orange for rush. If one of the skills here has no color, that means it doesn't deal with any of these buffs, but if they're colored, that means they either give a buff, refresh your buff, or consume your buff based on which color it is.

As for the second mod, this one is called colored HUD buffs. Pretty self-explanatory, this mod colors the buffs in your HUD based on this mod, so it's easier to differentiate which buff you have active while you're in the game. Here's one that I have high hopes for: This mod is called Proving Ground, and in Payday 2, the same creator had also done something similar.

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Since Payday 3 comes without a safe house, a firing range, a test map, or anything of that sort, there's no easy way to test out your guns to see if you like how you've modded them, or even just check them out to see if you like the skin or paint you put on them. Now, admittedly, right now, this particular mod is very Bare Bones, and some functionality isn't working, like buffs showing up on your screen or the map taking into account your sensitivity settings.

But this is the easiest way to shoot some enemies and test out builds that you've made. The Payday 2 version had an entire thing where you can spawn in assault waves to simulate an actual heist, you can change weapons on the fly, and it also had green screen support, which is nice for content creators.


This next mod is called No Heist Intro Sequences. For people that like to stealth and restart often, or for people that are just tired of this stupid cut scene that feels like it lasts for an eternity, This mod gets rid of them for you. Note that getting rid of the intro does leave you in a little bit of a limbo; you can't game Buffs while the intro is supposed to be playing, and you are able to start while other people are still watching the intro.

For me, though, it's an absolute timesaver for doing solo stealth or doing a challenge where I have to restart pretty often, Tired of hearing shades, Impostor Vlad or Shou saying earn some money. So you need to get back in the game and earn some money. This mod is called Mute Heist Contractors in the menu.

That's all it does; it gives you peace and quiet when you hover over a mission in the mission selector. That alone, I think, is worth grabbing this mod. Now I can queue up and ALT tab in peace, and yes, I'm aware that if you back out to the main menu, you won't hear them. No, that does not make this mod any less desirable.

You ever wonder why Dez decided to hide the in-game timer behind the tab screen, which is also laughably useless and barely has any information, because I have no clue. This mod is called Heist Timer. It adds back the timer so that it's on your screen. That's it i don't know why this had to be hidden from the players.


For this next one, it's a bit iffy to say whether or not this is an intended feature. But if you play stealth, you've probably noticed that there's an alarm tracker on your screen when you take a picture. However, this is something that doesn't always show up, and there's no way to force it to show up, no way to check it either through your tab screen or any other way without actually doing something stupid like taking a pager.

I think this game also hides that tracker once you run out of pagers. This mod called Always Show Pager Count simply makes it so that the tracker is showing up all the time. Now again, for this one, it's a bit iffy to say whether this is an intentional mechanic. Maybe the developers don't want you to be able to see the patri count at all times.


But in Payday 2, it was always visible, and in fact, they even added it to the tab screen so that you could see it all the time. So for now, I'm going to assume that this isn't a feature that they didn't want players to have. This mod is called the H5 Thermal Target Tweak Mod. If you've used the base game targeting system for the overkill sniper weapon, you'll know just how awful that thing is.

Today I'm sharing a bunch of mods I've found that improve the Quality of Life or introduce fun features into the game of Payday 3. My personal mod list.
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